Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sleep Through The Static

I love Jack Johnson. My favourite track is one of the lesser known songs from his old album. The title is 'Flake'. His music is sooo laid back. It always takes me back to the experience of lying flat on the white sand with flabby stomach on display,sipping mojitos by the sea. I wish I can do that right now.

But back to Jack Johnson.. He has a new album out titled, 'Sleeping Through The Static'. I have listened to the first single- 'If I Had Eyes' and I really love it. Regardless of how people always said that his music always sounded the same. I haven't listened to the full album but I'm downloading it (legally of course) as I'm writing this. I'm going to listen to it on the train on my way back.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Starting Today- Natalie Imbruglia

Starting today
I'm not gonna waste another moment
Even if I had had the chance before
I would have blown it

But you took me by surprise
And you caught me just in time

You give me reason not to walk away
I'll stop believing that the world's gone crazy
And if it is you'll save me

Starting Today
I'm not gonna worry about tomorrow
I'll wash away
All this fear that's left me feeling hollow

'Cause you make me wanna try
And you caught me just in time

You give me reason not to walk away
I've stopped believing
I should run like crazy
'Cause if I did you'd chase me anyway

I should've told you so many times
But I shied away
Somehow you always seem to
Be there making it easy
And you give me reason to stay everyday

Ooh everyday, everyday
I've stopped believing
I should run like crazy
'Cause if I did you'd chase me anyway

You give me reason not to walk away
I've stopped believing
That the world's gone crazy
And if it is you'll save me

Starting today
I'm not gonna waste another moment

*positive outlook on life..We need this especially ME. I need to look ahead, soldier on regardless of all the uncertainties. Maybe Natalie Imbruglia has been listening to this song since after her divorce with Daniel John of Siverchair..Poor thing.. We still love her right?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Hate This!

Ain requested for my new picture with the new hair-cut and all. So here's one and this is actually the one that I really hate. I just want a picture that makes me look..well ya know, kinda thinner.Haha=)But looking at this picture..I just don't know what to say..

Sharina will be in an operation today. She's going to have her tonsil removed and some kind of implant will be placed at the back of her throat. I don't know the details. I just give her my best. I hope she'll be fine.

I texted her last night. She was at the hospital. While watching Project Runway on TV, I asked her this stupid little question that all of a sudden occupied my thoughts. I asked her:

H&F: D'ya think we'll still b as fun when we turn 30?

Sharina: Of coz we will! Becoz we R fun=)

H&F: Hehheh..Or r we going 2 turn in2 1 of those married and boring bunch?

Sharina: Nolah. We're going 2b free..n happy.hihi

H&F: n stabil, fabulous, hav lots of money so dat we can go vacation every year=)

Sharina: n expensive clothes. Haha..

30s. The third decade of life that can make you or break you. If you still don't make it by the age of thirty..then I guess you are going nowhere.. I wanna have a different life by the time I turn 30. I want to be a better person, much more together than I am right now and my saving accounts will have endless zeros in the digits. I have to be able to drive around in my own car and most importantly feel 'complete'. But how do we reach to the level of completion? Or self-fulfillment? I seriously have no fucking idea whatsoever! Sex? Nah! Come on! Sex wont make you feel complete. It just dries you up. Money? Let just say money can't buy love..and happiness..I hate to say this but money can sometimes be worthless..

Maybe I will find bits and pieces towards the completion and fulfillment along the way towards 30. I better start collecting that bits and pieces from now and try to put it all together in one piece so that it will all make sense..

Whatever! Just fuck it! Hahaha

Hate it when I started to get too deep.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie Weekend Y'all!

My whole weekend was spent watching some old and new movies last week. On TV that is. I guess it was the V.day that got all these local and cabel TV stations excited about showing mostly rom-com movies. I love rom-com.. Cheesy but nice. Like grilled cheese sandwich..Haha.
There was Something's Gotta Give on Friday night. Man, that is one heck of a great movie. I love it. I always thought that love at the golden age can be verrrry disgusting and strange, but I seriously love this one. Feels like watching my Mum and Dad falling head over heels in love with each other all over again. Hold that thought! I guess THAT is disgusting..or not?! Gosh! I don't know!

And then there was You've Got Mail on Saturday. This is another old movie that I never really got the chance to watch. I just seem to missed all the reruns on local TVs and cabels. I have to say that Meg Ryan is the reigning Queen of rom-com. It was kinda fun watching the two characters emailing and IMing each other on the bulky, 90s-style laptops. Emailing was soooo-current at that time. Even Hollywood had to make a movie based on that. Hahaha.. Another movie was Atonement. I bought the DVD. Man, it was tragic! I couldn't bare watching the ending part. It just broke my heart. Please check this movie out and you'll know what the fuss is all about.
And as a closure to my movie weekend, I watched this really disgusting, B-grade comedy titled Just Friends. It was like American Pie gone bad. Or like over the top version of Meet The Parents. One thing for sure is that Ryan Reynold is no Ben Stiller. There were some cringe-worthy moment here and there but it was just not good enough for me. I watched it for free on Star World..So I guess no regret.

Don't know if next week will be another movie weekend. Haha! Watch this space. Read more!

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I had a haircut earlier today and God knows how much I needed that. My hair has been unruly and quite a bit of a disaster since last year. It was a mess! I hate putting hair-gel on it because it gets sticky when I sweat (Yes! I do sweat a lot!) My forehead has become the zit-central recently as a result of this. That just sucks. So I went to a hair-dresser and just simply go all the way. I cut my hair so short that I don’t think I will ever need any of those hair-wax or hair-gel for the next few weeks. I waited for like two hours for a haircut that took only like 2 minutes. There were all these aunties at the hair salon that I practically have to shut my ears from all their loud conversations and talking on the phones. As ‘my hairdresser’ chop off all my hair with the machine (and few times she actually used scissors) I feel this sense of release as though I was being set free. As if a serious burden was being lifted up from my shoulder.. It felt like my own modest emancipation or whatever you want to call it.. But for the first time in a couple of months, I finally feel free and released. I feel like myself. But it still doesn’t make any sense and you might call me crazy because it was just a fucking nine-buck haircut. Well gimme a break! I have been through a whole lot these past few months. I had just recovered from this really nasty cold and sore-throat. The electricity at the hostel where I live was being cut down. I was travelling two hours from home every morning to go to work and that went on for more than two weeks. I had sleep-deprivation. I even slept in a car last week, which is something that I shouldn’t do and something that I will never let my family members or friends do. The details about that? It’s a long story.. I ran out of cash last month and have to actually survive on my Mom’s sympathy (read: money) That was just embarrassing! But I have no choice. I paid good amount of money for this PC that I’m typing on right now. So, no regret I guess?

I don’t know if haircut or new hair-do is something necessary in order to turn our lives around. But I do believe that haircut symbolizes that change or little adjustment that we make in life. Just like when a photographer chopped off Twiggy’s hair in the 60’s. Or when David Beckham shaved it all of in the late 90’s and YES I’m referring to his hair! Haha =) I just hope that things will get better for me after all these. From the word of Ally McBeal (Love her when I was in high-school!): Just let today be a less-bad day if not better. . Read more!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Breakin' Up- Rilo Kiley

Love this song! Love it! Love it!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching up

I spent the Chinese New Year holidays with my best girlfriends in the city. We had a lot of catching up to do..and not to mention endless joint of cigarette to smoke. A lot of things had changed since the last time we hung out together. Bayne has found herself a new boyfriend who has hair that is even better looking than hers. Sharina is coping with her recent lost. It was her brother from another mother. Shikin has got herself a gig in Lim Kok Wing and still dropping the word “London” at every given chance. Hanis couldn’t make it.. Well she’s kinda still stuck in Kelantan. We cannot blame her. She is from Kelantan.

As for me, I’m still here living my life and trying to find any good enough reason to kill my time around here. Nilai is the sleepy town where I work. Most of the weekdays are spent here in the office, teaching or just simply lying around in bed inside my little room at the hostel. Comes weekend, I take the 5.30 pm train on Friday and spend my weekend watching cables and try my best not to fall asleep before 12. That is what my definition of life at this very moment.

The whole day that we spent in KL last week was just awesome. We were like Sex and The City bunch. But mind you, I am not Stanford! It felt so right to be surrounded by people whom you trust, respect and love dearly. I find it kinda strange how everything around us had change. But when all five of us get back together, it feels so real and it feels like things are still exactly where we left it.

I made a promise not to bitch too much about my life..Well sometimes I just can’t help it.

* * * * *

Sharina had it worse. She lost a brother and has to confront all the dramas surrounding the tragedy. But I know she is strong enough to handle it. She will definitely emerge from all of these like a hero. I just know..

I haven’t met Bayne’s boyfriend but I saw some pictures. Seems like a nice guy. I only hope for one thing..For her to make the best judgment on a person and learned from things that has happened in the past. She’s a natural drama queen aitttee!!

Shikin has a new job, a new ride and a whole lot of items that she bought in London. I still think she’s a lucky whore! Hahaha=)

Hanis is happy too. She has a boyfriend in Jogjakarta. I hate her! I always hate her! Hahaha!

I guess it is safe to ssay that we're all hanging tough and doing alright..we just need to figure out ways to fight our loneliness without each other..
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Monday, February 11, 2008

White on me

I have been too caught up with all the bitchin and whinin about my life. This little blog of mine started to turn into whine-un-fabulous instead of fash-un-able. Come on! Who wants to hear about the fact that I have only 20 bucks inside my wallet or the fact that I only slept for 3 hours a day?! No wonder people don’t really bother to check this shit out. It kinda sucks. Don cha think so?

Alright. Lets talk fashion..or the lack of it.. Yeah exactly. I had just got our official company shirt that we’re supposed to wear every Wednesday. Its FUGLY! Seriously! It is something that I don’t want to be caught dead in. Its orange and black. Its short but wide on the hips. It makes me look 50 pounds heavier. I’m still figuring out excuses so that I don’t have to wear it. But I know that the managament team won’t be too happy about that. I have to think of something. Even if I have to put this shit on, I have to totally rock it. Yeah right!

Speaking of Gucci, I wish I have at least one Gucci bag. But I know that that will never happen. Haha! Dream on son! I had just got my paycheck yesterday and know for sure a huge portion of that money will go straight into my shopping cart. I’ll give away my first born for a white Burberry skinny jeans! Hahaha!! But I guess Topman will do it for me. Or should I just alter my old white jeans into skinnier fit? Do you think people will notice?

My inspiration at the moment is Johnny Borrell of Razorlight. I’ve never seen any other rockstar who can wear all-white outfit on stage without being mistaken for a spa employee. Remember that crotch-grabbing scene from Sex and The City? That was hillarious! White open neck tee, white skinny jeans and white Mark Jacobs trainers (correct me if I’m wrong). And this guy looked totally awesome.

I’m not sure if I can really pull it off. All white? Sounds like a stain-magnet. I’ll turn it all into khakis by noon..
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Friday, February 1, 2008

My bad=(

Ya know what kind of person I am? The kind who always forget birthdays...and anniversary when I finally have one.

I recently forgotten Ain's birthday. I know she's kinda pissed because I always forget every year. But it was unintentional.It was not something that I did on purpose. I'm just bad with numbers and dates. I might one day forgot my own birthday if this ever get any worse.

So..Ain. I'm so sorry. Your birthday is in January when there's a lot of thing going on right before that. Xmas, New Year yada...yada..yada.. Happy Birthday!! You're older and always ahead of me.Hahha! I did sent you a text message a few days after your birthday. Hope you got it=)
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