Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lorna Jane Opens New Store At Pavilion Elite

Still on the lookout for stylish women's sportswear? Australia’s leading women’s sports apparel brand, Lorna Jane recently opened its second Malaysian outlet. The brand marks its store debut at Pavilion Elite Shopping Mall, with CEO Lorna Jane Asia Pacific, Ron Tong present at the official launch.

Lorna Jane Pavilion Elite store features interior comprise of ultra-modern and tailor-made furniture to compliment the clean lines and open surroundings of the store which features spacious Fit Rooms and The Fit Feed Board, a creative way to help keep shoppers motivated and inspired.

First in fitness and fashion, Lorna Jane is Australia’s leading active and sportswear brand inspiring women to stay fit and healthy through a lifestyle that transcends the walls of the gym.

Lorna Jane’s bestselling and trademarked LJ Excel hi-tech fabric is used for the majority of Lorna Jane’s performance pieces, which is 100% UV protective, shrink and fade resistance, anti-piling, moisture-wicking, quick drying and breathable. With 70-100 styles released each month, Lorna Jane provides fast fashion synonymous with high-street fashion brands in Kuala Lumpur.

In conjunction with the official launch in Pavilion Elite, Lorna Jane is releasing a limited edition capsule of accessories including the Lorna Jane Elevate 18 shoes, pajama set, boxing bag training gloves, skipping ropes and sock kit available only in the Pavilion Elite store. Designed by women for women, this super lightweight and ultra-breathable shoes weigh in at just 175g, making them the perfect combination of fashion and function.

The 18mm insole instantly lengthens the look of your leg, whilst simultaneously providing heel and arch support to enhance stability.

The limited edition accessories and shoes will only be available in the Lorna Jane Pavilion Elite store.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Judika Makes Aspiring Songwriters' Dream Come True

Photo from HERE

Indonesian singing sensation, Judika was in town not too long ago to promote his latest offering, Jadi Aku Sebentar Saja. I was at the listening party and press conference for the album and his showcase (Malam Sensasi Bersama Judika) in collaboration with HyppTV held at the iconic KL Tower. We were among the first to listen to a few tracks from Judika's new album (Jikalau Kau Cinta, Ku Cintamu Sang Penipu, Sang Juara and Jadi Aku Sebentar Sahaja) at the special event.

Five songs from the album were handpicked by Judika out of more than 400 entries throughout a special competition called Judika Project. The competition was held to give back to his fans by turning their dreams into reality the way that they did when he was placed second in the final round of Indonesian Idol.

At the press conference, Judika even shared with us about how one of the submissions happened to be from someone within his immediate family which completely threw him off his back. The song even made the final cut of the album.

On another note, Judika is also due to record a duet with Dato Siti Nurhaliza for her latest album to be released later this year. Siti has so far recorded three songs for the album and will fly to Jakarta, Indonesia to complete even more songs by well-known composers from the region.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the showcase held at IOI City Mall Putrajaya the next day but I heard the crowd was massive and everybody was having such a good time. It's okay I already have a folder named Judika mp3 on my laptop so I can listen to him all day!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Ocean Park Hong Kong Launches Chill Out @ The South Night Fiesta

Ocean Park Hong Kong has just announced the launch of its all-new dining festival, Chill Out @ The South title sponsored by Prudential Hong Kong Limited. This culinary fete is part of the Park’s ongoing 40th Anniversary celebrations. The festival will be held on 19 evenings, from 17 March to 17 April, at the Park’s Waterfront. Ocean Park Hong Kong entrance fee after 5pm on these selected dates is just HK$168 (about RM96).

Chill Out @ The South will be showcased under three themes – All About Sake, Pop & Rock Beer Fest and In Taste of Excellence. Guests will enjoy a whole new multi-sensory dining and entertainment experience, which also includes mini concerts, street and cultural shows, and themed workshops. The festival is set to showcase the beauty and essence of Hong Kong’s south side, and offer guests a truly unforgettable experience.

During All About Sake, guests can choose from a vast range of delicious sake, from the renowned Juyondai 14th Generation to other rare brands from Japan and Taiwan that will be introduced in Hong Kong for the first time. Guests can also savour a range of traditional Japanese delicacies, including luxurious Wagyu beef as well as signature dishes from Tsukiji • Yamataka Seafood Market Hong Kong. Traditional Japanese cultural performances, with the highlight being a Taiko drum stage show, will complete the Japanese experience.

The Pop & Rock Beer Fest is a dedicated event for beer and music lovers. Guests can choose from a myriad of unique craft beers from around the world, including a comprehensive collection of local labels such as  Mak’s, Nine Dragons, Moonzen, and Young Master Ale – all served alongside a wide selection of international street food. Two mini concerts featuring some of the city’s hottest singers and bands, including Lil' Ashes, Jason Chan, Kimman Wong, Bondy Chiu, Dear Jane, Shiga Lin, Thor Lok, Nowhere Boys, Supper Moment, AGA, Robynn & Kendy, New Youth Barbershop, RubberBand, Alan Po x Hey Joe Trio, Danny Summer, Danson Tang, and Eddie Ng will take turns to spice up each event night.

The finale of Chill Out @ The South, In Taste of Excellence, will immerse guests in the ultimate celebration of fine wine and food. Gourmands will revel in exquisite international cuisine presented by award-winning and Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs, while watching cooking demonstrations and taking part in wine pairing lessons by celebrity chefs.

Throughout the five-week festival, the Park will also set up a special botanic garden where guests can purchase organic and natural products, handcrafted goods, and take part in handicraft workshops.
With VIP tickets, guests will be able to enjoy a lot of extras such as access to the VIP lounge located in front of the giant viewing panel of The Grand Aquarium, where they can enjoy free flow of hors d’oeuvres, wines, beer, and soft drinks; as well as guaranteed access to Applause Pavilion for the Taiko drum stage show or one of the two mini concerts on the night of visit.

Visit Ocean Park’s website for more details: www.oceanpark.com.hk

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Launch of Mrs International World (MIW) 2017

And among all the prim and proper queens and gentlemen were my good friend Zaf and I who looked like a couple of hooligans in our leather jacket and Timberland

I was invited to attend the official launch of Mrs. International World (MIW) 2017 not too long ago at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur. It was announced at the event that there were already seven confirmed countries, namely China, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, that will be hosting and organising Mrs. International World in their respective countries. Each of the national pageant directors will carry out their duty to organize Mrs. International World in their respective countries and send their Top 3 winners to compete at the world grand finals of Mrs. International World that would be held this year in Malaysia.

Mrs. International World 2017 is no ordinary beauty pageant. It all stemmed from the belief that married women should be recognised for their beauty and their ability to integrate and contribute to the community. Applicants are not discriminated by their age, racial education or physical. That is why Mrs. International World 2017 plays an important role in portraying a model and guide for women who strive for success in work and life.

It is a platform for inspirational women to be heard and speak for those that might not be heard. Mrs. International World aims to gather women from across the globe who are goal driven, articulate, charismatic and who wish to stand up and make a difference in their homes, communities and in their respective countries by becoming Mrs. International World. That is why the motto for Mrs. International World 2017 is, “Be B.R.A.V.E (Building Respect And Value for Everyone) and Lets put an end to bullying!”

There are two categories competed under Mrs. International World 2017:
The Mrs. International World Category – between 25 – 40 years of age.
The Classic Mrs. Category – 41 years of age and above.

Those who wish to compete in Mrs. International World can contact their countries National Pageant Director.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Where's The Fire?

It is not fun being jobless. I wake up in the morning (well okay noon) feeling like there is something that I need to attend to or somewhere that I have to go to when in reality I am wide open for the rest of the day. I tried reorganising my closet and moving the furniture around to increase the flow of positive energy in my apartment but the more I tried, the messier it gets inside my head. 

So I went to hidden corner of all the folders in my laptop and stumbled upon all the earlier articles that I wrote when I first started to get my work published. There is an article titled Bag Lad, the first ever to get published in an online fashion portal. The article is witty, fun and resourceful – a far cry from all the generic shit that I have been writing for the past several years. I was reading it in a whole new light thinking that I have truly lost it. I used to be pun-y (intended and unintended) and there was this fire that has obviously long lost compared to all the restaurant and album reviews that I have been churning out on monthly basis for the travel magazine that I was writing for.

Now I feel the sudden urge for cigarette and I think I should lie down. Okay I should stick to this couch. Smoking while lying down on my back is not a good idea but this hit me harder than when I discovered three fish skeletons when I (finally) cleaned the tank last week. Have I really lost it? Am I a shitty writer now that I was replaced by a fresh journalism school grad? 

At thirty-something, a lot of people that I used to attend fragrance launch and fall collection preview are no longer seen at these events because they are now editors who send their interns or writers to go instead. Whenever I was at one of these soirees, I am surrounded by all these twenty-somethings all looking like they walked straight out of Yeezy’s show or one of those Tumblr pages. I feel totally out of place in my Kings Of Leon- inspired look. Well they have a fab album out this year. Taylor Swift posted about it on Instagram but they are way past their Sex On Fire days.

Forget about my resistance towards millennial style, my main concern is about the spiralling down of my writing career. God knows I can still write and I believe that I am still good at my job. Those food reviews and travel pieces wouldn’t be on the cover if they were not any good. I just feel like it was not as exciting as it used to be and I am slowly losing the fire. I toy around with the idea of a career change. Everybody is a stylist these days. I know I can do better. Working in PR is another possibility. I have a box full of name cards of people that will reply to my invites and messages in a flash. 

But writing is something that I have always wanted to do right from the very beginning. Blame it on Sex and The City. Cliché and so gay but as the camera zoomed out on Carrie Bradshaw on her laptop from her bedroom window that was it for me. I made up my mind and I have that one particular moment from the series stuck on my brain forever.

As for now, it is a struggle. Even Carrie struggled when she had to buy her apartment after Aidan left and that one time when she was hit by writer’s block. She wrote an article about fries and socks drawer. Maybe it’s not too bad…

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Getting My Hair Fixed At Curlers & Trimmers



Being a writer/blogger, I have always been lucky to try out all the fabulous spas, aesthetic, grooming and hair products as well as treatments sometimes way way ahead of everybody else. L'Oreal is one of the brands that has been very generous, throwing fabulous parties, offering hair-makeover and sending products for me to try.

But not too long ago, I was asked to go to Curlers & Trimmers salon in Desa Sri Hartamas on an assignment. I was supposed to write about a special hair treatment using Redken products on this cabin crew from a local airlines. I just had my hair chopped off a few days prior to that because it was in such a bad shape from all the straightening and ironing that I was doing on daily basis. So it was short but really really badly cut that I knew I had to get it fixed.

So I went to Curlers & Trimmers with my fucked up hair, put a confident smile on my face and was introduced to the owner of the salon, Annita Hisham who has been in the industry longer than my being in this universe. I instantly liked her for her passion and knowledge not only in hair styling but also all the scientific aspects of the Redken products that her salon is using.

On top of the feature that I am writing on the cabin crew makeover, I wanted to feature Curlers & Trimmers and Annita here because she is really good at what she is doing and she knows her shit. I mean I have been to all the big salons across KL (thanks to L'Oreal) but none of the owner or creative director has the same passion as Annita. So I (shamelessly) asked for her help to fixed my hair and boy she did more than just that! She gave me a special Redken pH Bonder treatment that really did wonders to my hair and of course a short do that is so perfectly done and styled.

Annita told me she decided to go with Redken as Curlers & Trimmers' preferred product after looking for so long for just the right one. Curlers & Trimmers was first opened in Wisma Lim Foo Yong on Jalan Raja Chulan upon her return from the UK in 1983. It was then moved to Hartamas as Malaysia's first loft concept salon. Annita also trains up and coming hairstylists at her salon, taking students from local colleges and academies under her wings for internship. She is also all about educating and sharing her knowledge, not only with these students but also with clients that come to Curlers & Trimmers. She gave me some really good advice about my hair!

Thank you Annita for fixing my hair and all the advice!

Curlers & Trimmers
62, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2300 1938
Facebook: facebook.com/curlersandtrimmers

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Monday, December 26, 2016

I Can Breathe Clearly Now

The scent of pure forest from Hokkaido, Japan has made its way into Malaysian mobile space with the launch of Clear Forest, an air purifier produced and manufactured by S.T. Corporation, a public listed company in Japan.

Clear Forest is unlike any other air purifier in the market. It is made 100% from authentic fir forest oil which gives air purifying effects as well as deodorant and antioxidant benefits.

Kushiro, Hokkaido is one of the two rare places in the world to have this fir forest tree where the formulation of Clear Forest was researched and developed.

The forest fragrance emitted by the branches and leaves of fir trees, β-phellandrene can actually help soothe tension and reduce stress.

Clear Forest is more than just a deodorant. It has air purifying capabilities which help in our respiratory system, balancing the way we breathe in and out at home or while we are on the go.
A study conducted by the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan concluded that the forest hides infinite possibilities and is truly an irreplaceable treasure for man.

The fragrance from the fir trees constantly cleans the air by binding nitrogen oxide (NO2) air pollutant to form bigger particles and then dropping them to the ground. In other words, the forest fir tree itself is an air purification filter.

In conjunction with the launch, S.T. Corporation has picked 11street, one of the largest online shopping platforms in Malaysia, as its partner to collaborate on e-commerce business initiatives to market Clear Forest air purifier to online consumers.

For more information on Clear Forest, visit http://clear-forest.st-c.co.jp/en

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