Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex, drama and no particular order

God knows how excited I am about Sex and the City the Movie. I have been counting the days and I have countdown timer on my cellphone especially for the day of the movie premiere. I plan to gather all my best gal-pal (read:fave bitches!) for the occasion. I can't wait!

And I am excited that Joyce (aka KinkyBlueFairy)has put up a link to my humble, little blog here from her fashion-blog- Tongue in Chic. Really appreciate it!The website is just fabulous. I have the logo and link direct to the website.I'm such a kiss ass! Haha!

I have some feedbacks about my previous entry too. It's a little bit 'out there' and I am aware of that. But, I was just stating the obvious. Right?

The students are gone. They're all in the middle of the semester break. So, the college is empty, there's nothing much to do as I have finished marking all their exam papers. Yes people! I mark exam papers..Just let it go! Haha=) I can teach too. Hold on, hold on! I can teach? Not too sure bout that tho..

People might call crazy.. My entries keep on changing. Sometimes its emotional, moody, bitchy, whiny and other times it can be critical, fun, interesting (no?), motivating.. But all these things are bit and pieces of who I am. I am a human being. I am real and I experienced different things each day. I have days when I feel sooo-thin and my legs look fabulous inside my white-skinny jeans. But I also have days when I feel like the world is staring at my flabby stomach and laugh at my men’s bag. That’s just me. And I can’t help but bring all these blend of emotions into blog. You see, I’m not that emotional. My friend Tamok might have put up the Drama Queen doodle on my Facebook profile but I am definitely not that crybaby from Project Runway. No way!

What’s new in fashion? There’s not much of a story to tell from the inside of my own closet. It had been weeks since the last time I went shopping for clothes. The last item of clothing that I bought was a long-sleeve Gap t-shirt with black and grey stripes. That was a month ago. I need to get at least one nylon sweater. Very 8o’s but soooo-of the moment. I saw one in Topman but I hate the color. I think cardigan is slowly exiting the fashion must-haves list. I still do wear it but, I think it should be gone to make way for the next big thing. I’d say nylon sweaters and windbreaker. Read more!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I don't know what the hell is wrong with Malaysian entertainment industry. Have they even heard of the word originality before? And as a Malaysian, I feel stupid each time people of my own country try to mimic things that has been done to death by other people (in Hollywood,UK or even Bollywood)and claimed it to be their own. That's just sad..

Don't get me wrong. I am a pure Malaysian to the bone and I love my country. But let's face it, our entertainment industry is still below the par and we're like a poor little baby trying to catch up in a marathon full of athletes. My point is we should take baby steps and try to find our own identity first before trailing the footsteps of all the bigwigs of entertainments industry. Yes, we do need some inspiration. The Beatles, David Bowie, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Katherine Hepburn, Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Oprah..and the list goes on. But inspiration is different from imitation. We drew inspiration and interpret it in our own unique ways. And Anita Sarawak trying to do Oprah on TV is definitely not one of it. Hilarious, but hell no! Paul Moss is Malaysia’s very own Simon Cowell? Come on! Oh, there’s one more! Radhi OAG went back to college ala Tommy Lee. Totally the case of chihuahua barking like a canine.. Heartbreaking..

I was flipping through the newspaper yesterday and came across this poster of a ‘new’ Malay movie titled ‘Apa Kata Hati’. Loosely translated as ‘What Your Heart Says' (Am I right? Correct me if I’m wrong.) I just knew right away that the movie poster is a localized version of a Hollywood movie poster. It was a rip off from this 2007’s teen-flick titled ‘She’s The Man’ starring Amanda Bynes. I seriously don’t know what the fuck is wrong with these people! They think we don’t watch Hollywood movies? Please!

I have evidence to prove it. See it yourself.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Black and Gold: Sam Sparro

I can hear this on runways all over the world in no time! Read more!


*I skipped my driving lesson and went to hang out with Zaki at the Pavillion instead. Pffftt! Hey! Noticed my two favorite items of clothing in the photos? Read more!

Nautical Stripes

Two of my favorite things

1. Nautical stripes tee
2. White cuffed-shorts Read more!

Scarlett Johansson

This is Scarlett Johansson way back in 2006 or 2007..I'm not really sure.

It's the blue dress that really fascinates me.. Read more!

Eat Pizzas and Say Goodbye

• My students threw this little farewell party for me and Ghazali. I taught them English and Ghazali taught them IT.

• It was almost a month ago but I was just too lazy to write about it because I have a lot other MAJOR stuff going on. Like Penang and whole lot of non stop bitchin’.

• It was a beautifully planned event. The students even took the trouble to book a table at Pizza Hut. They even have goodie-bags man!

• It was really nice to have students who really appreciate my lame teaching and my cold expression in the classroom. I don’t think I really deserve this kind of treatment. Seriously..

• They’re just far too kind. So with that I thanked them. Read more!


This right here is one of the most important albums of all time. I didn't realize more than half of the songs from this album have been remade by many different artistes throughout the years. The list includes; Celine Dion(not a fan!), Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, even Brooke White from American Idol 7. The song 'Where You Lead' is the theme song for TV series Gilmore Girls. Bear in mind that we are talking about an album which was released in 1973 people!

The arrangements are simple, genuine, and just sooo damn authentic, almost like live recording. The lyrics are heartfelt combinations of words that connect beautifully with the melodies. Man I have to tell you, it pierce straight through my heart.

Some people may laugh at me and call me stupid or lame or whatever because it took the whole life for me to discover this astonishing album. Well I guess for someone who used to consider boybands and Spice Girls as the height of music taste back in the 90s, I guess I am making a lot of progress. Am I right? Or am I right? Haha=)

Here’s my list of favorites and not to mention important albums of all time. According to me of course=)

George Michael’s Faith
• Coldplay’s Parachute
• Madonna’s Ray of Light
• Sarah McLachlan’s Surfacing
• Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black
• Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill
• Travis’s The Man Who
• Empire Record Original Soundtrack
• Beatles’s The White Album
• U2’s The Joshua Tree
• Simply Red’s Stars
• Matchbox Twenty’s Yourself Or Someone Like You
• Grease Soundtrack
• Tracy Chapman’s Tracy Chapman
Read more!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hannef Esq

English lecturer

Best Sartorial advice from your parents?
Always have clean underwear on

Style icons
Jude Law
Pete Doherty

Describe your personal style
Serious on weekdays, streets on weekends

I build my daily look around?
Where I'm going and my mood

Personal Style quirk
I always have two pair of sunglasses inside my bag

Favorite designers
Frida Giannini for Gucci and Alber Albaz for Lanvin

Most cherished item
My flea-market leather and iron bracelet

I feel best wearing?
New pair of jeans

I never break this fashion rule.
White socks with black leather shoes. Wrong!

Never caught wearing?

Most underrated item in menswear/ womenswear?
Menswear- Pocket square
Women - Good pair of earings

Dress to impress who?

Shine your own shoes?


Favorite stores?
Factory Outlet Store & Topman

Your next "must have" purchase?
Bright-colored henleys

Most stylish city?
New York, Paris

I splurge on.....

Favorite item of clothing
Skinny jeans

Guilty pleasure
Starbucks coffee

Cologne, skincare?
Davidoff, Bodyshop

When I was high school I wore?
White shirt,olive green pants and white sneakers

Favorite fashion magazine?
Details and Flaunt

Favorite vacation spot?
Penang! Penang!

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
There's nothing much in my neighborhood=( Read more!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I want to update this blog so bad. I mean with a REAL entry, pictures and all that jazz. The list that I had been posting doesn't really cut it. It was just my lazy attempt to keep myself happy. At least I have something new on my page. Well, at least..

I have been bitching about my life a lot. I'm lousy driver, sad-loser, unsatisfied sex-crazed maniac yada yada yada.. So much for fash-un-able. Even a friend who has not been in touch with me for the past 12-month suddenly posted a comment about my current penchant for whining and bitching on the internet. Guilty as charged but I cannot promise that I will never do it again. Hahaha..

Ok let's go back to fashion. This is fash-un-able right?

What is it that I am currently into? Well, I've been buying a lot of fashion magazine lately. Details, Esquire, Men's Folio, Another name it and by chance I might have it scattered somewhere on my bedroom floor. I might not have time to read all of it, but I did ogled and admired all the photographs on each glossy pages..for the fashion of course!

After reading Details magazine, I realized that I need a new toiletries bag because the shapeless Alain Delon and boxy Davidoff that I am carrying around right now started to lose it's practicality with the growing numbers of product that I have stuffed in it. I need a new one. I'll go shopping for it this weekend. Although I love the Prada that I saw on the website just now, I think I have to settled for something more accessible (for me) like Marks & Spencer. Sob..

I haven't been out shopping for clothes for the past couple of weeks. The closest I get to clothes shopping was when I was at the Robbinson last week with Zaki. I bought a new pair of underwear. Hahaha. Members only sale and I got extra 5%discounts. Yay!

I haven't had the time to browse the internet and check all those runway show lately. Is it still the season for cruise collection? Seriously have no freakin' idea. But I know what's in and what's not. That is one thing for sure. The color blue is in, flimsy,transluscent top is in, seersucker is in, short-sleeve shirt is cool for office, khakis is cool again, and shawl collar jacket is the must-have of the season.

I 'kinda' gained back the weight that I lost throughout 2007 and that is bad news! So I am back on diet because I have a vacation planned for early June. It might involves the sand and beaches. I need to have killer bod for that. I cannot run around topless looking like the way I am right now. Hahah. I'm not fat, like Jack Black's fat. I'm just 'bulgy'. The ass looks amazing tho. Hahahah.

So I need motivation. Bring it on bitches! Read more!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My recent downloads=)

1. Take A Bow- Rihanna (I gained interest after it topped the Billboard Hot100)
2. Violet Hill- Coldplay (Finally it's here!)
3. Teenage Love Affair- Alicia Keys (Love the vid)
4. Warwick Avenue- Duffy (Not a huge fan of Duffy, but this one is OK)
5. Black and Gold- Sam Sparro (Love this sound)
6. Always Where I Need To Be- Kooks (Nasal British voice.Hehe.)
7. Leavin'- Jesse McCartney (Check out the vid)
8. Zdarlight- Digitalism (Have this on ringtone)
9. Time To Pretend- MGMT (My new fave)
10.Love In This Club- Usher (Theme song for our trip to Penang) Read more!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Tough One

Oh Gosh..It had been such a tough week.

I don't feel like talking about it right now but I just want people to know how suck my week had been..

Fuck,fuck,fuck! Read more!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Emotional Dive

I have been feeling under the weather lately. I don’t know if there is any explainable reason for all this. I have too much too think I guess. The thing is I’m not really sure what the fuck it is that is bothering me. Maybe it’s just the weather. It is like 200 degree celsius in Negeri Sembilan. Maybe I am a bit worn out and tired. Maybe I need a new haircut. I seriously have no fucking idea. Even cigarettes couldn’t do what it supposed to do.


Maybe I should start chanting my own mantra. The good ones that can possibly turn my life around. Or maybe all I need at the moment is CHANGE.. From the way that things are going right now, I am kinda sick of all this. This job, this place, this surrounding, this whole pretending to be an educator thing?! It’s like leading a double life.

I have to wear this horrible company shirt on Wednesday. It’s half orange and half black. It is the kind of shirt that will never get near my closet. I won’t even want to touch it. But right now, believe it or not, I have to wear it for almost the whole day! I hate it, seriously I do.. I feel like an idiot on Wednesday I feel like a MORON!

I was having this long chat with Ridwan the other night. I just couldn’t help but tell him that I am actually not really a huge fan of my own job. Seriously! I hate teaching. It’s just painful to go to classes everyday and talk about the same thing over and over again.. So much for the fabulous shit that I have been pushing all over this blog page. Fabulous shit! Just bull-shit..
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Monday, May 12, 2008


My pet fish died. His name was Jake. He was a Siamese fighting fish. I had him for like a year. He was there when I was feelin' hopeless and jobless..But now he's gone..

I got a new fish. He's red (Jake was blue). I think I want to call him Dylan.

What a name! Hahaha=)

Song playing inside my head: Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah Read more!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunway on Tuesday

Went out with Wafie and Wan Lau on Tuesday.

Have never been to the new wing of Sunway Piramid. How sad.. But there was really nothing much there. The only thing that really excites me was the fact that Wendy's has finally arrived in Malaysia. What's next? Hooters? Haha=)

Song playing inside my head: Jason Mraz's I'm Yours
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Penang Penang

It took me quite sometimes to figure out how to start this new entry because I have too much too share yet too little time to do it.

I was in Kedah and Penang last weekend and I just couldn't wait to tell the world that it was just awesome. Or should I say fabulous? Haha..

The trip was initially for Sharina's engagement. Yes.. It is finally official that she is engaged and we were just so thrilled to be part of it. To actually be there and experienced the whole thing…it was just insane. None of my best friends are engaged..or married for that matter and I just couldn’t help but give my best to her. She’s getting somewhere and God knows how bumpy the road leading towards has been. The best part about the engagement was when Sharina took off her veil, put on a pair of dirty flip-flops and drove us to Secret Recipe for some iced-coffee, cigarette smoking and a lot of tittle-tattling.

Afterwards we headed straight to Penang. Hanis and myself were like two freakin little kids as we crossed the Penang bridge! We were even worse than tourist. Shikin being the one with hometown closest to Penang (Perlis) gave us this coy look throughout the passing of the bridge. What the fuck! The last time I was in Penang was when I was 2 ft tall! Do the math Shikin!

We stayed at this not-so-fabulous little hotel(Hotel Malaysia). But who the fuck cares..They do have hot-tub and mini-bar. So it was okay..

Penang is a fabulous town. I kept on thinking that I can actually live there. It's a nice place to live. We went to Gurney Plaza, Gurney Drive, Feringgi and cruised around town finding our way to all these different places. It took us like an hour to figure out the way to Gurney Drive. But when we finally got was all worth it=) Pasemboq is like the tiny little peice of heaven!!!!

We left on Sunday. After a plate-ful of Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Thanks to Tamok for leading the direction to the hidden eateries. I was never really a huge fan of curry but I made an exception for Penang Nasi Kandar. I tell ya, it was good!

It was a succesful trip. It further proved that Shikin, Hanis, and of course, yours truly here can still have our fun despite the drama that went on before we took off and the obvious absence of B.

It was just fabulous and we made the best out of the short time that we had. Can't wait for the next one!

Song playing inside my head: Brooke White's I Am,I Said Read more!