Monday, June 30, 2008

The shortest day

• I don’t want to go into details on things that had happened last weekends. There were ups and downs but the most important thing is I was being surrounded by my bestest pals. That's the only thing that matters.

• I ran around Mid-Valley for two hours (mostly with Byni and Wan Lau) because I arrived extremely late. Fash-un-ably late is one thing, but yesterday I hardly had enough time for anything more than small chat and cam-whoring with Ina, Byni, Wan and Ezwan.

• I was practically rushing from one store to another. First destination was MPH to get “Tuesdays With Morrie” (highly recommended by Miss Sharina herself). After that, straight to Zara and I scored this fluorescent graphic tee. And then off to Watson for some skin-care product. Next is Topman, but I didn’t buy anything. The only thing that I could do was to ogle the side-zipper hoddies that I’ve been wanting to have. Well, that can wait until my next paycheck.

• After air-kissing goodbyes to Ina and the rest, Wan Lau and I headed straight to the Komuter station. But not before making our final stop at Calvin Klein and I snagged this really nice t-shirt for a really good price. Ahah!

• Here’s my little updates on friends whom I met that day:

Ina- currently a lecturer in Kedah. When she’s not lecturing, she can be seen driving around town like a race car driver=) You blink and you’ll missed her.

Byni-is a Government servant and we’ll be doing something together this week for 2 days. It’s a secret..Shhhh…

Ezwan- is still in TESL and he’s closer to completing his degree. Yay!

Wan Lau-is also a lecturer. He’s currently living just a couple of minutes away from me..and yes, he's still a little 'jumpy'like always.

• It was nice to catch up with all of them. I haven't seen Ina for more than a year! But given the short amount of time, I wished we could talk a little bit more, eat a little bit more and take a little bit more photos.

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Prioritize. One thing that I guess I will never learn, although the least that I can do is try to learn from all the terrible things that had happened from my lack of ability to do just that. Prioritize comes right after decision-making on the list of things (or skills, if you really can call it that) that I have always failed to acquire. No matter how hard I try.

It always goes back to my inability to recognize between things that I really need and things that I really want in my life. But then again, who the fuck can really tell the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’? I can’t... Like right now, I know that I need to find a better job because I don’t see future at the current company that I work for. But at the same time, I want to do something else with my life other than things that I have been doing all these while...

I wish I know how to prioritize in my daily life. Just like each time when I want to go out with my friends oh-so-badly but at the same time, I know that I need to be at work or somewhere else more important. Or last weekend when I want to simply grab this Calvin Klein t-shirt by the price tag but at the same time I need to use my remaining salary to pay for some bills. Well I did get that Calvin Klein t-shirt and I have to say that I have no regret whatsoever. The bills can wait right?

So I am terrible at prioritizing my life and I failed miserably in having my mind made up each time my life requires me to do so. I have to learn how to say ‘no’ and I guess that’s what this is all about, to be able to say ‘no’. The way that Sharina refused to be part of our small get together each time she ran out of cash or simply because she needed to attend to other things that might be more important to her. That is one rationality that I wish I had because yours truly over here on the other hand, can’t never say no to any invitation that involves friends, food, cigarettes or shopping malls. Even if I have only 10 bucks left in my wallet, I will definitely be there without any hesitation.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Gucci: Love it or Hate It

Gucci has unveiled their Summer 2009 Collection. I think most of the avid fash-un-able readers know by now how much I love Gucci. I think Gucci has come out with some of their best work since Frida Giannini took over the menswear division. I love the whole skinny silhouette, plaid suits, the bold fur and animal prints and don't forget THE BAGS! Man, I love them bags!

But for Summer 2009 collection, I was actually expecting something more in terms of the silhouette and the materials. I was kinda disappointed that the silhouette is similar to what they had offered last season.The only change that they made this time is on the color palette. The suits are all in pastel like light blue and beige. The stripes pants are quite nice, but its definitely not something new. I’ve seen it before, somewhere. The two-tones on pants and jackets are quite similar to what Marc Jacobs did for Louis Vuitton a few seasons ago. Again, it is not new..

27 June 2008
Okay okay.. I wrote that yesterday and I had not even finished viewing the whole collection. I was a little judgmental and skeptical. Now that I have finished flipping through the slideshow (slideshow is on, I changed my mind. I think the collection is fabulous. The detailing is brilliant. I love the whole flowers appliqué (or are those painted?) on the shoes, pants and jackets. The bright-colored piping on the pants and cardie really stands out. The 80s neon colors on jackets and jeans are simply extraordinary, if I can really use that word. Heheheh.. And THE BAGS! God knows I want one for myself..badly..

So, I guess it is safe to say that my love for Gucci is still intact.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I woke up kinda early today at seven. It was early considering the fact that I wake up at 8.30 am on some really odd days. The reason why? Because I went to bed at eight last night! The light was on, TV was on and I got book on my chest. I was just tired. It felt like after having sex ten times in a row. Haha!

There’s nothing much to tell because it’s only the third day into the week and weekends seems like so far away. I am all about weekend remember? So from the look of it, this can be a very loooooong ones. Rambling, rambling..and who says I’m going to stop.

Let me see. Okay let’s talk fashion. I have pretty much lost touch with fashion for the past couple of weeks. I haven’t really spent too much time on shopping either. Last time I was in Robinsons, the only thing that I bought was deodorant. Yup exactly! Deodorant! The truth is, I’m kinda sick of my skinny jeans=( I like the way it makes my ass looks bigger and tighter but, I can’t stand the lack of air and not to mention, space that I have to endure down there. Heheh. Thing people do for fashion.. I spent some times updating folders and photo files on my home PC when I come across photos from my uni days. I was all about zip up jumper, broken in jeans and Vans slip-on. T-shirts are tight and pants are baggy. Totally the opposite from my current wardrobe staples, tight-skinny jeans and slightly roomier graphic tees. So, the silhouette had changed. One thing that will never change is my penchant for flashy sunglasses. Even when I’m wearing my least favorite outfit (for whatever reason), I know that I can rely on my shades to amp it up. My current favorite at the moment is my faux animal print shades that I always have inside my bag, even to work. And my word of advice, please people. Don’t wear that Kanye West’s Alain Mikli-inspired shades (I found it in Sungei Wang for RM20++) in places like shopping malls or when you’re driving. It should be made illegal, unless you are goofing around with your friends in the club or something. That and if you are Kanye West!

I currently have Bright Eyes’ songs in heavy rotation aside from Viva La Vida and SATC Soundtrack. Although I didn’t really like their last album, which was spiritual-themed “Cassadaga”. I enjoyed their previous material like “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”, “Lua”, “Take It Easy (Love’s Nothing)” and my all time favorite “Something Vague”. Conor Oberst is simply brilliant. I love “Something Vague” for the lyrics. It really spke to me and hit me right through.

I hate posting song lyrics on my blog, but I thought I really want to share this one:


Now and again it seems worse than it is,
but mostly the view is accurate.
You see your breath in the air
as you climb up the stairs
to that coffin you call your apartment.

And you sink in your chair,
brush the snow from your hair
and drink the cold away.
And you're not really sure
what you're doing this for
but you need something to fill up the days.
A few more hours.

There's a dream in my brain that just won't go away.
It's been stuck there since it came a few nights ago
And I'm standing on a bridge in the town where I lived
as a kid with my mom and my brothers.
And then the bridge disappears
and I'm standing on air
with nothing holding me.
And I hang like a star,
fucking glow in the dark,
for all those starving eyes to see,
like the ones we've wished on.

But now I'm confused.
Is this deepth really you?
Do these dreams have any meaning?
No. No, I think it's more like a ghost
that's been following us both.
Something vague that we're not seeing,
something more like a feeling.

Deep stuff..Deep stuff..

It’s almost 12pm. Lunchtime. One of the highlight of my weekdays, when I can go out of this fucking office, light up my cigarette and walk to the nearest makan place..

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Happy Fan

I finally got to watch Sex and The City! FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!!!

The picture quality sucks tho..Well of course it was an illegal download! But, I deleted the file straightaway after I finished watching. Seriously I did! And I had no intention to share the file at all. So stop judging me already!

I think I will be okay till July 31. That's when the movie will be premiered in our sunny, little country, Malaysia. Six days after my birthday.(hint,hint!)

As for the movie, it is beyond my expectation. A lot of 'oohs and ahhs' moments throughout the two hours..and I got up from my office chair and feel like this new person. OK, maybe not totally a new person. But definitely a happier ones=)And yes, I did watched the movie during office hours in my office. Well.. maybe you can judge me just a little bit.. I don't give a shit, really.

I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't got the chance to watch. But let me just say that Carrie did find her happy ending. There,I said it.

So,cheers to Sex and The City and us, four of the biggest fans whose lives had been altered tremendously by the series.

P/S: The Carrie Bradshaw website from the movie is REAL. Check it out! The link is on the side of this page. Read more!

Us in 3D

22 June 2008
I only have like ten minutes before 9.30 pm. I want to grab a cup of coffee and watch ’30 Rock’ later on. I had just finished watching ‘Alfie’ on DVD. It was amazing to see the amount of wonderful, stunning Gucci suits that Jude Law got to wear throughout the movie. And not to mention Prada shoes which he practically ruined after he found out that his dick was still functioning. Yeah exactly.. But that was ‘Alfie’, this is me.. And that was a world of make believe, mine is real.. So damn real.. That and the fact that I don’t have a Gucci suit.

I was having another one of those days again. Bad day.. And this one is severely bad. I just don’t know where to start and how to describe it. I’m listening to John Lennon’s Imagine in hope of finding a little solace and a little something that can get me through another few hours before the day comes to an end.

So that was last week. Now I’m writing this on my pc at home at 5.43 am. Forget about bad day, I decided to come back yesterday because I just hated the fact that I had stay alone in an empty house. Students are still on semester break and my “boss” who stays upstairs is currently in Sabah recruiting new students for the college. Not that I’ m scared, but I just rather take my usual 2-hour journey back home, make a huge cup of coffee as I arrived, take a hot shower, grab the remote and dozed off on the couch before I finally realized that it was already 3 am. Can’t believe that I will ever say this. But friends, that is pretty much what my life is all about on weekdays. Funny huh?

But I am all about weekends. I lived for the weekends! It is like my only motivation each time I woke up at six or eight (depends on my location), put on my fancy office-wear and drag my ass to work. So I’m all about fun and play on weekends. Last week was no exception. I went down to Shah Alam and hung out with my BBF sista-friends. After so many failed attempts of planning outings for all three of us (noticed how the number is getting smaller? Don’t ask!), I finally managed to get all three of us together for some cigarette and bitchin. Very Sex and The City indeed=)

So here’s the lowdown. Sharina decided to postpone her master-degree for some of her own personal reasons. She looked so damn good behind the wheel that she put me instantly to shame (being the ‘slower’ ones at my driving school ..bla..bla..bla). Shikin is still lecturing and she STILL packs her lunch in Tupperware to work. Heheh=)

We spent the afternoon in SACC. Not the best place to hang but given the short amount of time that we had, there was no other option. We had a lot of fun regardless. Even toying around with the 3D spec and making fun of book titles at MPH can be a lot of fun when you are with the people that you really care about. I speak highly of my friends because I chose them to be my friends. Unlike some people, I don’t simply call some random people that I went to work or college with as my best friends.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

H&F Flavor of The Week

TV Shows
1.30 Rock
2.Star Stories (Crazy fun!)
3.Keeping Up With The Kardashians

1.Pendulum (Propane Nightmares)
3.Coldplay (Performance at MTV Movie Awards was awesome)

1.Sex and The City The Movie (because I can't wait til July)
2.Breakfast At Tiffany's (We all love Audrey Hepburn right?)
3.Across The Universe

Website (Featured in All American Rejects'video)

To Wear
1.Gap striped-shirt
2.Topman underwear (Super-comfy)
3.Zara shoes

Killin Time
1.Reading (trying to finish "Full Circle")
2.Uni friends get-together (this weekend with Ina and the rest)
3.Googling 90s popbands (Heheh) Read more!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yay! and Nay..

They have this barbeque at the college yesterday. Although judging from the pictures it seemed like I had a pretty great time. Blowing Ghaz's birthday candles,eating mouthful of spaghetti, fake-laughing all the way..the whole event had blah-factor written all over it. I don't have anything against barbeque.. I don't even hate all my collegue..only a few..I guess I was a bit under the weather yesterday. Tired, bored..or maybe both. But still I tried to look my best in Feraud pink shirt (the theme is red, pink and black), Gap striped shirt and Seed pants.

Let's not talk about that. I just want to share my excitement over Coldplay's new LP- Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. It's awesome and I have to tell the world that it was worth the wait. It's a bit dark if compared to Parachute and X&Y. It talks about death and things that surround it. Chris Martin has seriously outdone himself this time. I love the album. I even love the album cover, which is a real painting-Liberty Leading The People by Delacroix.

"Those who are dead are not dead but just living in my head"- 42

I had this new haircut on Saturday at Starhill. I know it's not the haircut that government servants or educators (read: English Lecturer) would go for but who the fuck cares! I don't!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008


I'm like this grown up mall-rats! It's kinda ridiculous for a 24-year-old, all dressed up,walking around in shopping malls.Hahah! But well..who the fuck cares! I love it=)

So, this is me and Zaki all over Starhill yesterday..Doin nothing but wandering around spending all the money..bla bla bla..I got this new digital camera (all together now: FINALLY!!)It's not the candy-colored Sony, the one that I always dream of..I bought this Samsung in silver instead. I wanted to go with the baby blue but according to Zaki~Mr.Tech-savvy, it will turn silver eventually because the blue spray-on will peeled off.. Even the salesgirl agree with him! Whatever! As long as it is a digital camera, I think I'm fine with it.. So, no more complain about grainy photos ya Ain?! BTW, Zaki looked kinda fabulous in his new black skinny jeans=)

We also run around in Low Yatt trying to find this earphone thingie. It's actually like a wire with that earphone plugs on both ends. It's actually for cassette conversion. Yup exactly! I still have like hundreds of cassettes in my collection that I very seldom listened to. So I found this website that taught me step by step on how to convert these songs in cassettes into mp3. How cool is that!? CLICK HERE for direct link to the website because I know that all of us is experiencing the same dilemma. I feel ya brotha and sistah!

I just can't wait to listen to all my favorite albums on my PC and mp3 player. Great albums like, George Michael's Faith, Anggun's Snow On Sahara, Tori Amos's Greatest Hits.. I can go on and on and on man!

D'ya like my graphic black and white tee? It's vintage!

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Friday, June 13, 2008


• At work today
• I was late..well I’m always late
• My favorite Wayfarer, grey cardigan, cropped pants sans the sock and I’m ready to go

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sports Day

This is from the college's sports day a few months ago. Not really excited about the whole event. I guess that pretty much explain why it took me so long to upload this picture.

Not the kind of event I want to be seen at. It was hot, they didn't provide lunch and the actual ceremony actually extended until 7pm! Can you believe that!?

To avoid myself from looking too different from my usual self during weekdays, I opted for a very simple look for the day. I don't think it would be such a good idea to look like one of the students. I decided to go with Paul Frank t-shirt, Seed jumper, Nautica jeans, Adidas sneakers, Topman aviator and Rip Curl back-pack. Read more!

Lift Me Up

I decided to put on my red sweater from Seed to work today. One of my attempts to uplift my mood. I'm not sure if it really works but what the hell! Read more!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sing But Try Not To Sink

I’m not that familiar with Putrajaya and areas that surround it because I have no reason to go there. None of my friends are there. The close ones that is. And I have no close relatives in Putrajaya either. But come to think about it, I don’t really have any relative that I’m close with. The reason why, because most of them are simply a bunch of twat who only pretend like they care about me each time I fucked things up. Long story..Not worth wasting my time to write or even think about it..

And then there’s Byni, my dear friend way back from high school up until our five years in uni. We laughed, we cried, we had our shares of ridiculously fugly clothes, we fought and there was not even a single memories from the past 10 years that doesn’t involve her. It was such a shame that we kinda ‘grew apart’ for the past one year or so. With her being a government servant living in Putrajaya and myself still trying to figure things out back here in Nilai. I don’t know. I guess it’s just too much for both of us. That and her boyfriend. Whooops!

We finally got to meet up yesterday in Alamanda, Putrajaya. I’m not to sure about that place but it was nice to finally see and catch up. We have like thousands of things to talk about yet so little time to do it. Wafi and Wan were also there and they kinda talked us into joining them for karaoke. Byni and I thought that it wouldn’t be such a good idea because we heard each others sang before. And man it was ugly=) But we tagged along anyways. Quite fun. Not too bad.

So yesterday I got to sing, meet up with my long-lost friend, and get inside a tiny car all in one day.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

One of Those Days

• Last weekend was not fun. That’s all that I can say. Ended up wandering around, shopping for nothing.. ALONE!

• I couldn’t find the espadrilles that I was looking for in Marks & Spencer. Zara does have a few pairs but they were all not my size. I was so disappointed and made my way to Three Point Six. Not a huge fan of the brand but I entered the store for the sneakers that they have on 70% discount. There were a few that I kinda like. But what really caught my eyes was this polka-dot polo shirt in black and white. I checked the tab and it was all in size2. I had no idea that they go by numbers in Three Point Six. Size 2 is the equivalent for Size M. I wear polo shirt in Size S (or Size 1). I like my polo shirt to hug my body perfectly. I thought it makes me look slimmer?! Really? By the way Three Point Six don’t have my size. Shoot!

• June issue of Details magazine is out. Christian Bale is on the cover. The articles are great, like the one about “stray”. Hilarious! Check it out=)

• Have to go to my boss’s house this afternoon. She’s having her daughter’s birthday party. All of us are going. Seriously not really in party-with-coworker mood at the moment. I guess I’ll just show up, smile a little, eat a little, laugh a little and go home.

photo by: Alex Remnick

• Hah!

p/s: Three Point Six is Malaysian brand!! I got it all mixed up with Triple 5 Soul. How original.. Read more!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Little Perspective

According to some people, my website is not that tasteful..Haha=) Totally my fault. I was practically trashing other bloggers who tried to get their own link at one of this fashion website. I 'kinda' did the same thing but only because I really like the website and the writers. I just wanted to become part of it. I go to the website everyday, check out the links and I even try to post comments/ POV in the chatbox.

I also clicked on a few link from the chatbox and I discovered that some of the websites are not that great. This is only from my personal opinion. What I’m saying is, anyone can paste pictures of models from the internet and put up some words from fashion designer here and there right? But still there are a few blogs that I really like (ie: Jezmine’s, Shopping with Soul Doctor etc)

I try my very best to write as much as possible. That is the reason why I don’t declare my little blog here as ‘fashion-blog’. This is MY blog and it will be about me and few other things that I like. And one of those few things happen to be fashion. And as for the name ‘fash-un-able’, I just thought that it’s kinda catchy.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone. But I was just giving my opinion. Everyone is entitled for their own opinion right?

p/s: And my blog is not perfect people..I'm aware of that=)

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Flavor of The Week

* too lazy to write..So I came out with this collage thing. Just click on it for full size.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

No Sex in Our City=(

31 July 2008. The day when Sex and The City: The Movie will finally make its debut in our beloved country Malaysia. No thanks to the Censorship Board. I guess my Sex and The City theme party will never happened. We don’t think we can wait for another two months! That is just so absurd! It will on pirated DVDs by then!

Fuuuuuuuck! Read more! a blue moon

Like finally!! I managed to drag my lazy-ass to the theater and watched "Once". Ya know the indie movie with the awesome soundtrack? The one that won Oscar for Best Song?! Yes, that one. I made Zaki come along with me. I know he rather watch "Indiana Jones" or any other blockbuster movies that are currently showing in theaters.. Heheh! He felt asleep towards the end of the movie. Poor thing..

Hey, the movie was great! No kidding.. It's real, it’s raw and the music speaks the emotion throughout the movie. I have the soundtrack on my mp3 player since last year and it was not a surprise that I found myself singing word by word to each song throughout the movie. I seriously don’t care. The theater was not even half-full anyway. I guess the whole population of Mid-Valley was either at the Indian Carnival or still queuing outside for “Indiana Jones” tickets. Yes, there was this Indian Carnival in Mid-Valley Exhibition Center. Well the truth is Malaysian don’t really watch movies like “Once” in the theater.

I always watch indie movies or one of those festival favorite from all over the world. I like difficult and complicated movies that demand my thinking and sense of relevance. I needed that because my mind is so clogged up with ideas that I just need to get it out of my system.

That is one of the reason why I don’t go to the theaters that much. It’s easier to watch all these strange indie movies on DVD with my head-phone plugged in. I recently watched “Garden State”, “Babel”, “Crash” and “Maria Full of Grace”, all on DVDs. And these are movies from last year but man, they are unbelievable! Read more!