Friday, November 28, 2008

Stuck in The Moment


I am fully booked for the rest of the week. Ha-ha! Looks like there will be no "Weekend In The City" entry this week=( I am pretty much stuck here. I have to work this weekend. And my daily schedule has been all about running around from one location to the next one in order to get things done. I have been busy with classes, a few this and that at the college that I have to settle before I leave next month and my sister is coming back this weekend together with the kids for the school holiday, which means that I will be living inside a zoo for weeks to come. Kids...

The treasure chest from Toys "R" Us
The multipurpose camera necklace
My mood-board

And here are some random photos of myself and cute stuff around in my room that I snapped just for fun. It was raining again last night while I was laughing my ass off watching "Little Britain". The cable connection got interrupted because of the weather. So I decided to fool around in my bedroom doing this:

In DKNY hoodie

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Devil-may-care attitude= laid back style
Simplicity at its best
Kris Van Assche and his models. I love his hair, his high-tops, his jeans, his checkered shirt...everything.

**photos from HERE
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Upgrade Me

In an unknown brand tee, Northern Rock jeans, Topman belt, Seed bag, new Reebok high-tops, dog-tag and new "multi-purpose" camera necklace

Update! Update!

I've been away from work for three days last week because I was trying to work a few other things out. A lot of things happened. Drama here and there, but everything turned out to be just fine. In fact, it was a little bit more than what I expected.

First, I got a new job and my first day will be somewhere in January. I'm happy and incredibly excited. Although it's not really what I had in mind, but the good thing about it is the fact that I can move back to the city and leave behind this “solitary life” that I'm living right now. So all together now, UPGRADE!!!

I don't want to get into details about my new job yet because I haven't really got the confirmation in black and white. I'm still waiting for them to email me the agreement and stuff. But yes, I do get offered a job in KL with waaaaay better salary.

I guess, it's about time.

And I've been sick=( I still have the sore throat and it got worse that I started to lose my voice on Thursday. I had no choice but just to stay in, smoke less and watch what I eat.

My PC has been such a bitch for these past few days. It keeps logging itself off whenever I tried to turn it on. I cannot write or edit photos for the blog... Can somebody tell me what’s wrong? I have a lot of songs that I downloaded but still haven’t really got the time to listen. Let me list it all down for you people.
  1. Catfights & Spotlights- Sugababes (the new album. But they're splitting up)
  2. Right Here- Brandy ( She's back!)
  3. If U Seek Amy- Britney ( Amy Winehouse maybe?)
  4. Check Yes Juliet- We The Kings ( Run baby run!)
  5. Gives You Hell- All American Rejects ( Spankin new)
  6. Let It Rock- Kevin Rudolf feat Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne sounds much better here)
  7. Love Love Love- James Blunt (I love the opening guitar)
  8. Naturra- Bjork ( Freaky as ever and this song benefit an environmental campaign in Iceland)
  9. Rather Be- The Verve (I like this but I prefer Love is Noise)
  10. Take Back The City- Snow Patrol (my theme song for now)
  11. The Resolution- Jack's Mannequin ( they're great)
  12. Tonight I Have To Leave It- Shout Out Louds ( download for free at
  13. Wire to Wire- Razorlight ( New single from the white jeans and pearl necklace wearing rockers)

Zaki got a new haircut.

I guess, it's about time.

We went out earlier last week I bought a few UN-necessaries for myself. I wonder what happen to the whole idea of cutting back on clothes and shopping… I bought a new pair of super-comfortable Calvin Klein, backdated UK Esquire magazines, DIY treasure chest from Toys ‘R’ Us (will post photo of it later), Reebok high-tops and a few other knick-knacks including a camera necklace which I later found out, can also function as a lighter and torch light. Unbelievable? Believe it…

Then come Sunday… I know I’m a bit of a whiner, but I have to say that last Sunday was a pretty good day. I was in a really good mood, I was incredibly happy, things were all going my way and the best thing was, it rained through the night. I love it when it rain especially at night. I love the smell of the damp earth and the reflection of streetlights on the wet surface of the road. It calms me down.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not Like This...

The world know that I'm fat and how I hate being fat. I'm not ashamed to admit the fact that I might have this very, very mild eating-disorder.

Save your judgment people because I am trying my best and I'm working my ass off here. I need some drive and motivation. So I decided to Google "thin models".

I clicked on a few links before I found this.

It's disturbing...I don't know if there is any other words to describe it. See for yourself.

I want to be thin so bad. But not like this...

I promise... Read more!

Wedding Bells

As I mentioned earlier in my previous entries, I have friends who had been busy planning their wedding for the past few months or even years. One of them is Wan Lau.

He got married last month. Congratulation! I noticed his smile seems wider now. Which is good=)

I was not there, but I managed to grab hold of his wedding photos. So here they are.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One With Sore-Throat and My Little Pony

Last Gang in Town- black tee from Juicy Couture
I am a walrus!
No! I don't have "the rocking horse winner" syndrome.

Down with fever for a couple of days now. I went to the doctor and he said that there are white spots all over my tonsil, bacterial infection kinda thing. I’m back at work after given a day off yesterday, coughing every like 5-second and try my best not to become such a bitch about it. I am really cranky when I’m sick. My friends would understand. It’s like quadruple the amount of bitchiness that I already have in me. Ha-ha! I went from Laura of Project Runway 3 to Omarosa of The Apprentice. Just like that!

I was all over the place since Thursday. Kopi with the boys in Shah Alam, Mid-Valley for the Metrojaya branded sale (and no thanks to Wafi for the sore throat), job interview at Megan Avenue, breakfast at Dome KLCC afterwards, Mid-Valley again for a laugh-fest with Shikin and Sharina before the doctor appointment on Monday and finally... Here I am!

1.Kopi with the boys in Shah Alam

I haven't seen Nizam for ages. He's rich now! He's like a successful working professional now. I feel so small=( He works with Petronas and I'm happy for him. A little envious, but overall very excited for him.

The other two "students" are done with their Academic Project. It's about time!! But it's kinda sad that they are leaving for their hometown=( I left for my hometown too, but I do come back every now and then right? Can you guys do the same? Huh?

In Obey tee, Topman graphic hoodie and skinny jeans and Vans shoes

2.Mid-Valley for the Metrojaya branded sale (and no thanks to Wafi for the sore throat)

Exactly! I got this from him. He was in Mid-Valley on Friday for a little bit of shopping along with Wan Lau (wearing his new jacket btw). Ooh! I was there too. All of me with my huge belly and fat ass hanging out! Yes people, I gained weight! Gawd! I seriously need to barf like right now!

THE Missoni pants!

I scored a MISSONI pants for a very low price at the Metrojaya branded sale! I've been wearing it for two days in a row now. Ha-ha!

3.Job interview at Megan Avenue and breakfast at Dome KLCC afterwards.

The interview was okay. I tried to exude confidence from every pores throughout the 30 minutes. I have to come back on Thursday for a second round. I can't wait!

I had breakfast at Dome KLCC alone after the interview. That Egg Hollandaise... Sinful...

In GAP tee, Ralph Lauren chinois, brief-case bag (very of the moment!), wayfarers, Casio watch and new piano key bracelet
Little Penang Cafe
Three= Disaster! Ha-ha!

4.Mid-Valley again for a laugh-fest with Shikin and Sharina

While waiting for Sharina and Shikin, I stepped into Toys 'R Us for the first time since like 3,4 years. I don't know the real reason for my action, but I just did. I amused myself with assortments of toys, from Barbies to fairies, from cars to glow in the dark stars... But one thing that really caught my eyes was..get this! My Little Pony=) I know right?! Childish, girlish..whatever! And Cik Sharina,I'm not using it as sex-toys alright?!

Come on! Don't tell me you don't like My Little Pony as a kid! Aren't they like the cutest thing?

Because I do... And I have one resting on my table in front of me. Meet Miss Rainbow Dash=)

Who's prettier?

5.So I was on sick leave yesterday. I went to the clinic in the afternoon, got some stuff for my mom, Star newspaper for my dad and I even asked around at some camera shops if it is possible to have my Samsung camera fixed. All of them refused to do it because it will cost almost the price of a new camera.

I guess I'll just get a new one.

Weekend is officially over.Weekdays are not as much fun...

But we still have to make it through weekdays in order to get into weekends right?

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Falls Down- Kanye West (circa 2004)

"We'll buy a lot of clothes but we don't really need em
The things we buy to cover up what's inside
Cause they made us hate ourselves and love their wealth"

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Chloe and Patrick Ervell

Chloe Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection is the first one for Brit's Hannah MacGibbon after many years of assisting Phoebe Philo. The collection showcases a lot of high-waisted pants, skirts and dresses with huge bows to tie it all up together. The poufy sleeves and heavy shoulder brought back a little bit of drama to the total look along with scallop trimming that emblazoned the hems of jackets and blouses. My favorite is definitely the green jumpsuit. After far too many disappointment from previous collections of other designers, this right here is the only jumpsuit that one should be wearing without being mistaken for someone who's about to jump off an airplane or someone who supposed to fix the engine. Ooh! I spotted Karlie Kloss, Lily Donaldson and Kinga Rajzak on the runway too.

Photos from

And as for Patrick Ervell Spring 2009 collection, this came out in September. But what the hell! I still think it's worth a mention. I love the stripes on jackets and pants, the white and gold jacket and the understated color palette (white, light blue, smokey grey and beige). I'll lose like 50 pounds and wear them all because these days I prefer to focus on simplicity and clean lines. No over the top layering, crazy prints or bold accessories. I lean more towards Jill Sander than Dolce these days.

Photos from
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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bazaar

Shady people!!!

My rocking horse necklace
At the bazaar

This was right before the trip to Malacca. We hit the Absolute Bazaar in Subang Jaya.

Bags, cute dresses, hand-me-downs, pre-loved items... Everything is up for grab at super-low price. I spotted some Marni, DVF, Dolce and Chloe on the racks.

Shikin and Haniss grabbed some tops and I had to settled for this cute rocking-horse necklace from Clothes Bucket. Read more!


Near Jonker Street in my new Juicy Couture tee
At A'Famosa in Topman tee and flip-flops

The destination this time is Malacca. I don't think we can really call it a proper vacation because it was very brief (Read: last minute) and we didn't even stay at the hotel.

Another thing is we didn't carry any suitcase. Haniss packed her stuff in an old Converse bowling bag, Shikin in her Carolina Herrera weekender and I packed some light-weight tees, an old denim shorts and a pair of flip-flops in my canvas- tote to achieve that "tourist-y" look.

It was our little weekend getaway.

And man, we had a lot of fun...

Leen was there. She took us to Jonker Walk, where we spent almost the entire night walking from one stall to another. I snapped a photo of the famous Geographer Cafe with some old folk dancing in a circle to the beat of retro songs. I think they were all drunk. We ended at Leen's (she stays with her parents) and she gave us her room. Thanks Mambo=) Ooh! She paid for dinner too. Thanks.

We went to the other side of Malacca to visit Hanis's grandmother, whom we call Nenek. She lives alone in her big house because her Indonesian maid eloped with a local guy. Well...well...

I listened to her speak and reminisce the good old days... She reminded me of my late grandmother whom I love so much.

The ladies with their new uber-chic handbags

Back to town after that and straight to the A'Famosa for some face-numbing photo sessions. We took a lot of great photographs and I selected a few to be uploaded here. So, enjoy=)

Next trip? We're thinking island somewhere!

Our roadtrip playlist:
  1. Lady Ga-ga's Just Dance
  2. Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album
  3. N.E.R.D & Santogold's My Drive Thru
  4. Madonna's Nothing Fails
  5. Jet's Look What You've Done
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Gimme a V!

Weekdays are O.V.E.R!

I have a mini vacation planned for the weekend! Yay!

New entry next week.

I leave you guys with some download inspiration to revamp your i-Tunes playlist.

  1. I Hate This Part- Pussycat Dolls ( Strange video clip)
  2. Infinity 2008- Josh Guru Project ( Crazy beats!)
  3. If You Leave Me Now- Chicago ( Classic)
  4. Heartless- Kanye West ( Spankin new)
  5. Another Way to Die- Jack White & Alicia Keys ( Tacky lyrics)
  6. Use Somebody- Kings of Leon ( These guys...)
  7. Don't Believe in Love- Dido ( Finally! I heard this comes with a short movie?)
  8. It's Over- Jesse McCartney ( Guilty pleasure... It's a good song)
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Photo from Miss Perez
This will be a very quick one..

  1. Check out Heidi!!
  2. I'm glad that Mr. Obama won the U.S presidential election. Yay!
  3. I would like to mention some important bithdays. My two sisters (Kak Ngah and Kak Yong), Byni and Shikin. Happy Birthday you guys!!! You are all old hags now!
  4. I'm sick of Friendster. Can we just all move on to Facebook for good? Please?!
  5. I currently have Beyonce, MGMT, The Saturdays, and Guru Josh Project in heavy rotation on my I-tunes.
  6. I cannot shop for the whole month and all of you will be the witness because there will be no new item added to my outfit throughout the month... My photos will be the evidence.Okay, okay! I'll TRY not to shop this month. The key word here is TRY.
  7. Shikin, my dear friend...For the love of god...please don't buy that fugly bag in MMS that you sent to me yesterday.
  8. Pontential employer, please hire me... Ha-ha!
  9. Congratulation to Wan and Sabri on their weddings. And Jet you are next in line=)
  10. I watched the rerun of Project Runway Season 3 on 8TV last night. On second thought, Jeffrey didn't really deserve it. Ulli should be the winner right? Man, I am sooo-going to download the 6th Season like right now!
  11. I traced another copycat! There's this Malay TV series currently airing on Astro about four "fabulous" ladies trying to figure out love and relationship in KL city. Four ladies, fabulous, love, relationship, the city? Don't tell me they never heard of Sex and The City... No?! That didn't ring a bell? Fuck you!! So what's next Malaysian TV producer? Desperate Housewives? Ugly Betty? Come on!!!
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