Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Biotherm Homme Absolute Power to Score Party

The crowds

I was in shirt by Springfield, skinny jeans and bracelets from Topman and the shoes are vintage

After so many changes of plan, I made it to the party last weekend. I kinda double-booked myself again because I was also supposed to be at the Choon's Award at Passion. But I decided on Biotherm because I know that I can use this for my article this week. Free cocktails, samples and article of the week? How could I say no?!

Although football is not really my thing, I was there to support the launch of the new product from Biotherm which is the Aquapower Absolute Gel, which is a non-greasy, transparent moisturising gel suitable for normal & combination skins or younger skin types. It's good that they are launching the product now when we are all still in the World Cup fever. You know how all the football-crazed men out there are staying up night after night to watch the games? And after a while,they will notice the tired effect it has on their skin. So what is the best thing to do? Reach out for Aquapower Absolute Gel to refresh and replenish the skin moisture level.

Back to the event. It was fun (read:free drinks!). And Nicole from Loreal was very sweet. She even got me drinks from the bar! But I didn't win the lucky draw, like always and I think I looked like deer caught in the headlight when they snapped my photo as I entered the room.

Need to work on that red-carpet pose.


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Song playing inside my head: TLC's Creep

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheap coffee and Wholemeal Tuna Sandwich

Layered black and white tees from Gap, skinny jeans and bracelets from Topman, bag from Seed and boots from Hush Puppies

It's Friday! And what a week!

Things have been sooo crazy at the office. A lot of office politics goin on. People are screaming at one another, reports are being made and when nobody's looking, they are gossiping behind each others' back. I am kinda in the middle of it all. But I curse too much that I decided to just listen and leave all the story-telling to my colleague. Ha-ha!

I haven't been out for quite sometimes just simply because I'm broke. And friends have been so occupied with other things that even text messages seem impossible these days.

But next week is payday and I am sooo looking forward to that. I'm just sick of watching Astro with cheap coffee and wholemeal tuna sandwich for dinner at home. Feels like I'm in a rut.

I did leave the house yesterday to get my haircut tho'. The mohawk is much shorter now. But my colleague keep teasing me by calling me Rihanna.


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Song playing inside my head: Kelly Rowland's Commander

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring 2011

Images from GQ

Cycling is stylish again thanks to Thom Browne.

I want every piece from the collection. The pants are to die for.

Now all I need is a bicycle.

More on Milan menswear review HERE

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome Home Baby

My fave necklaces. Remember the cobra?

The Elephant and Topman bracelet I got for cheap last week

These ankle boots hurt my feet like hell. But I love them.

Been quite sometimes since I the last time wrote about myself. Well, y’all know how much I like to talk about myself. Ha-ha! I've spent two consecutive weeks in my hometown. My father was not well and spent a few days in hospital. He’s doing much better now. Thank God.

So I’m back here in the city. There’s no interesting photo to share because I haven’t been out that much. No party and event because it just didn’t feel right to go when my dad is still in hospital. I've got two invitations for this weekend tho’. But now I’m just too broke to even leave the house. Ha-ha!

I decided to toy around with the camera last night and snapped some photos of my fave stuff in my room here. Nothing much but it’s the same room that I’ve been living in since last year. It’s quite small but it's alright.

Bracelets and cuffs and gifts from friends' vacations. Ohh and Happy Meals!

The cuties=)

Parties, concerts and stuff

Batman standing next to an ice-cream

The messy bed

Now we can go to bed.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glee Abs and Music

Mr. Schuester in June issue of Vogue magazine

Put your Lady Gaga on hold for a while and listen to my playlist of the week.
  1. Spark - Amy MacDonald
  2. Travellin' Thru - Dolly Parton
  3. I Am - Mary J. Blige
  4. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
  5. I Can Talk - Two Doors Cinema Club
  6. Total Eclipse of The Heart - Glee Casts
  7. Power - Kanye West feat. Dwele
  8. Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover) - Vampire Weekend
  9. Bittersweet - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  10. Sad Robots - Stars
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Friday, June 11, 2010


Never expected to see Gaga in Calvin Klein out of all other over the top designers in the world

That is cross on her crotch right?

I want guns for my tits too!!!

The drama

Go to the stylist Nicola Formichetti's blog for Alejandro fashion lowdown.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AXE Launch

Fiza, I'm wearing white shirt from Pierre Balmain, skinny jeans from Topman and buckled boots from Hush Puppies, rings are from Diva and Paris=)

Strike One:Bikini babes!

Strike 2: Sexy secretaries!

Strike 3: Naughty Nurses!

Strike 4: Jungle fever!

Attended the AXE product launch last night at Euphoria M.O.S by invitation. Despite some wardrobe dilemmas between my friend and I, we got there surprisingly early for the party. I decided to channel my inner Hedi Slimane and opted for white shirt, skinny black jeans and boots ensemble; Dior Homme style. My plus one was not too far behind. She's effortlessly gorgeous anyways. (Thank you note on postcard sweetie...)

We've never been to M.O.S because Sunway is not really 'our side of the town'. But we fell in love with it instantly for the huge, skating rink-like dance floor. The X-shaped stage was in the middle with VIP lounge upstairs. Amber Chia, Will Quah and some other local celebs were there. Didn't get to really rub shoulders with them because I didn't event bother to go to the VIP area. We were down at the bar the whole night=)

The event started late. It was a little bit after 9pm when Serena C finally grabbed the mic for a sound check. Of course the event was all about the new men's deodorant body spray that comes in five different fragrances; Click, Dark Temptation, Pulse, Vice and Africa. Two of them were in my goodie bag=)

The event was quite okay. Nothing to shout about except for the exotic dancers who did five different sets which represents five different 'flavours' of AXE. In each set, the dancers pick one lucky guy to perform lap-dance on. We were there for the bikini, sexy secretaries, jungle fever and naughty nurses but missed the last one, policewomen because it was already 11pm and we haven't eaten anything since morning. I was trying to keep my tummy flat, which didn't really work as you can see from the photos. Thanks partly to my bulky white shirts... and my fat stomach of course.

The DJ song selection was kinda lame. Maybe it was just me. But I think the only highlight of his set was Calvin Harris's Flashbacks, the only song that I really danced to.

"Why can't you realize I'm fighting for my life. Woah oh oh oh..."

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Monday, June 7, 2010


Vintage shirt, Topman skinny jeans and a faux-leather shoes

When everything fails, get to the nearest shopping mall and buy the cheapest (and the most decent) shoes you could find there.

I did exactly that after the job interview last week. I was the last person to be called in and when I get inside the room, I just felt defeated by the two previous candidates.

I left the building. A little crushed. Light up a cigarette. Order my latte at Starbucks. And then I saw it. Right across the escalator. A shoe store was having a sale.

Just like that... Everything feels A-okay.

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The One About Competition and Alejandro

Tee from Jasper Conran, jeans from Topman and rings from Diva and H&M

I spent most days at home last week. I hate staying at home but sometimes it's just hard to find any good enough reason to go out. I do go out and enjoy the city alone sometimes. But it's not something that I want to do very often because after awhile it just feels so strange.

Weekend is always the worst. Who wants to be alone on weekends? I simply jump at any opportunity to go out. Even to just accompany my friend collect some stuff that she bought online from a stranger in Shah Alam.

But last weekend was quite alright. No event, launch or party last week. Just days spent with good friends with some good food and serious overdose of retail therapy.

Here's a list of things from last week:

  1. Went for a job interview for a writing gig just to discover that I am competing for the position against The Star 2 writer and a recent college grad who wore ridiculous tie but sounded like an American who reads Chuck Palahniuk and Kafka. So... I was screwed.
  2. Checked daily for Lady Gaga's Alejandro's video on Youtube just to discover yesterday that it will only be available after 7th.
  3. Confessed to a friend that I think I will never be too rich for my own comfort. I remember telling him "I'm happy with having just enough to get by".
  4. Had two or three seperate dreams involving housemates. In one dream my housemate was Jeanbasri of Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor.Hmmmm...
  5. Got my Blackberry all figured out and connected. The guy at Maxis referred to my phone as "a very old Blackberry".
  6. Got a party invitation for tomorrow in Sunway. Not too sure if I can make it. Sunway is like the other side of the universe for me, man!
  7. A college kid wrote that he loves my fashion on my Facebook wall. That really made my day.

Song playing inside my head: Robert Francis's Junebug

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

All The Lovers

Most photos are from HERE

I'm in love with Kylie all over again.

It doesn't bother me at all that some people just think of this video as nothing but a soft-porn with a mountain of white fleshes and flying elephant.

I think it's clever, sexy as hell and gotta say that I love the doves and unicorn.

Kylie rocked her cone-shaped bra under a slashed Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010 white tee. She looks amazing and definitely better with long hair compared to her post chemo look.

The video directed by Joseph Kahn (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears) was shot outside of LA's Museum of Contemporary Art in May.

Looks like Kylie is back!

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