Thursday, July 31, 2008

Out of The Office

Yesterday was announced as a public holiday in the Negeri Sembilan and two other states in Malaysia. Some of you might not aware of this, but I do work in Negeri Sembilan people..Yes I do! Hahahaha!

Yesterday was the only time that I felt thankful for being in Negeri Sembilan.

So I went out to Pavillion. Bought a new bag, ate some Japanese food, sipped my Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato and came back to Negeri Sembilan...Hmmm...

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H Day at The College

Alright this was actually a few days after my actual birthday and I had to share it with Alex, the marketing director. But it was just nice to have people singing the birthday song and take pictures of you blowing the candles(which totally makes you look stupid. I just love that. Who doesn't?!

It was kind of like a surprise party. Thank God I was all set for the camera in my Alain Delon pants and my new Topman skinny tie. I looked fat right?

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Monday, July 28, 2008


Shell Jln. Tengkera, Malacca
Siti Nurhaliza's sister at the full-dress rehearsal for AF concert in Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca. Blah!
Banana Republic tee, Seed cuffed shorts and my favorite Warehouse bag.
Streetlights in Malacca
Cheap Jill Sander-like slippers that I got right before we hit the road
With Wafi at the toilet of Subaidah, the mamak place right outside Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca

**and what the fuck was I doing in Malacca on weekdays night, on the eve of my birthday? Don't ask! Read more!

The Candles

Another candle added to the top of my cake (it’s a yogurt cheese-cake by the way). Each candles supposed to be the representation of growth, personal establishment and sense of maturity. It is such a shame that instead of all those things, my candles represent my fear, denial and endless questionable decisions…

The truth is don’t know how to do this whole grown up thing. Last night, I asked Sharina the question that I have been wanted to find the answer for so long. How to be a grown up? Sharina is slightly older than I am and despite being the joke-cracking goofball that we have always been, she has the ability of turning herself into this wise, mature-beyond-the-years personality whenever the situation demands her to do so. That is one thing that I admire the most about her (that and thousands of other things). Her answer was simple, acceptance.

I still find it hard to swallow the fact that I am now a single 25-year-old. It was easier being a single 20-year-old… But that is not my point! I guess I can only turn this whole life around once I fully embraced the changes that are currently taking place in my life. This whole idea of standing-on-my-own-two-feet really scares me. In fact, that is what becoming an adult is all about. How do I do this? I can’t even drive!

It kills me each time I saw my reflection in the mirror in the morning, wearing a tie around my neck. That’s just so not me. I look old and it shortened my neck people! How I wish I could just live in my t-shirts and skinny jeans every day of the week…

And on some weekends, I couldn’t help but shamefully smile to my friend (ok it was Ben!) when he wakes me up each time I fell asleep on the couch. We’re supposed to watch DVDs, relates people we know to the movies and make hurtful comments about them, but I only managed to stay awake long enough for the opening credits. That is just so sad because I used to be the one who could go for more than 24 hours without sleep. I still can pull it off every now and then, but most of the time I slumped myself on the couch by midnight with the TV on. That is one huge blinking neon sign of aging. I feel like it’s blinking right on my forehead. I even have a new line right under my eyes, which I’m so self-conscious about.

So back when I was in uni, I have a dream and I have a vision of how my adult life was going to be. And I have to tell you people, my so-called adult life that I’m living right now is nothing like the vision that I had… Sooo-frustrating.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vintage Poetry

Life is…

Life is
a bowl of oranges
The pink of health and
breath of fresh air
To watch the sunrise on
a brand new day..

Life is
a cotton candy
the Ferris wheel at the carnival
A joyful ride up and down
the hill
A deep courageous dive into the sea..

Life is (for me)..
The multitude layers of color
Representatives of my raw emotions
It’s a cup of black coffee fulfilling
my own addiction
The sweet surrender of a
poor soul..

** this is the poem I wrote almost two years ago for my Creative Writing class. I was in my final semester. I wrote several other poetry for the class, but this one right here is my fave. I was in a really good point of my life when I wrote this. I was about to graduate, I was surrounded by all these wonderful people, my thesis was on schedule, everyday was all about having fun and discovering new spot to hang out and new people to hang out with.. All these positive energy got me really inspired to write this poem. It was all rainbows and sunshine. No storms or black clouds like the way it has been recently.

***but what the fuck! I'm a positive person right?! Right?
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It had been an awesomely crazy ride for the past couple of days.

1. I went out with Zaki on Sunday for our usual dose of shopping, dining and a little too much of coffee and ciggies. Well Zaki doesn’t smoke of course but he did get his fair share of nicotine thanks to me. Exactly! The second hand smokers are inhaling the smoke directly to their lungs without the filter, which actually worse than smoking the cigarette itself.

One pair of dark skinny jeans and one Topman paisley skinny tie later, I went back home to get some rest. I had a long day ahead of me and my head was in this little stir of emotions. I had no idea what would happen the next day. The only thing I knew was the fact that I wanted things to go smoothly and my heart kept telling me not to screw things up…

2. I finally kissed and made up with Bayne. Some might have read the strange entry that I posted a few weeks back. That was knowingly written for her. We kinda drifted apart since April and things had been rather strange for both of us. Not going to go into details about that, but I would like to announce, not our engagement, but the fact that we are okay now. We are back, foul-mouthed and dirtier than ever! Hahaha! Man, we’re so good together!

3. I got two days medical leave. I didn’t buy it, as some people might speculate, because I did actually need medical help. I have this allergic reaction to unrecognized particle or something that I ended up with itchy and red eyes. The doctor told me that I might be allergic to dust, which literally covers my tiny, little bedroom in Nilai, but didn’t tell the doctor that. It was not really the kind of illness that can really get in the way with my nine to five at the college, but what the fuck! Two days of no work? Totally worth it!

4. So back to work today. How boring..So frustrating..

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sensitive Fashion

Image from TongueInChic

I was drawn to the article from Tongue in Chic about the influence of religion in fashion. I love fashion and I am all about trying out new things and widening my horizon in terms of current fads and trends. But when it comes to religion, especially my own, I don’t think that it is such a good idea to have it all mixed up with fashion.

Fashion is all about outrageousness, over-the-top ideas, scantily clad models, and twisted norms. I see it as a form of art and I’m a firm believer that there shouldn’t be any restriction in inspiration and creativity. Religion is a whole different thing. There’s a lot of sensitivity involved, impervious aspect of it, and not to mention the all the rules and regulations.

That is the reason why I was disturbed by the image of models wearing nothing but what looked like hijab on Hussein Chayalan’s runway show (circa 1998). It was just too much. Unlike Rachael Ray’s kaffiyeh in Dunkin Donuts TV commercial which caused a huge rage among people a few months back, hijab is an item of clothing for Muslim women. Hijab symbolizes the image of Muslim women in general. Kaffiyeh on the other hand is the scarves worn around the neck of terrorist according to some people… and I totally disagree.

From the way things had been, it looks like it is wrong to have this so-called terrorist scarves around your neck, but it is okay to send the hijab-wearing models down the runway with nothing to cover their pussies. Now you tell me.. Read more!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Too Late

I just want to let the pictures do all the talking.So come on pictures! TALK!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Two lecturers leave the college for better offers. We celebrated 'their victory' a couple of days before they finalize things back at the office. I'm happy for them and at the same time, I'm counting the days for my time to come. Hahah=) Read more!

Friday, July 11, 2008

So this is how it works?


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Their chart and my chart

There are times when I simply downloaded songs out of curiosity. Why does this song suddenly on top of the chart? What make it so special? Why do people in the States, UK or even Finland love it so much? Or how is it possible for Kid Rock’s Sweet Home Alabama rip-off scored number one in Germany, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland? I- tunes chart always surprises me. What’s with songs that I found below average holding up the number one spot? Even Jesse McCartney is making a comeback in the Top 10. What the hell with that!? I know he co-wrote Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love and everything, but he’s STILL Jesse McCartney right?

So I decided to download a few songs from I-Tunes Store Top 10 Songs Chart and see whether I love them or hate them. I started with Rihanna’s Disturbia. Yes, I thought it has some kind of connection with the motion picture, but fortunately it doesn’t. There’s nothing special about it. It sounds very European, very house, dance-y, robotic and slightly less-good version of Don’t Stop the Music. Love it or hate it? Hate it!

After that, I gave Alphabeat’s 10 000 Nights a listen. Definitely a winner. Love it! I’ve seen it on UK Chart for quite sometimes now, but never really bothered to give it a spin. The piano at the beginning is very Scissor Sisters, but then they have two vocalists, which make the song sounds like a duet. I don’t know about other people, but when I listen to this, I think of ‘The Feeling’. Never be lonely, never be lonely… I love that song.

Next up is Laurent Wolf’s No Stress. This song is definitely written for me. It started off with~ I don’t wanna work today, maybe I just wanna stay!! I can see myself screaming that at the top of my lung every weekday’s morning. Seriously! So, love it or hate it? Love it!

I downloaded a whole lot of other songs. Songs that I knew I was going to love and others that I downloaded just because they are all over the charts. Here’s the list:

1. Dance Wiv Me (feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome) [Radio Version]-Dizzee Rascal
2. All Summer Long-Kid Rock ( Not a fan, but I’m sucker for any No.1 song)
3. Say After Me- Bic Runga (She’s awesome and has Malaysian in her blood)
4. Closer- Ne-Yo (Not so sure)
5. Free Fallin'-John Mayer (He sounds really good live)
6. Hallelujah- Rufus Wainright (Can you believe this is from Shrek2? I prefer the original tho)
7. Extreme Ways- Moby ( The Bourne Ultimatum version)
8. Mercury- Bloc Party (The new single! Finally)
9. Songbird- Eva Cassidy ( This one right here is as sweet as it gets in a song)
10. You’re So Vain- Carly Simon (I bet you think this song is about you!)
11. We Cry- The Script ( Make me think of The Streets)
12. The City Is At War- Cobra Starship (Check out the vid!)
13. One Head Light- The Wallflowers (I remember singing to this in Bayne’s car)
14. I Could Say- Lily Allen (Hate her, but love her lyrics)
15. Free- Cat Power (My fave next to ‘The Greatest’) Read more!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am

I am
A weird painting
Dash of colors
Complicated song
Distorted beats

I am
A poignant movie
Dramatic scene
Exaggerated pain
Fake laughs…

*I love poetry. But each time I try to write one of my own, it turned out lame and pretentious. This one is okay...I guess? The inspiration came on my way to work this morning. Read more!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Make a Move

Wafi and I helped Wan move out from his old apartment. He managed to find this really nice house around the same area with mine. On the other hand, I still live at the same hostel and now that Wafi had recently move in to the room upstairs from mine, I don't get too bored each time after office-hours anymore.

It was almost dark when we arrived at Wan's old apartment. The sunset was beautiful. I was wearing my short-shorts and 'Iconic-status' t-shirt. Tried my best to dress as comfortable as I could because I obviously had to carry some heavy stuff from his fifth floor apartment. When I said heavy, I'm seriously not kidding.. Read more!

Up All Night

This entry right here is not appropriately titled because yours truly right here is no longer the vespertine, nocturnal creature that he used to be. I can’t hardly keep my eyes open on weekday’s nights. There was this one time that I fell asleep at 8 pm and stayed in bed for 12 hours until 8 am the next day. It’s crazy!! I used to party with my friends past 3 am and still able to wake up just in time for 8 am class. I hate to say this but friends, age is catching up… I’ll turn 25 in less than a month, which means I have been living for quarter of a century! This is crazy. So crazy! I can’t believe I am that old. Man!

In order for me to further deny the fact that I am no longer the nocturnal, party central that I used to be, I went to Shah Alam to hang out with some of my best-est guy-pal. I got there late after midnight because I was shopping in KLCC earlier with Shikin. It was very last minute but still managed to burn holes in our pockets. We had dinner in Little Penang CafĂ© and all over KLCC after that. Shikin was really determined to find Tie Rack that we had to search for it on each floors. We didn’t find it. Jezzmine, where can we find Tie Rack? Anybody? I’m asking on Shikin’s behalf. I think she got inspired by all the Tie Rack scarves modeled by Jezzmine on her blog. Haha=)

Anyways, I didn’t really splurge on anything except for Bodyshop face product, some fashion magazines and this really fabulous ‘camera and telephone’ necklace that I got only for a little less than six bucks after 70% discounts. It’s the cutest thing. I guess I’ll never take it off. Shikin ended up buying a leather Balenciaga-inspired handbag at Topshop. I like it, very versatile.

A couple of train rides later, I found myself in Section 24, Shah Alam. I stayed at Ben’s for the night. Bab also lives there with their other friend, Jack. Nizam was there since Thursday. He came all the way from Johor for an interview. I used to do exactly the same thing last year when I was still in search of a job. I came to Shah Alam, prepared myself for the interview on the next day, went to the interview but ended up staying with the boys for almost two weeks instead. It was fun and I missed how much free time that I had back then. I had a lot of time but one thing that I didn’t have much was money and that made it difficult to have fun=(

So we chatted, smoked, watched DVDs and made fun of one another just like we always do. It was a few minutes past 3am when I fell helplessly asleep on the couch while watching DVD with Bab and Ben. I guess the shot of whisky didn’t help. Even Bab’s threat to shave my eyebrow while I was asleep failed to keep me awake. I feel like a grandpa..

Took the 5pm train home the next day, right after lunch. I feel like myself again. I wish I could stay longer...But hey, even grandpa has to work right?

P/S: How d'ya like my new Zara tee?

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