Monday, September 29, 2008

The Rejects

I have thousands of photos that I should have posted here but I didn't. Sometimes I can be a little bit selfish.. Ha-ha! Just because I was not wearing something nice or my photos were just simply blah, I refused to write or even mention about certain event or outing that I actually took part in. So here goes:

This was taken during the buka puasa dinner that the college held a few weeks ago. I guess it can be seen clearly from this picture that the students and the staff were having a ball; line-dancing and all. I was not part of it though. I was minding my own business at the buffet table throughout the evening. Ha-ha!

And here are two of my nieces trying to catch some ZZZ, but I annoyed them with my camera flash and kept the TV on past 2 am.

This is me and Wafi. He came to collect his stuff from the hostel and stayed past midnight for some updates on our lives and not to mention a whole lot of gossiping. He mocked my 'loyalty' and 'devotion' to the current place that I'm working because I was the one who desperately wanted to leave. It ended up with me staying and the rest of my colleague at that time leaving. Funny... Ooh..Btw, we were at the mamak's, I was in my home T-shirt and I was not wearing any underwear. Ha-ha!

The 'damage' that Wan Lau and me caused during buka puasa last week! We ate like a couple of hungry ______ (insert name of a REALLY hungry animal here!) We scoured the Ramadhan Bazaar for good food and stuffed ourselves until we couldn't hardly speak (or breathe!). The worse thing was I actually had to teach an 8pm class with my pants unbuttoned after that! It was hysterical! That evening was a lot of fun...Ha-ha!

And these are all pictures of Zaki and me inside the Monorail. Exhausted but trying our best to look super fabulous. I posted pictures from this outing like a month ago, but I thought these pictures are too grainy. We both looked good though, like the only thing that matter. Yeah, right!

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H&F Flavor of The Month

I haven't done this for quite sometime. It's kinda hard to keep up. I like a lot of things and I change my opinion every like 10 seconds.

But what the hell right?

1. Catherine Tate Show (Please watch! It's fuckin hilarious)
2. Echo Beach ("Moving Wallpapers' takes a lot of patient and focus to understand)
3. Lipstick Jungle (and Cashmere Mafia... It gets rather confusing sometimes)

1. Kanye! (Don't ask me why. I even dug out his first CD, Late Registration from my collection. I used to have All Falls Down as my ringtone)
2. T.I (Whatever You Like- heard it first time on VMA and currently at the top of my playlist)
3. Ne-Yo (Miss Independent is his new single. Not too sure bout his new music direction at first. But now I love it. Hip-hop, RnB, Garage, UK Dance all rolled into one)

MOVIE (I'm not really up-to-date. I watch old DVDs!)
1. Skeleton Key (I love Kate Hudson)
2. Catch and Release (Jennifer Garner; when she's not flying in the air or kick some serious asses, she's actually a goody-two-shoe girlfriend)
3. A Lot Like Love (I wonder why Amanda Peet's acting career never really took off)

1. Wide-legged (I'm kinda over my skinny jeans... I want to incorporate some roomy pants back into my wardrobe)
2. Gingham and plaids shirts (Soooo right now!)
3. Headgear (anything that can cover my horrible haircut! I hate my hair. I want to get it fixed)

1. Britney (her new single is out- Womanizer)
2. Tyra (Is it just me or Tyra IS fat?)
3. Denise Richard (I don't care if people think she's crazy. I'm like in love with her)

Click on image for the source

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sometimes I got too caught up with writing about my other obsessions (music, movies etc) that forgot about the ‘fash’ in fash-un-able. But then again, I never really announced the arrival of my blog as a fashion blog. It’s a lifestyle blog people. Lifestyle from the viewpoint of yours truly, H&F. Ha-ha!

Well in terms of the ‘fash’ I have plenty to talk about. Like the Emmy fashion. Heidi Klum really stepped up her game this time wearing Armani Prive. She’s my best-dressed of the night. But can somebody tell me what the fuck Eva Longoria was thinking? I guess she was just trying to hide her bump. She’s not fat right? She’s just..PREGNANT! She better not trying to pull a J.Lo on us! McDreamy was a hit too in his Versace (of course!) Shawl collar and all, love it. I decided not to talk about Jenny Love’s Carolina Harrera though because it’s just too painful…

I came across this ‘tricky’ Y3 boots picture from some fashion blog. How cool is that! A zip up with lace up underneath. What a crazy idea but I love it=)

And I took some photos of myself last night, trying to do it like Marc Jacobs spread. Ha-ha! I was actually trying on my rope-belt. It was originally a wallet chain but like I mentioned previously, who the fuck still wear those things? My high-waisted Topman jeans are kinda tricky too. I’m running out of ideas on how to rock it. I guess I have to tuck in my shirt so that the detailing around the waistband can be seen, like the slit and buckle at the back. It’s kinda tough though because I have this little visible tummy situation. I’ll look ok if I try not to breathe too much.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Invitation


My friend, Ridwan @ Wan Lau would like to invite his close friends and relatives to his wedding next month. The wedding will take place on October 26, 2008 in Bagan Serai, Perak.

For more details about the wedding including the map to the reception, just click to enlarge the invitation card.

I give him my best and I pray for their never ending happiness. Read more!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'll Run If I Have To

For the party last week, I decided to keep it simple with my H&M pixellated portrait tee and my new Topman high-waisted jeans. And of course my new fedora.

So I did go to the Robbinson's 1st Anniversary party last week. It was quite a letdown as I was actually expecting a slightly 'different' kind of party. It was in fact just a shopping party. The drinks are in papercups and the doorgift was Delish's cupcakes. They promised us cocktails, and what I had in mind was mojitos, pina-collada etc... But what we got was not even close; it was just some frickin melon juice. I can't complain about the goods that they had on sale though. Up to 70% discounts on all items. How crazy is that! It was such a shame that I was not really game for a shopping spree because I have other things that I want to splurge on. I'm saving up people! Unbelievable, I know!

But Zaki and I managed to make the most of the blah event. We snapped loads of pictures, checked out 'interesting’ characters at the event and basically feast our eyes on the sea of endless good clothing items (I discovered that Robbinson's do carry Betsey Johnson line). We wanted to stay for the fashion show but we couldn't because we needed to rush off to Topman for the Student's Day Sale. Well Zaki is technically still a student because he is currently doing his final year internship at one of this well known animation company. And as for me, yours truly here is definitely NOT a student =( But I'm glad to say that I still do have my student ID from my final year in TESL. So that was my 'magic pass'=)

I thought with my 'magic pass' and a purchase of Topman item (a blue skinny tie), I was entitled to get the black Topman goodie-bag. But unfortunately, they were running out of stock. It was just a stupid bag... Who the fuck cares right?! Zaki got the nicer and bigger canvas tote because he was dumb enough to spend more than 200 bucks that day.Ha-ha!!! Ya see, he's a card-holder now! And I heard that the clothing items that he got that day were actually for someone special! Ahah!

Some cigarettes, a venti caramel macchiato and a plate of pasta later, I was scooted back home. It was late and I was so fucking tired. As I got off the cab, unlock the front door and get naked, I was quite amazed by the distance that I was willing to run, all in the name of fun.

NOW my feet started to hurt soo-bad…...

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Watch With Me

ANTM has officially started its 11th cycle. Thanks to YouTube, modelizers all over the world can catch it on the web about 24hours after the premiere of each episode on America's CW channel. There are a few changes here and there to build the excitement and keep things fresh. When I mention 'excitement', I was not referring to Jay Manuel's men-breast in that silver space-suit in the first episode. That was tragic…

The excitement arrived on ANTM in the form of Isis. She (or he, but from now on she) is the first transgender contestant in the history of ANTM. She still has it attached to her man! She got it all taped up under her tiny bikini bottom for the audition. Scary stuff! But she’s fierce. She looks amazing in her photos and man, can she walks!

So I will be watching her progress every single week, here from the comfy of my office chair and PC. Tsk!

I have made it very clear how much I hate copycats and wannabes right? So a couple of days ago I was surfing the channel when I hit 107. A bunch of Malaysian actors appear on screen in their scrubs looking very serious and focused. It was obvious that they were playing ‘serious’doctors and I figured out later, they were trying to perform some kind of ‘serious’surgery on what looked like human. I kept watching, out of curiosity.

I don’t know how to describe it. The whole thing was like Grey’s Anatomy being staged by a bunch of high school’s Drama Club students. It was so fuckin amateurish and uninspiring. And that combined with bad scripts and bad acting is a perfect blend of… how do I say this? RUBBISH?

The series is “Ampang Medikal” by the way. They should rename it to Salmah’s Anatomy or something. I’m not sure if Salmah is the name of the main character, but that sounded Malaysian enough to me. Ha-ha!

So my verdict is yay to ANTM and nay to Ampang Medikal.

These copycats and wannabes should have some test tubes and syringes shoved up their fake asses. Hah!

P/s: Is it too obvious that I am a Grey's Anatomy's fan?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just another day at the office. They have 'buka puasa' dinner planned later on. So now the students and some staff are all busy cooking and preparing for it. I stay in my room and read other people's blog instead... Well, well... I heard Jezmine wants to give up her blog and Perez Hilton is still as rude as ever...

I decided to snap a few pictures using my cellphone because these days I seem to forget that I actually own a proper good-megapixels camera. I have a few things planned for this week. I have to go back to my parents' tomorrow to get some 'proper' clothes to wear to the 'special' sale at Topman on Thursday and party at Robbinson on the same day. I also hope that I can meet up with Bayne and Amish this weekend because I seriously need to sit down and catch up with these two of my fave gal-pal. We have serious amount of bitchin to do sistah! Call me=)

So here are the pictures. Out of boredom, I come out with these:

Bodyshop Face Protector: Protection against Negeri Sembilan extreme heat and sunshine. Ha-ha!

New Primavera shoes that I wear to work today. My first office shoes that are not black.

Aren't these the cutest thing?! The cow-paperclip that comes in a pack of five.

The view outside my office. Nothing much right? That is exactly what my point is.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hometown Glory

I have been traveling back and forth from the place where I work to my parents' and to the city. It’s tiring.

A lot of things happened. I got a raise last week, I’ve lost a student, I’m officially being alienated by my best friend and despite of Ramadhan, I’ve been eating like a mad cow.

I watch Sex and The City last night after my nightly dose of leftovers binge (Gawd!) The series not the movie... Carrie wrote about her relationship with New York... I do wish I’m in NY each time I watch Sex and The City. Although I know it is not really what it seems on the TV series, I believe that it is the city of opportunity and hope. I always have hope. Even when things turn sour and the world is laughing at me.

So I don’t live in NY. I live in this small town where people eat what they breed, hang out on motorbikes by the roadside and go to the shrink when they caught flu. The only reason I pretty much spend 4 days a week here is because of my family. My family is still here. We’re still living in the same house, the one that I’ve been living in since I was 7-year-old.I still sleep in the same bedroom. I already took down the Spice Girls and Pokemon posters, but it is the same bedroom.

I have to admit the fact that I’m not at all proud of my hometown. Nothing to shout about. I hardly saw any tourist around here, unlike Penang or Malacca. But this is where I grew up. I might be moving out in the near future, take with me the whole content of my closet (OK, maybe half!) and might not come back as often, but this place right here will always be my hometown and like it or not, I am still that small-town boy.

I'm like Jenny from the Block right? Ha-ha!

Alright... Enough of that! Here's me and Zaki doing our thang against the wall at the Sungei Wang plaza yesterday.

We're gorgeous right?! NOT!
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Tag 1

Hana tagged me and seriously people, I'm not too familiar with this tagging business. I've seen it on other people's blog but never really tried it. So here's my first shot at tagging. I mean, do people really care to answer to this shit? I'm doing this for Hana tho=) So here are 15 fun-facts about H&F:

Fact 1 - I wear short pants in primary school up until Standard 4..or 5..Ha-ha!

Fact 2 - The only word to describe my sense of style when I was still in school= TRAINWRECK!

Fact 3 - My parents didn't really allow me to shop at that time so I wore my sisters' hand-me-downs=(

Fact 4 - My favorite breakfast is baked-beans.

Fact 5 - I'm actually quite good at crafts ( Martha Stewart ain't got nothing on me!)

Fact 6 - I'm scared of the future.

Fact 7 - My favorite band is Coldplay, so it's only natural that I hate OneRepublic (being labeled the American Coldplay and all) . But people, I secretly dig their music!

Fact 8 - I'm the odd one out in my family. Coming from this very small town, they(aunts, uncle and cousins) think I'm too westernized (read:bad-influence). But who the fuck cares?! It's not like I eat out of their palms.

Fact 9 - Pssst... I might have gained a few pounds throughout the past couple of months. Shit!

Fact 10 - I'm a cheap-skate. I buy CDS and DVDs from discount bins. I love the fact that I spent like only 5-bucks on backdated magazines. I got my Ben Shermans, H&Ms, DKNYs and Lucky Brands from Factory Outlet Stores. Ha-ha!

Fact 11 - I'm concern about the environment.

Fact 12 - Confident people intimidates me

Fact 13 - I secretly wished that I am filthy rich and don't have to lift a finger to earn money.

Fact 14 - I' m scared of reptiles... all kinds!

Fact 15 - I don't like kids.

And the 5 people I'm tagging are Bayne, Wafi, Bert, Nana & Aie.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

A Sad One

One of my student (Noel Adantus Premus) met up with an accident. He was in a comma for a few days before he finally left all of us.
It was sad...

I didn't cry tho...
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sleepless Night

10 Sept 2008

3.08 am

I can’t sleep. I suddenly feel the need to write. I don’t own a laptop, so I am writing this with my own handwriting on my daily planner (Surprise, surprise! I do have a planner people)

I lit up my cigarette and started to think… about decision. Decisions that I have made so far throughout my life. You see, I am a terrible decision-maker. I hate to say this but that is the reason why I am here in the first place.

I even think about opportunity. The open doors that I refused to enter. Some people think that it is the best to grab what’s already in front of you. But people like me, we rather wait and wait… and wait until the best thing comes along. Or until whatever it is that we always wanted comes knocking on our doors. We wont settled for anything less.

I did make a few good decisions, and not to mention some really bad ones. I let go of opportunities and grab a few along the way that ‘feels right’. But that’s just me. Sometimes I based things (and decisions) on instinct and god knows it’s not always for the best.

But I don’t have any regret. Last time I check, I am a human and I am prone to making mistakes in life. And of course I’m fine! I’m holding on and I feel okay. I’ve been better and happier in the past. But what I have right now is not too bad either. I guess?

I am still not a full-time writer, like I’ve always pictured myself to be few years after the graduation. I am just an English lecturer. It’s not like I live on the street or anything. That is definitely one thing to be grateful for. My paycheck is not a hefty one but it does contribute to the expansion of my closet throughout the year. Ha-ha! It’s fabulous. I am actually “this” close to getting my driver’s license (I know right?!). I have a blog that 4000+ people have visited. Ha-ha! And I have friends that always stick around after all these years, even when we are all currently working all across the country.

So I’ve made bad decisions. I don’t always enter opened doors because sometimes I feel like it is for the best to actually knock on one. And my life’s okay… not too bad and I am not running around in excitement with my top off either.

And this blog that I have right here… This IS my little piece of heaven. My first step in chasing my dream.

Keep reading peeps.
Photo of angel statue lifted from HERE

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Army of Me...and Britney

I wore gingham to work today.With my new Ralph Lauren pants of course.

Questionable choice of outfit. I know. But I'm just soooo fuckin tired because I stayed up last night watching the VMA.

Britney. Whatelse can I say about Britney? I hate the hair first and foremost. But she's definitely skinnier than ever. She won three "Moon-men" which is good. I was never really a huge fan of Britney but after all the drama that she went through, there's this little something inside of me wanting her to get back up there and just do it all over again like she used to, red-spandex jumpsuit and all.

Song playing inside my head: OneRepublic's Mercy

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Monday, September 8, 2008

The View

I used my phone-camera so the picture quality sucks. But check out the view. This was in Sepang.
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Just Because

Heritage@Forever 21 hoodie, Zara graphic tee, Topman skinny jeans & bag from Seed
H&M striped tee, black skinny jeans and bag from Reebok

This will be a quick one.

It had been quite a week for me… A lot of things… More than I could handle… Craziness!

But I managed to get quite a number of things done here and there. I even made a few important decisions, which was really tough. What the heck! This is fash-un-able right?! Not, so I better write about something else.

I forgot to mention about the fasting month. There’s only one word to describe it: CHALLENGING. I’ve been working my ass off here. Trying to get my life together, work, friends, friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday Zaki!), challenged students, my aunt’s assignments (don’t ask)… all the boring stuff. Life is tough enough as it is and throw in a little hunger! Now we’re talking.

But I’m holding on. I’m fine.

Went out yesterday with Zaki. It was his birthday. Too bad we were both fasting. I could’ve bought him cake… or drinks… or both?! KLCC was not as much fun as it used to be, like when I was just a first year degree student. I still can’t figure out what’s wrong. I guess now it is more about whether Zara, Topman or Armani is on discount or not. I used to have only 30-bucks in my wallet and still managed to find a few knick-knacks that I could take home to show to my hostel mates. It could be a RM19 tee, glitter-glue or cassettes from the discount bins. But yesterday, I walked pass Gucci and wish that I could at least get hold of the shoes from the new collection… But of course I settled for a brown Primavera leather shoes instead. It was 70% off.

I didn’t really need a new pair of shoes. I just bought it because I hate going back home empty handed. I need to have something in my shopping bag. And one pair of shoes just won’t do! I dragged Zaki to Kinokuniya and loaded on some “office supplies” which again, not on my shopping list.

Tell me now. Who needs three sets of multi-color highlighters?! For god-sake!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Runway to Reality

Stressful week… that’s all I want to say… I choose not to talk (write) about it.

Allow me to make a few quick shout out. First, to Bayne and my Mom who shared their birthday on 31st August. Two of the most important people in my life; a friend and of course my mother. I also would like to send my love to M. I felt like a complete idiot the day that you told me about the operation. I know you will be just fine and please keep me updated. Text me, IM me! I wanna know.

So last weekend was the Independence Day. I was in KL with Kmai. Been sooo-long since the last time I saw her. She came all the way from the north of the country just to catch up and settle a few things before heading back on Sunday. That must had been extremely tiring. But it was nice to be able to FINALLY see her. We had a lot to talk about and Kmai has always been like a sister to me. She’s the one who always give me that slap back to reality each time I go astray. Well it is part of her job. She’s a teacher and I knew right from the start she would make a really great teacher. She has all the qualities, unlike moi! She got it all=)

Some of the questions that she asked me upon our little get together last week:-

"Why can't you just quit smoking?"

"When was your last sip of liquor?"

"When are you going start saving for your own car?"

Well I did a lot (read: waaaay too much) of shopping with her, regardless. I bought my second pair of shoes in less than two weeks! I made some impulse purchase in Topman. I just couldn’t resist! There was this really cool bird-print open-neck t-shirt and dark cuffed-jeans that I just couldn’t say no to. They are all in my size and 70% discounts. Tell me now, who can resist the 70% discounts!?

I’m not sure if I had mentioned about my new blog logo? Fash[un]able with the little hanger at the side. How cute is that? I designed it myself and the photo of the hanger was lifted from Yahoo! or something. I just couldn’t bother with the photo’s credit. Ha-ha=) I hope all my roomful of readers like it. Tell me what you think because I know Hana and Wan think it suits the whole theme of the blog. Leave your comments aite!?

I did checked out a few other blogs, mostly fashion blogs like BryanBoy’s and this one Singaporean kid (let just call him SK) who draw his inspiration straight from the runways. I actually took the trouble to leave comment on this SK blog. I gave him my 2-cents worth on his ankle socks and boat shoes ensembles. I just thought that it was just a little bit gauche to wear ankle socks together with cuffed pants and boat shoes. But he fired back criticizing my ‘ensembles’ instead. Ha-ha!

The thing is, I choose not to wear my clothes straight from the runways. As much as I wanted to pile on accessories like Gucci, wear my blue-shirt front-to-back like Prada and pin on a tiny, little chili brooch on my lapels like Etro, I just couldn’t do it. I believe in taking what I saw on runways one or two steps down. Fashions that we saw on runways are most of the time over the top and to certain extend, not practical at all (think John Galliano and his bloody and beaten up models).

I just grab a few ideas here and there from the runways and never in a million years copy the look from head to toe and I will never do layers because I live in a tropical country. Ha-ha!
As much as I envy Bryanboy and his SPECIAL relationship with Marc Jacobs, I will never put on a dress like him or prance around the city in equestrian boots or go to club in pajamas. Not my style darlin’…
P/S: I rolled up my Ralph Lauren khakis, but I thought it made me look fat. I changed into my
new skinny jeans after the picture was taken. Hah!
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