Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So Stressed Out!

I'm sooo-fuckin stressed out..With 20 bucks in my wallet and four hours of busride to and fro everyday to work...I am seriously fucked-up central! Seriously I am!

But lets not talk about that. Lets talk about things that can "kinda" put a smile upon my face. Haha! Well Shikin has finally came back after what seemed like her "lifetime" in London. The funny thing is she didn't really make it to Paris.Haha! Now I'm not that jealous anymore. But still London sounds like a brilliant idea if compared to spending your 9 to 5 in this tiny little office surrounded by..ya know..people..

I'm sooo broke.I've been living off with my mom's money for the past 2 weeks.How pathetic is that.. I went to KLCC last weekend and literally droolled over the latest offering at Topman and Zara. Seriously man! Even the sight of Marks & Spencers wallet almost made me cry because it was just sooo-cheap..But when I reached inside my pocket, all I had was two RM20 bills


I'm such a whiny bitch..Don cha think so?

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Fairy vs Fabulous

I bought the January issue of KLue magazine after what seemed like my own little protest when they increased the price of the magazine. And there was this feature on a girl who refers to herself as Kinky Blue Fairy. She's the current "it" blogger who blogged about clubs, fashion, holiday vacations and all things that I consider 'fabulous'. Out of curiousity, I checked out her blog

Well..I have to give it to this chick. She has fierce red hair, nice garbs to wear for her extensive club nites and although I'm not really sure what she does for living, I bet its a fabulous, wonderful gig in the middle of the city. She has the life that I want! Hurhur! The life that I always believe I deserve. Seriously man!

I started this blog like six months ago. I doubt it that people really reads all my bitchin and whinin while trying my best to emulate the fabulousity that I don't really have. Life is such a drag! I'm sick of all this. I wish I could be like kinkyblue-whatever and dyed my black, coarse hair red. Or maybe I should be like that fat Cuban-American guy who trashed Hollywood celebs on his blog page. Yeah, Perez Hilton. I know!

My job is wearing me off. Its 21st of January and I've already used up all of my last month's salary. I can't barely afford my train ticket these days.. I even have to put my driving lessons on hold because I can't afford to pay 200bucks for the class. Fuuuuuuck! And just now I heard that they cut down the electricity of our hostel ( yeah! exactly! Laugh all you want but I still do stay in a hostel with some of my students). This is not the way I imagined my 2008 to be..

Oh Gosh! I was supposed to talk about the Fairywhatever.. I think she's fabulous. I always want to believe that I am beyond fabulous. I blog, I try my best to fit into my skin-tight Topman jeans, I went to Zouk and had three beers last week, I go shopping in the city on weekends..Well if those are your definition of fabulousity, then maybe I am fabulous. Whatever! Laugh all you want. Hahhah!

Sometimes it feels like this blog is just a make believe. Its like my tiny little space of escapism. Haha..I go and hang out with my friends in the city on weekends. Took some great photographs while we shop and dance in the club. Comes Monday morning, I take the first train to work, teach English and go back to my run-down hostel room at 5 pm. And that's my reality! Do you still think that I'm fabulous? Now you tell me.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ya know one place that I would like to go to? Paris! But for now I just have to settled for this brand new movie titled "Paris je t'aime". I haven't really got the chance to see the movie yet..But c'mon! Juliette Binoche is in it. How bad can it be? I love her esp. in Chocolat and Breaking & Entering. Sex and The City was shot in Paris for the finale and man that was just awesome. I still have each scenes playing at the back of my mind as if it was just yesterday that I first saw the episode.

Shikin is in Paris. I hate her! That whore!!! I'M supposed to be in Paris right now! Not her! Shopping in Dior, sitting by the river banks and drink latte.. Smoke until my face burst of flame..Hahah! Parisian do smoke a little bit too much huh? And don't get me started on the street fashion! Gosh! Suddenly the images of Kate Hudson in Le Divorce started to flash before my eyes.Love her in that movie. Bitchy but somehow sympethatic..

Shikin you better bring me something from Paris! I don't want Eiffel Tower miniature for god sake! I want Hedi Slimane or Raf Simmon. Yeah! Dream on..

Ok..I'll settled for H&M. Howsabout that? Huh Shikin?

p/s: Shikin.How's everything hngin under your long-johns?Haha=)
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We Love Her

I love Frida Giannini. She designs for Gucci. Here are among my favorite look from Gucci

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is me having fun!

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Ya know what I really crave for in this life? It's to have fun and just simply be happy. I don't know about you but this life is supposed to be lived. I don't know why people are sooo damn concern about making plans for their future lives. "Future" as in getting married, having kids and all those kind of shits. I can't deny the fact that I do think about those things every now and then..But seriously, it's the last thing on my mind. So what if we have to sleep on an empty bed alone at night? So what if sometimes I have to go out shopping alone? Everything is just fine. Haha=) Alone or not alone I will just go on with my life. I'm living it and it's like my own private movie. I'm the star. Like porn star! I just wanna go out and have fun..Let go of all the demons and to hell with the insecurities. God knows I'm a STAR!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

3 to 6

I woke up soooo fuckin late on Saturday that I almost missed a date with my best sista bitch- Shikin. We planned to catch movie but ended up in Mid-Valley and Robbinson walking around aimlessly. It was still fun but..I should have woke up earlier. Fuck! Here are our huge asses doin our thang around Mid-Valley and Robbinson. Sooo-like whatever! Check out my new kicks..and my new jeans.Haha!
P/S: Ended up spending 2hours on the road to KL 3hours in KL and another 2hours on the road back to N9. How stupid is that!
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking Back

And here's another recap of another year of my life. It had been a crazy ride this year! I was jobless for like 10 months before finally getting this gig. It was so far the lowest point in my life. I was depressed, embarassed, broke and not to mention thinner than I've ever been. I guess that's the only good thing out of it. I have been with GIS for almost five months. I got my confirmation letter last week. It is definitely not the best job in the world that I plan to do for the rest of my life. But, I have to say that this is a pretty good start for a guy who almost lost all his faith and dignity several months ago. I'm doing okay..I feel fine and I have just started my driving lesson today. Haha! I better be driving on the street by next year..and no more bus-ride for me. I have been on it for the most of my lifetime so far. Need a change!
Cheers to a fabulous year ahead! I need a better year please. I cannot relive 2007 all over again. Its just too painful.. Welcome 2008!
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