Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Jeff Timmons, belly-dancing and Ode to Art

And I went to Low Yat with Zaki on Sunday. He was supposed to collect his faulty USB drive from one of the “nerd-central” there. He ended up getting a new one because apparently they misplaced the one that he took back for repair.

Lunch was at U-Café, Bukit Bintang. I was sooo- fuckin broke (I still am actually) that I didn’t buy anything except for this super-cheap (but chic!) oversized canvas bag from one of the stall in Sungei Wang. 45-bucks people! Ha-ha!

Zaki in Jack & Jones

I tried on some clothes from Heritage@ Forever 21 but made my way out of there empty handed. I like some of the jackets and hoodies though. Maybe I’ll just wait till my next paycheck.

White jacket from Heritage at Forever 21, vintage reversible blue tee, Diesel short pants, new bag from Sungei Wang, hat from Radioactive and flip-flops from Topman

Jeff Timmons was in Pavillion. We caught his glimpse with some burly bodyguards surrounding him at M.A.C boutique. We were not star-struck or anything but one of his people handed us the flyers for his showcase at Planet Hollywood. Did we look like 98 Degrees fans to them? I hope not!

Jeff Timmons at Planet Hollywood y'all

And there was this opening for a new gallery in Pavillion. I love arts and things like that. I always do, especially contemporary art. I used to draw for a while when I was in school (seriously Bayne!). But I stopped and decided to channel my art flair into different things. The gallery was "Ode to Art" by the way. Check it out next time you’re in Pavillion.

The gallery launch

By the way, Zaki took all of these shot using his camera (including the photo of belly-dancer shaking it at the entrance of Tang's) because I forgot to charge my cell phone battery the night before. I’m currently relying solely on my cell phone camera remember? And no, I don’t want to talk about my Samsung camera please=(

Work it like Shakira
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Top of The Pop

Haniss, our POP-princess was here for the weekend. She couldn’t stay for too long because she had a plane to catch. That and because I arrived a little too fashionably late=)We only managed to have lunch together in KLCC on Sunday.

We hate her for being soooo-skinny (you and I both Shikin). But we love her for her unexpected behavior and witty remarks, especially about people on the streets… and Shikin. She’s such a twisted skinny bitch ya know!

I call her ‘Kudut’ or ‘Ustazah’. Shikin calls her… so many different names! Ha-ha!
Geeky plastic glasses from Padini Concept Store, bag and cuffed shorts from Seed, white canvas slip-on and GAP tee (worn under Topman cardie)

Song playing inside my head: Kelis' Trick Me
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Date With The City

I missed y’all and I missed spending hours and hours in front of my workplace PC updating my blog with entries instead of preparing course outlines and minutes of meetings. I always make sure that I have one work related document ready though, just in case if my boss walks in.

View from my hotel room

Last week, I was getting myself mentally and physically prepared for countless hours in the pin-drop silent of exam hall (invigilating the final exam= NOT FUN!) when I was told that I have to attend a one week teaching workshop (I prefer to call it ‘seminar’. I just love how the word makes me sound really important). Another first time for me because I have never before attended this kind of shit.
The room~not bad...

But honestly speaking, listening to follicle-y challenged old men talking about teaching techniques is sooooo NOT my perfect idea of entertainment.
So after some dramas on my own part (let’s not get into details), I checked myself into the hotel where the seminar took place on Monday night. Crown Princess is an exceptionally fine hotel. The rooms are comfortable, their buffet tables are filled with arrays of foods from different varieties and the lounge is not too bad either. I found out later that I share my room with this Chinese lecturer guy from another well-known college in Nilai. He is much older than I am and from a few conversations that we had, I can tell that this guy is fully committed to his job. And despite the diamond stud in his ear and his faded jeans, he does look like a lecturer. Unfortunately, the same thing couldn’t be said about me.

A quick drink while reading SATC at the lounge downstairs

The workshop started on Tuesday morning. 8.35 am and I was only five minutes late. I entered the hall and grabbed a seat at the front table because obviously the ‘best’ seats were all taken. But I ended up having a lot of fun there. The three other participants in my group are at least 20 years my senior. One of them is a professor from Segi College. I respect them the way I respected all my teachers and lecturers. I tried to stay humble and low profile. So, no attention grabbing antiques throughout the four-day seminar, which was extremely hard to do. You know how I love attention right?!

They misspelled my name.Happens all the time. Double N people!

What I’m trying to say is, being a 25-year-old guy in roomful of serious, professional looking uncles and aunties, I was little intimidated at first. I didn’t expect that most of them are actually funny, gossipy and love dirty jokes! Even the three uncles at my tables, we made such a great team throughout the seminar.

The title of the seminar is “Exemplary Lecture: Making It Happen”. Yawn!

It felt almost like typical workdays because the seminar started at eight and finished at five. I went out every single night throughout my stay there because as much as I like my roommate, it was still a little awkward to share the hotel room with a complete stranger. Maybe it was just me?

Stuck in a car with Shikin and I couldn't escape=(

On Tuesday, I was all over Bukit Bintang with Shikin. It was raining and the traffic was terrible. It took almost two hours to get to Pavillion from Ampang! Dinner was Thai cuisine and I’m proud to say that I managed to resist the temptation. Temptation to shop that is. I didn’t shop at all people! That is one heck of a great achievement right there. I need a pat on the back=)

Look closely and you can see the Twin-Tower


I went out to Bukit Bintang again on Wednesday for dinner with Wafi. Dome is definitely not really THE place to have proper meals but we were short of choice and Wafi hasn’t been eating since morning. He was starving (and obviously on diet). I was afraid that he might end up feasting on my arms or something. Heheh=) We bitched about our workplace-dramas over chicken stew and I told him my SECRET plan for the future.


H&F (in vintage tee)

Off to Shah Alam on Thursday. Bayne was waiting for me there. Amish was busy with her projects, assignments and stuff. Bayne (Som) and I didn’t want to hold her back from completing her work and we decided to grab a bite at Burger King without her. We did go to her house afterwards though and helped her out with some art projects.

Kak Long

Drawing (in H&M polo shirt, Topman reversible belt and Landlord's corduroy)

We love art project right?! Click HERE for more on that.

Friday was the final day of the seminar. We were awarded with certificates and to my own surprise, I was asked for photos despite being the quiet ones with nothing much to say throughout the program. It was a great experience. Although most of the stuff discussed was stuff that I already learned in TESL, the sharing of experience among the participants is what I appreciated the most. That and their willingness to acknowledge me as part of the whole thing.

It's all over (in GAP originals and backpack by Ripcurl)

I wish we had more time to get to know each other. Especially when I found out that one of the participants is Sharina’s cousin. I met her once at her engagement. She’s one of the cooler ones at the seminar. We sat together at lunch and we talked a lot especially about my unforeseeable future. She told me to chase after my dream and leave everything else behind. And she asked me this, “What the hell are you doing in Nilai? You supposed to be here in the city”. I wanted to take her advice but, I need more time to think especially after several text messages that Sharina sent to me earlier today…

So that was the end of the seminar which unexpectedly turned out to be not so bad.
Cellphone while driving. Baaaad!

A little worn-out here.

Ooh..I went back to Shah Alam after I checked out of the hotel. I needed to see Som and Kak Long again. We always have great times together. What would I do without these three bitchiest-bitches... Awww...How sweet...

Amish on a beat-up couch

And fast-forward one week later, I’m back here again, staring at this ridiculously old PC with extremely slow internet speed…

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Show A Little Love

Som gave me this. Thanks babe=)

So I'm giving this out to everyone on my Friends' Blog List.

And I'm working on my new entry.

I have more than 7-day worth of pictures, stories, ideas and complaining to do.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Just a Thought

I was smoking, looking outside the window with negative thoughts inside my head...

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Victoria Beckham

I had my fair share of singing my lungs out to Spice Girls' Wannabe in the late 90s. And I do love Spice Girls; my favorite was Baby Spice by the way...

But let us talk about Posh Spice. I have nothing against her. I'm just amazed by the fact that people can't never stop calling her trendsetter and fashion icon. The reality is she's just another WAG with a lot of free time and too much money to spend. And from the look of it, she spends a lot of money on fashion.I'm not too sure about time though.

We should give her some credits for trying. And evidently the long winding road to fashion stardom has been a really bumpy ones for our little posh-girl.

I have proof:

I use two words to describe her fashion; one is "tight", another one is "tacky" =) Read more!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


4 October 2008

Image from HERE

I often wonder why people always pretend as if they care about you so much when they don’t really give a rat ass. They keep on asking you questions which they use as their weapon of concern. They give you that pity look which looks totally repulsive on their already ugly faces. Relatives… They march to your house with their always deceiving and cunning attitude. Not only in the comfort of your own house on festive season, but also at weddings, funerals, birthday parties, family gathering etc etc. They just couldn’t leave you alone and God knows I hate them!

So they asked me, “Do you have a girlfriend? How old are you now?” and I said “No”. But before I can even give them my actual age and explain the reason for my choice to stay single (which on second thought, I didn’t really have to), they started to point out several names of “cousins” and “friends” around my age who are either engaged or married or even worse, have three kids. They gave me this “look” in between their sheepish smiles and giggles. They were like mocking my lack of companionship and love life. Come on! I’m only 25 and I’m a guy. I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, menopause and all that shit right? I’m 25, I’m single and that’s my choice.

I wish their hideous outfits and cheap perfumes were all their choices too.

Their next question was “How come you still don’t have your own car?” And I gave up. I mean, WHY?! Why can’t they just leave me alone? All of a sudden they are car experts and they started to decide “which car will suit my personality and lifestyle”. Who are these people?! My GOD!! I decided to leave before they start asking my monthly salary. They are all just disgusting. They crawl under my skin like fuckin leeches sucking on my blood or in this case, my pride and self-esteem. Read more!

The one that supposed to be my Raya entry...

3 October 2008

Image from HERE

I think by now everybody has finally got it. For those who have been reading this from my first entry dated back in 2007, they might have been used to the idea of what “fash-un-able” is all about. Yes, exactly; fashion, music, TV, movies, celeb and then some. They might even get to know me as a person as well; the whole idea of me struggling with a career that I don’t get to have too much fun with, how inspired I am to become a writer, how much I love the “FASH-UN-ABLE”, the fact that I hate living in small town, my weekend trips to the city and my emotional rollercoaster ride that can sometimes get more severe than what a pregnant woman is experiencing.

I’m entering the third day of raya. Yes, the celebration will be for the whole month although by the fifth day, the holiday spirits will all be flying out of the village and back to the city… Contrary to popular beliefs, I do love Hari Raya (hear me out Shikin!). I have been celebrating it for 25 years now. Things might have changed a little but the whole idea of Hari Raya are still pretty much the same. At least mine are still the same... I love the delectable foods that my mum always cook, the raya cookies that I always steal from the jar, family members all under the same roof and the chance to ask for forgiveness for all the wrongdoings throughout the year.

But this year I was celebrating the first day of raya without my sisters and their kids (and husbands of course). They were all celebrating at their in laws because apparently this year is “their turn”. So I was “the only child” this year.

I woke up late that morning. I showered, ate and took some pictures with mum and dad all dressed up in their baju raya. It gets better though, my digital camera slipped out of my hand and flew a couple of meters across the room. It literally fell into pieces. I know it’s not CyberShot or anything but it still worth a few hundred bucks right? Surprisingly, I was pretty zen about it. I just grabbed it from the floor, kept the batteries, took out the memory stick and put it all inside the box that it came with. I shoved it into the corner of my room where I can’t see it and it has been there for three days now. My only concern is now I have to rely on my shitty 3.2 megapixel camera to take pictures for my blog…


I stopped making baju for Hari Raya after I finished primary school. First because I hate the way I looked in baju melayu and second, I always feel that it is not practical for tropical weather. But I do wear decent clothes throughout the holiday; no jeans and no short pants at home. And of course no crazy t-shirts, tight shirts or skinny jeans! Ha-ha! Speaking of skinny jeans, I seriously am over it this time. I still want to wear it, but not all the time like I did throughout the year so far. I want to mix it up a little. I have been watching Echo Beach on BBC Entertainment and I fell in love with the layback style of all the characters; relaxed fit jeans, khakis and board shorts, flip-flops, loose shirts with the first two buttons undone, string necklaces, wind-blown hair… They all looked like they are ready to jump into the sea anytime soon.

My friends will definitely be surprised next time when they see me looking like I’ve been strolling along the beach in my flip- flops and shorts instead of my rockstar jeans and dandy-shoes=)

Well I don’t have raya song as my ringtone. My mom have this look on her face each time she passes my room and heard Sugababes or Roisin Murphy on my i-Tunes instead of those festive raya song. Ha-ha! But what the hell. I don’t need to have it played from my PC and stereo; it’s all over the place anyways… I currently have aforementioned on repeat. Plus the new singles from Dido, Katy Perry, NERD, The Verve, Keane and some of my new “discoveries” like Madcon, Iglu & Hartly, Ida Maria, CSS, and Spank Rock. Just check them out. My pick and they are all awesome.

So the raya also marked the nine-months that had passed me by. Nine months of nothing… Gosh! I have three months to make it all up; for the time that I had wasted, the plans that had I put on hold and for promise that I had broken. Not to mention changes that never took place. I’m so ashamed…

I realized that now I’m screwed… Read more!

Girl (...and boy) Talk

Went out on Friday to Mid-Valley with Bayne and her friend Emil for some girl (and boy) talk. Their fave topic, you guessed it right, BOYS. Ha-ha! I have no problem with that and it’s not like that was the only thing they talked about. We discussed about other things as well, like global warming, Darfur…NAH!!

Bayne quit her lecturer stint in Lim Kok Wing and recently got offered a job in a learning center in Subang Jaya. It takes a lot of courage to quit your day job just like that. No turning back. But she did it and so did Emil and Hafez… Gosh! I wish have balls to do just that! I’m such a chicken-shit.

Come to think about it. Why the fuck should we stay in a job that suck up all of our energy and leave us all dry as a bone? Why should we wake up in the morning, put our best shirt on, walk like zombies towards the door and do the repetitive like robots for the rest of the day? It’s funny that I’m asking these questions because I honestly still couldn’t find the answer.

Maybe it all lies in the tiny piece of paper that we get at the end of each month; the tiny piece of paper that pays for my bad-habit. So I guess this is sacrifice. I sacrifice my soul for a 200 bucks T-shirts. I’m a zombie and I’m a robot all for the price of just a little bit of luxury. Call me shallow but it is what it is…

And I wonder what the fuck happened to happiness. I sacrifice my soul and put aside my passion. Of course I’m not happy dammit!

In leopard-print hoodie from Heritage, graphic tee, Topman skinny jeans, plastic glasses from Padini Concept Store, vintage rings, bag from Sg. Wang and dandy shoes

I’m done… Hear me out~ I hate teaching. I’m not an educator and never will be…

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Yuna and Checked Shirts

Everything happens on Sunday and it was all about great times and crazy fun yesterday. I was at Yuna’s EP launch in KLPac with Shikin (her colleague Nadia and her sister also tagged along). It was kinda funny actually because I didn’t have any idea who the fuck Yuna is up until the time when Shikin asked me to come with her to the launch. I checked Yuna out on Myspace and was totally in shocked to find out that she is actually a Malay girl in tudung (hijab). But all of my skepticism flew out of the window once I hit the play button on one of her song. She’s like Fiona Apple, Norah Jones, Maria Taylor and Bic Runga all rolled into one man! She’s seriously my kind of shit! So I got back to Shikin and tell her to count me in.

The opening act was ‘Sundae’ and ‘Otam’. I love ‘Sundae’ and I love the first couple of songs by ‘Otam’ although I think his set was a little draggy… After like two hours of performances by the opening acts, Yuna took the stage in red checked shirt almost identical to the one that I had on! Ha-ha! I just bought the shirt on Friday prior to the event because honestly, I couldn’t take the risk of looking like a fish out of the water. Almost one quarter of the indie kids in KLPac yesterday was wearing checked and gingham and for some strange reason, I felt really good about it.

Shikin & Nadia

So she played all five songs from her EP and a few other unreleased stuff. Her voice is not that unusual really, but for that voice to come out of an almost stereotypical-looking university student like her? That is just remarkable. I have been listening to her EP since yesterday and I’m starting to really get into her first track, ‘Backpacking Around Europe’. If I were to write a song, it will definitely sound like this one.

The whole thing finished at 6pm, the exact time that I was supposed to take the train back home. But I decided to stay instead and stick around a little longer with Shikin. I haven’t seen her since late August. She alienated me remember?! Ha-ha! Anyways, we ate at Izzi in Bukit Bintang. We were so-fuckin relieved that they gave us 50% discount because seriously, the foods are waaaay overpriced for a roadside café originated from Indonesia.

Empty Bijou Bazaar

We went to check out Bijou Bazaar before that but they had already packed everything up. There was no sign of Jezmine the Shopper either. Shikin loves her right!! I like her. She’s okay.

I ended up going back to Gombak with Shikin. She was supposed to meet up with Hafez and collect her cupcakes. Shikin is a good lecturer people. She gives cupcakes to students on her birthday. I will NEVER ever do anything like that. Not in a million years! Ha-ha! I piss her off all the time because I always get her birthday wrong. 25th right Shikin? There I go again. I’m hopeless with dates and numbers.

In my new Springfield checked shirt, plastic sunglasses from Padini Concept Store, Topman jeans, my Chuck Taylor & bag from Warehouse

Btw, Hafez used to be Bayne and Shikin’s colleague in Lim Kok Wing. I never really got the chance to try out his cupcakes but from what I heard it’s simply off the hook! Can we say that about cupcakes? Ha-ha! He takes orders. So just CLICK HERE to go to his blog to check it out and place your order.

11pm and I took the train back to Nilai. Nilai supposed to mean ‘value’. I just want to change it to ‘tak ber-Nilai’, which means ‘invaluable’ or ‘worthless’.

I’m sick of this town…

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