Yay! and Nay..

They have this barbeque at the college yesterday. Although judging from the pictures it seemed like I had a pretty great time. Blowing Ghaz's birthday candles,eating mouthful of spaghetti, fake-laughing all the way..the whole event had blah-factor written all over it. I don't have anything against barbeque.. I don't even hate all my collegue..only a few..I guess I was a bit under the weather yesterday. Tired, bored..or maybe both. But still I tried to look my best in Feraud pink shirt (the theme is red, pink and black), Gap striped shirt and Seed pants.

Let's not talk about that. I just want to share my excitement over Coldplay's new LP- Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. It's awesome and I have to tell the world that it was worth the wait. It's a bit dark if compared to Parachute and X&Y. It talks about death and things that surround it. Chris Martin has seriously outdone himself this time. I love the album. I even love the album cover, which is a real painting-Liberty Leading The People by Delacroix.

"Those who are dead are not dead but just living in my head"- 42

I had this new haircut on Saturday at Starhill. I know it's not the haircut that government servants or educators (read: English Lecturer) would go for but who the fuck cares! I don't!

Songs playing inside my head: songs from Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. Duh!


hana_lalalala said…
lemme see the haircut
hana_lalalala said…
the haircut in bigger pic.. hihihi
Azzam?? said…
hahahaha... menampakkan lagi kelebaran kepala kau!! =p
H&F said…
Hahaha..So do you, chubby=)