Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kingdom of Boredom

Man! I never had any idea that sitting on a comfortable chair in an air-conditioned room, staring at the screen of a PC can be sooo damn tiring.. I always get home feeling as if I had been in a war battle or something. Even coffee can't stop me from falling asleep on the sofa while watching Grey's Anatomy last night! Seriously! I have never been this tired (and not to mention,bored) before..

I checked my friends' Friendster pages..I really miss them..Gawd I need to go and see them. Well I do have friends back at my workplace..but seriously..Nothing compares to my 4 beautiful bitches..You guys! Let's get together and do our thang like we used to..Pleaseee!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


That was me in Kelantan with Shikin, Fara and Hanis (all my fave bitches!) It is a place where I never really have any plan to set my foot on to. Its a nice place..the beach, good food and all..But I somehow just simply can't identify myself with that place. No offence tho=)

I was there for almost a week although the plan was to take the bus right away after the interview. Yes, I went for a job interview in Kelantan! Hehheh..That was just crazy! Had really good time. Spent most of my days in UiTM Machang where Shikin and Hanis work. We go to KB after they got off from work. We ate a lot, sat at the beach..It was nice. I had fun.

The interview? Well let just say that I did get the job but.. I was waiting for something else.. And three months later, HERE I AM! Where am I exactly? Heheheh=)
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Amy, Amy, Amy

I am so totally in love with her! I love the bee-hive, the crazy tattoos, winged-out eyeliner..Gosh! Amy Winehouse is simply awesome man! I downloaded her 2nd album, Back to Black last year and had been in a continuous search for her 1st album (Frank) soon after that. Finally got the CD last month. And "Frank"ly speaking, that album simply pale in comparison to her latest effort, Back to Black. I do love some tracks from Frank, like Fuck Me Pumps, Stronger Than Me and You Sent Me Flying. But seriously, nothing compares to songs from Back to Black like the title track, Love Is a Losing Game (current fave), Tears Dry on Their Own and You Know That Im No Good.

And what the fuck is Jay-Z doing on the remix version of Rehab? He's just ruining the song
man! Come on!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Olsens

I still can't figure out what is it about these two girls that really drawn me to keep on checking for their style progress. First they started the dumpster-chic trend and made all the teenage girls from all over the world join their parade of oversized shades, boho skirts and beaded necklaces.
Now they are all MOD. Black tight, Fendi purse and slick shift dress. Its just a lot of fun to watch Mary Kate in Beverly Hills with her Starbucks coffee in one hand and her quillted Chanel in another. And the oversized shades! Man, I got one that is sooo-huge like hers that my eyelids are all sweaty when I took it off. Well, they don't sweat that much in LA don't they?
I lost track of how many hours per week that I spent on checking for The Olsens' papparazi pictures on the web. Although they sometimes got lost under all those layers, I still think they are fabulous.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sky's The Limit..No?

This the evening sky outside my window at 6 pm. I know the picture quality sucks. I took the picture with my Innostream phone..Yup! Exactly, Inno-fuckin-stream.. There is plan to get a new more functional handphone.. But money is a little tight for me right now..Guess I will just have to wait..

But I still think this is a beautiful picture. Don't ya think so?

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I don't know..yet

I don't know the direction of this blog yet..Maybe it will made out of a little bit of everything that I like. Fashion, entertainment, music, and most definitely it will be about moi~! This is a start for something new. The beginning of an era!!

I have been bloging for myself on my beat up PC at home and I guess its about time to put myself out there and tell the world what Mr.H&F is all about.

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