Monday, July 27, 2009

Mischa Barton Tragedy

I haven't been watching E-news that much lately because I don't have cabels at my new house. It was only last week that I had the chance to catch up on all the juicy gossips in Hollywood when I stayed over the weekends at my parents'. I was in shock when they showed this image of Mischa Barton on the TV screen!

I love the OC. I love Marissa Cooper. I didn't know it will end up this way for our little Miss Barton. I heard she was devastated over her break up with that boy from The Kooks and she was also running low on cash because apparently she hasn't been in any successful TV show or movie lately.

So she was nursing her heartbreak by being a regular face of London party scene for the past few weeks. OD-ed herself on drugs, booze and some people say McDonald's.

I hope she will be back on track and of course go back on diet.
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Bday Version 2.6

What's with the futuristic title you asked? Well, I'm trying to look forward to the future and not stuck here weeping over things that had passed me by. I'm positive! Yay!

So I'm 26 now. Feel kinda old but deep inside I still feel like that sweet little boy who used to play Lego and hugs his father when he gets home from work. I'm living on my own now, making my own decision over my own life and one thing for sure is I no longer cry to mommy each time I'm out of cash.

Here's one for 26! I'm older and that's okay...

P/s: For friends who spent their time with me on my birthday weekend, I 'll start calling all of you 'sweeties' from now on=)
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Song playing inside my head: Regina Spektor's Laughing With
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mary-Kate and Her Round Shades

First, it was the oversized. Then, came the vintage Wayfarers and now this? I know that we will be working it like John Lennon in the 60s in no time.

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In The Making

I hate it when I have to make decision because there are millions of things that I have to consider. It is not as simple as deciding whether to go with the brown Aldo or black Zara shoes for office on Monday morning. Decisions that we made can change our lives forever and sometimes there is just no turning back.

I have a really big decision to make this week. Should I choose to live my life by the day as I have been doing for the past few years or is it finally the right time for me to look forward to the future?
Man, this is tough…

Ooh… btw I did some serious bargain hunting for the past couple of weeks. I ended up with some Gap basic tees, DKNY polo shirt, a pair of Seed skinny work pants, Kiehl’s lipbalm, tons of backdated Flaunt and Dazed & Confused magazines and the shopping list goes on…

I’m living my life right now. Enjoying every second of it and I have my schedule packed for most days of the week. It can be dinner after with Mandy, a weekend visit from a newlywed friend, extra classes at the college, coffee and workplace bitchin’ with my friends after work or just simply a few hours of ‘me-time’ at home with a good book in one hand and my cellphone on silent…

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Vena Cava at GAP

I came across this window display while walking around aimlessly in KLCC after work. Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock has done a great job with their label and I have always been a fan of their accentric out takes in their designs. I particularly love this one dress with block letters printed all over it.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Weeks

I only have one word at the back of my mind right now- OVERWHELMING.

I have interviews, students’ exams, bad hair day and wardrobe dilemmas in between...

I went totally bonkers at home last Sunday because none of my friends are available for shopping, coffee, hang outs or whatever. So I spent the whole day at home alone and do all the domestic Desperate Housewife routine. Laundry, cleaning and the whole deal...

I got a new walkman. Yes, walkman! As in the devise that you use to listen to the cassettes. I have like hundreds of my favorite albums on original cassettes with original covers that I still don't want to get rid off. The sound quality kinda suck but, I don't know... I love the whole idea of having to keep on pressing rewind and forward buttons to get to my favorite songs. So now I'm back to listening to my all time favorite albums like, George Michael's Faith, Pulp's Greatest Hits, Lisa Loeb's Firecracker and Anggun's Snow On Sahara.

And I finally got my hands on MK and Ashley's Influence. It costs a bomb, but it’s totally worth it. The book makes my love for vintage rings grow fonder, the way that the twins always accessorize with vintage rings and other jewellery.

I'm still looking for another room mates. I want to find locals this time around. I had this really nasty experience dealing with foreigners, so they are totally out of the questions

I cut my hair yesterday because I can't stand the weather and I've been sweating a lot it's disgusting! Its super short now and my students went a little crazy when they saw me this morning. Ha-ha!

Cheers for my new walkman and my shaved-head=)
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Song playing inside my head: Daniel Merriweather's Red
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