Thursday, August 28, 2008


I want one!!!

Boots by Mike Christ at OAK

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More movies

These are all movies that I've been watching since a couple of weeks ago.

When I'm not out mall-hopping or bar-hopping, I stay at home and watch old movies or any movie that I missed during it runs in theater.
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Bag It Up

My Dad always asks me why do I have to carry around my bag wherever I go, and what kind of crap do I have inside of my bag. I just smiled at him and said nothing about it. The main reason why do I have bags for every occasion is because I'm always on the move. So, I pretty much have my whole universe inside my bags. I have weekender, carry-all, sling-bag, canvas bag, oversized shopper... all kinds of must-haves in a modern 21st century guy collection.

I carry my fave leather and canvas bag to work today. It is quite small and very serious, I-mean-business kinda bag. It goes really well with the outfit that I wear to work, which also very serious and I-mean-business kinda thing.

Let's have a look inside:
  1. My Marlboro Light and Lighter (help me function)
  2. House-keys
  3. Cellphone and earbuds for uplifting music (for the long journey to the city)
  4. Umbrella ( Nizam christened it as "Payung British")
  5. Faux-tortoise shell shades and case (to shield the damaging UV rays)
  6. Facial tissues ( because I sweat a lot people)
  7. Reading material (I'm in the middle of "Jane Austen Book Club". I'm going to write the review soon)
  8. Toiletries bag (with Bodyshop face protector, hair-wax and nail-buffer in it)
  9. Thumbdrive (crucial!)
  10. Some used train tickets and receipts (I was just lazy...)
So there you go! I hope my Dad is reading this, NO!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Avon de Lacroix

Students are all on mid-term break. I am currently enjoying mindless hours of IMing, blogging and stalking people on Facebook. Hahah!

We have this little get-together planned after five today. Maybe I'll snap a few shots here and there later on so that I can upload it here tomorrow. I am not that excited about this whole thing, but what the hell! I heard it's free=)

I stumbled across my friend's Avon catalogue just now. Not really a huge fan but I have just found out that Christian Lacroix's Rouge perfume is available at all Avon outlets across the country! My office happened to be a few doors from one of them so I decided to check it out during lunch hour.

And there it was. Shoved at the corner of all other funny looking Avon stuff, the bloody red bottles. I just don’t understand why do they have to sell the perfume at Avon. Nothing against Avon but, we’re talking about Christian fuckin Lacroix here man! Can they have at least a proper display section for the perfume? Like a mirror-case or something?

I’m waiting for the male perfume to arrive at this Avon outlet near my office. It’s Bazar for Men and Tumulte Homme. Can’t wait! Read more!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Skinny Bitch!

Picture from

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Forever 25

I was in Pavillion yesterday with Zaki. The last time I was there was last month and I had like just a couple of fifty-ringgit bills in my wallet, which hardly enough to pay for anything except for food and train-rides. So I decided to come back yesterday. This time with more fifty-ringgit bills in my wallet. Hahaha=) And I was heading straight to Forever 21.

Forever 21? Yup, exactly! I haven't really change my taste in clothing yet people. It's just that I recently discovered that Forever 21 now also carries men's clothes. They go by the brand "Heritage". The best part about this Heritage clothing is the fact that it is fuckin awesome and sooo-fuckin inexpensive!

I scored this black leopard-print hoodie for RM72. Super-cheap!

Check out Heritage. I think it’s great.

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My Joni

I left my cellphone on my office table with Joni Mitchell blaring from it's little speaker.

My office mate...

They cringed...

They have no idea who the fuck Joni Mitchell is...

And just now I played Pink's brand new single(So What) on my office PC.

Guess what!?

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My Whole Week in Photos

In photos: College Seminar on Pathways to Professional Development, Early Independence Day Celebration, my lady-boss giving the peace sign, students performing their traditional dance, stiff-pose with speakers of the day, Ikea and coffee afterwards, KLCC after 5 and weekend at Sharina's in her cousin's pink tee shirt

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Friday, August 22, 2008

In (Pt.II)

It is sooo unfair to give my little piece of fash-advice to the girls only. I decided to flip over my Details magazine and Google some info to come out with this little thing that I have right here.

We want the guys to look as good as the girls right?!

1. Blue and white- still the must have colors in every gentleman's closet

2.Skinny scarf is making a huge comeback. After far too many seasons of the tribal, handkerchief scarf, the skinny scarf is back and it's all over Gucci this season.

3.Lace-up boots are in. Wear it loose with pants tucked in to achieve the disheveled look. Justin Whatever..

4.Pleated pants-I call it grandpa's pants because pleated pants make me look heavier.I'm only wear flat-front at the moment. But I'll give it a try maybe for a couple of working days a week.

5.Rolled up pants- pleated pants with rolled up hem. What a combination=) Read more!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Image lifted from HERE

I watched Oprah a few weeks ago. Not really a huge fan of hers because I prefer trashier talk show like Jimmy Kimmel or David Letterman. OK people! Maybe I am a little trashy. Oprah is a bit too serious and intense for my liking, very housewife and mother of five kind of thing. Which I'm not because I don't have five kids and definetely not a mother=)

But out of boredom and just because I was too sick to go out having fun time with my friends, I watched the Oprah Marathon on Hallmark. I watched the first couple of episodes because I was simply excited to see the magic that Oprah and her team can bring to the homes of O magazine's contest winners. It was a full house makeover contest and yours truly right here is a sucker for interior design and room for improvement project. It's really fun to watch, what a huge difference a few layers of paint can bring.

So it was fun watching the transformation. But the episode that followed after that was about a family of four who had been battling with obesity and fighting several kinds of ailment due to their poor condition of living. Their house was a disaster and was a desperate cry for help. It was cluttered, which totally reminded me of my tiny bedroom that holds more stuff than it supposed to be. But unlike their house, my bedroom is not dirty and I don’t have dead rats or dog’s poop under my bed for god sake!

The “clutter expert” who guided the family throughout the transformation process told them about having to get rid of the clutter and clearing up the spaces around their house. The open space and clearer environment can actually affect their lives as well. Getting rid of the clutter is like getting rid of the burden and lifting out the weight off their shoulders. So if I get rid of the candles, clothes, mementos and several other things that I haven’t used for ages from my room, will it help me lose the fats around my belly? Hahaha=) Am I going to be happier and get a better job? Funny…

But I gave it a shot… I ain’t got nothing to lose aiteee! So I went to Ikea last weekend and bought a few stuff for my room, mostly stuff that help me organize and stow away the clutter inside room. I bought a few magazine boxes, new minimalist wall-clock and some plastic boxes. I took it back home and start the whole de-cluttering process. Man, I have to tell you! I have far too many junk! Hands up to those who have 13 picture frames and 21 candles of all sizes in their bedroom… Yes, exactly!

It was not really an easy process. I’m taking it step by step. Everything seemed soooo-easy on Oprah. Too bad I don’t have “clutter expert” to rely on.

But I will lift this weight off my shoulder right? I’ll lose this fat around my belly and have a better career. Hopefully… Read more!

My American Friend

Jim is actually Sharina's online buddy. But throughout the years, he started to become my online buddy as well. He's American and work in retail. My close friends might already know that I am not a huge fan of IM. I really don't know what to talk(type) about and ended up sending all the emoticons and audibles.But with Jim, I always have a lot of things to say.

We were IMing on Yahoo Messenger yesterday:

han: hey
jimi: hey what's up?
jimi: how's it going?
han: im ok
jimi: cool. what you been up to? working alot?
han: nah..i was sick last week
han: the doc said that it was exhaustion
jimi: oh that sux. feeling better?
han: im ok now
jimi: well that's good
han: how bout u?
jimi: I've been doing alright. just working mostly
han: work..why do we have 2 let it take over our lives....
han: hehehe
jimi: ha ha ha i know. i wish i could just lay around
han: all day long!!!
jimi: yeah and sleep for days at a time!
han: exactly wat i need
jimi: me too
han: i slept for 12 hours yesterday
han: 7pm to 7am
jimi: really? i slept for 11. from 10am to 9pm
han: i win=)
han: hehehe
jimi: lol yeah only by an hour
han: hey jim
han: what dya think?
han: i hate lecturing..i need a new job
jimi: about what?
han: i hate lecturing..i need a new job
jimi: what would you like to do?
han: i dunno
han: i want to write and do dat 4 my living
jimi: what kind of book would you write?
han: brb jim
jimi: okay
han: ure still there?
han: i went out to grab a quick bite
jimi: im here. feel better?
han: hehehe
han: ur question earlier
han: my writing leans more towrds magazine
jimi: oh cool
han: lifestyle magazine
han: fashion magazine
jimi: like fashion?
han: fashion,restaurant,clubbing,shopping,events,interior
jimi: well go for it
jimi: try finding a job
han: its a bit tough coz i dun hav background in writing or journalism
han: my degree is in teaching
jimi: yeah that's true. but you could write sample articles and send them in
han: i should do dat right?
jimi: you should yes
han: i keep on second guessing myself
jimi: just go for it. if you don't you will regret it
han: exactly
han: i always admire americans
han: u guys hav this confidence thing goin on
han: and very outspoken
jimi: lol yeah most people don't like that about us though
han: i wish i can be more like all of u
han: just go 4 it right
jimi: exactly.
jimi: or you could hey a job at a magazine and work your way up. just don't give up
han: yeah
han: but that will be challenging right?
jimi: yes. it will but not everything is easy right?
jimi: if its something you really want and really think you can do it, then you should go for it
jimi has signed out. (8/20/2008 8:43 PM)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was asked the exact same questions by a couple of friends last week

Questions about fashion..

"So..What's in? What do I wear to work? What should I look for next time I go shopping?"

So here goes:

1. Look for gladiator sandals. It's not really that new as it has been around for a few seasons now. It's comfortable and it looks the best with shorts or skinny jeans.I made Shikin bought a pair from Vincci.

2. High-waisted jeans (and shorts). The Britney-style low-slung is totally out since like, the year 2000!

3. Flowy, billowy tops..and don't forget the belt.

4. Shoulder bag. Very 80s!

5. Pixie haircut. Think Rihanna and Katie Holmes. Yes, the first picture.
Make sure you have all five! Beg, borrow or steal, and I can assure you that you are the stylish bitch in the room my friend=)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pick me up songs

Songs that I always wake up to and has never failed to draw a smile upon my face.

1. Happy Face- Destiny’s Child
2. I Feel It All & Mushaboom- Feist
3. Love Is Gone- David Guetta feat. Chris Willis
4. Yellow- Coldplay
5. The Freest Man- Tilly and The Wall
6. Tears Dry On Their Own- Amy Winehouse
7. Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley
8. Open Road- Gary Barlow
9. A&E- Goldfrapp Read more!

Friday, August 15, 2008


The uber-stylish JFK Jr.

Check out the belt! He epitomized the sartorial look in his era.

I want to channel him in one way or another.

But I wear gingham to work today. I just wanted to wear something different for a change. Sick of the same old shirt and tie combo. I've thought about skinnier cut pants for office. But I decided not too.

How I wish I work in fashion.

I'll wear my "I Heart Disco" tee to work..

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cheap and 'kinda' chic

My idea of fashion is not about spending fortune on designers togs nor it is about imitating stuff you see direct from the runways. It really surprises me when people walk around in KLCC looking as if Prada or even Guess had thrown up all over her…or him! It’s all about mix-and-matching people. I’m not your master of fashion or anything like that. I’m not Raf Simmon for god sake! I’m just an observer and I replicate and incorporate things that I saw on the runways into real life, which is my own closet.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on my fashion addiction. I don’t even own a credit card because I can’t really trust myself when it comes to shopping and spending. I pay cash y’all! So that is the reason why sometimes I resort to buying cheap things that has taken their inspiration from designers stuff. I like to shake things up a little and simply love the look of my friends’ faces when I told them that my House of Holland-inspired T-shirt cost me only 20-bucks. Or how surprised they were when I told them that I paid RM 9.90 for my grey patent leather skinny-belt.

There is just one thing to remember, never wear cheap, discounted items from head to toe. OK there’s another one. You can be cheap,but never go for imitations or you will end up looking like singer in Malay pop rock group. Always add a few pieces of designers and high-end stuff to complete the look. If you don’t own any Prada or Bottega Venetta (like moi), trade it with Gap, Banana Republic, Topman or at least H&M (my fave!). Mix it all up with your favorite home-made necklaces, Sunday bazaar shoes or vintage bag. Even stuff from Reject Shop will do. And voila~ let’s hit the street!

Well some people shop online for rare and cheaper items or make stuff for themselves. Some swap the content of their closets with their friends for a few weeks. People find different ways to cater to their fashion needs without breaking the bank. I’ll do it all baby!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

M.I.A who?

Image taken from Vogue

Who says they don’t believe in second chance? Evidently, M.I.A does and she proved it by getting her second chance in breaking the US market with her song ‘Paperplane’. The song was released back in 2007 as the lead single for her second album ‘Kala’. Unfortunately, it failed to bring any kind of impact to the American listener.

But in 2008 M.I.A second chance arrived in the form of ‘pineapple’. 'Pineapple Express' that is. The song is currently being featured in the promo for the Seth Rogen's comedy. And before you can even say “M.I.A who!?”, the song is all over American chart and airwaves.

American market is always tricky like that. They need some kind of confirmation from outside sources in order to embrace something new, specifically in terms of entertainment and pop culture. No one can forget how Jessica Simpson’s third album jumped to number one spot upon the premiere of ‘Newlyweds’. Or how Rihanna’s ‘SOS’ topped the Billboard chart after the song was being used in Nike ads. And remember the sluttified Jewel and her song ‘Intuition’? That song was in Gillette commercial. Commercials, TV series, movie soundtracks… all kinds of good or bad exposure for a song can almost guarantee chart success.

When certain song is being used in Apple or Ipod commercial, the song is a surefire hit. Like Yael Naim’s New Soul, Coldplay’s Viva LaVida and Feist’s 1234.

That’s not too bad right? Read more!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Aftermath

Image from HERE
Friday thru Sunday (1,2,3 Aug 2008)> Weekend with bitch-sistah! Late nights and lots of food! See Our Weekends

Monday (4 Aug 2008)> Back to work. Morning train around 8.30 am

Tuesday (5 Aug 2008)> KLCC after work with Shikin. Helped her decide what to buy with her Topshop voucher and dinner at Manhattan Fish Market

Wednesay (6 Aug 2008)> Work till late. Adult English class with only six attendees

Thursday (7 Aug 2008) > Almost two hours journey back home. Reason? My Mom’s scrumptious chicken and Project Runway 3 reruns on 8tv.

So, I went to bed around 12 am on Thursday night after my weekly dose of Project Runway. Feeling slightly cold than usual, I hang on tight to my pillow until I woke up the next day with this really nasty headache and all I felt was pain all over my body from head to toe. I put on my work clothes anyway and I took the 7.30 am bus to work. But I went straight to the doctor instead. My head hurt, it felt like I could just throw up any second and I had this funny feeling in my stomach. The doctor diagnosed me with exhaustion which simply translated as my body surrendering for my crazy lifestyles. I was given MC and got back home as fast as I could and slept for the rest of the day in my work clothes.

P/s: I woke up at 8pm and got sick all over my bathroom floor. Gross! Read more!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do The Re-think

Image from here

I have been pushing the issue of global warming to my diploma students for the whole week. I teach English and communication skills, but somehow I feel the need to talk about it and spread the awareness to these young kids. I told them about how important it is for us to recycle and take care of the environment. And I even told them about how each and every little thing that we do (good or bad) will add up. So I told them to reuse things, pull out the socket and turn off the tap when brushing.

I may not look like the most environmental friendly looking creature on earth, but I care too much for the environment. I used both sides of the papers although it will be much easier to just make photocopy on one side. I don’t buy instant coffee because they are sold in individual packets. I drink too much coffee. My trash can will be filled with empty packets of instant coffee by 5pm. I use Body Shop products, which are not tested on animals. Even my Elemis toiletries bag is biodegradable.

My dad sometimes set dry leaves on fire and my mum takes very long shower. It pisses me off but those are simply things that they are used to. That’s why change is crucial. We need to change the way we live and think about the environment and the Artic that is melting as you read this. It breaks my heart when I see the image of people killing the sea lion heartlessly without mercy. And I cringe at the sight of people littering out of the car windows. It’s just so sad.

Recycle and think of the environment. It’s the only way to go. I hope my students are doing their part as well.

For further info CLICK HERE Read more!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Weekends

Last weekend was all about three things; my friends, the city and I.

I took the train to Shah Alam right after work around 5 pm. I spent the rest of the night with Amish and Bayne chatting away. The topics? Boyfriends of course (theirs not mine!). I’m not currently in any kinds of serious relationship, so I find their stories and the whole drama really amusing. I don’t mind listening to all their bitching and relationship saga because girls do that all the time. That’s what their girl talk is all about after all=)

Bayne had to go to work (work on Saturday. How sad…) so I followed her to her workplace just to hang out. I have a bunch of TESL friends who also work there. I was supposed to be there anyway for this ‘little thing’ that was pre-arranged two weeks ago but it was being cancelled last minute. Shoot! I actually have to come back to that place next week.

We went to Mid-Valley afterwards. After more than half an hour of driving up and around the parking lot, we entered the place and stayed there until 3 am. Yes, 3 fuckin am! We were like a bunch of college students, and not even once that I realized that we are actually English lecturers. None of us believe in restricting ourselves only to certain set of behavior just because we are now professional working adults. I still jump around the city malls in my shorts and crazy T-shirts, Shikin still check out cute guys at the escalator and Bayne… I don’t even know where to begin! Hahaha!

We made our exit at 3 am for only one reason, The Dark Knight. Well, it is the most sought after Batman movie ever, Heath Ledger died for adapting himself too much into his character, people were making a lot of fuss over Christian Bale’s Batman voice, the movie beats The Mummy weekend opening ticket sales. I have to say that these are all evidence of how good the movie really is. So what happened in the theater after one full hour of queuing for the tickets? I fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie until it finished at 3am! I didn’t know how Shikin and Bayne managed to stay awake throughout the movie. I think they had matchsticks that kept their lower and upper eyelids apart.

So The Dark Knight is not my cup of tea. Call me stupid or silly or just plain old, but I just rather stick to my sick and boring indie movies.

And I have one magical word for my friend Bayne. SAMPAN=)

7pm bus and off to N9.

Thanks for one heck of a beautiful weekend bitches=)

In the pictures: H&F, Shikin, Bayne, Jaji (B's niece), LUCT, the overrated Wings Cafe, LUCT's Makanlah, Midvalley, Kak Mah's crib=), my new Seed bag and the green and blue RM 29 for two V-neck tees. Read more!