Friday, July 30, 2010

Celio* Pavilion Launch

At the party wearing shirt by Key Ng, jeans, belt and bracelets from Topman and bag from Seed

A couple of days before my birthday, I was invited to the opening of Celio's first boutique in Malaysia. It is also the biggest in Asia which carries Celio* Club, Celio* Casual and Celio’s Sportwear. Not really familiar with the brand but I knew that it's French.

Hansen in action

I was late for the party as always. But they always start the party late anyway. So even if I was one hour late, I won't miss that much.

The party was alright. Everything was red and the attendees are all wearing red as well. I changed my mind the very last minute and opted for a boring, stripe Key Ng button front shirt. I like it but not the right one for the party.

The same picture of Goldfish that I sent to a friend in Singapore that night

The emcee of the night was Hansen of ntv7's Breakfast Show. I don't know if he's still doing that show tho. The models are hot, clothes are quite good and the booze didn't hurt either.

I don't know if it's true but the red canvas belt they were giving all of us after the party worth something like RM 268.

Not bad huh?

Read more about the event and Celio* HERE

Song playing inside my head: Robyn's Hang With Me

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twenty Seven

Birthday bitch in Gap sailor stripes tee, Topman grey jeans, F21 bracelets, Seed oversized bag and M&S boat shoes

Last week was MAJOR. I went through a huge transition and upgraded my status from a neurotic twenty-something man to a neurotic almost-thirty man. Gosh! I’ve never use the word ‘man’ to refer to myself before. It has always been ‘guy’; as in single guy, stupid guy, crazy guy and some other names that I have been identifying myself with. And almost-thirty because when you have ‘seven’ (or 'eight' and 'nine') in the second digit of your age, you know that the next decade of your existence is just around the corner. So I’m 27 this year. I hate growing old and all these wrinkles on my fore head. But can’t really blame age on that one, it’s the stupid fuck cancer sticks!

I don’t always have cakes on my birthday because it’s tacky and I am not a freaking four years old anymore. Also the fact that nobody looks good blowing candles in photos. Although they did buy us cakes with our names on it back at the office a few weeks ago, that doesn’t really count because I didn’t specifically request for the cakes and I had to share it with other colleagues who were born in July and August.

Anyway, I didn’t have cake this year and there were no real party going on except for a few different occasions when I hung out with my best-friends and we talked about growing old and still feeling the same way about ourselves.

As much as I hate the fact that I am almost three decades old, I feel truly blessed and happy. Not that my little life here in the city is perfect, but I feel okay for the first time in sooo many months. I don’t wanna shit all over it by writing about it here, but I am thankful with what life has given me so far. I am not rich or happily attached in a relationship or anything like that. It’s just that I have learned to accept the way this life works and how it can be full of crap, uncertainties and injustice but there’s also a beauty in it that most of us (including myself) have yet to uncover.

Like turning up late for a job interview, sleeping at home because you’re so bored and your friends are all busy living their lives, rain when you have your favorite pair of shoes on, getting to know someone who’s too good to be true just to realize later on that the person IS too good to be true and what about a potential friendship that ended too soon?

That’s life for you. Trust me.

But what about the reflection of streetlights when it rains at night? Your mother’s voice at the end of the line when you finally make that phone call home, the end of season sale, Starbucks barista who greets you by your name, a friend who keep you company the moment clock struck at 12 on your birthday?

I’ve lived these moments. I am 27. I’m not as young as I used to be, I’m not always happy and trusting towards others. But it’s okay. Just look around you because if you look close enough, everything is actually beautiful.

Song playing inside my head: Kylie's Everything Is Beautiful
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All The Lovers

It hurts
When you get too close
But baby it hurts
If love is really good
You just want more
Even if it throws you to the fire fire fire fire...

Aphrodite is still the album of the week at Fash-un-able because I love it soo much. But the next single from the album is 'Get Outta My Way'.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mizz Nina Album Launch

This was actually taken after the event. I went straight to KLPAC to support a friend and his band. Will write about it later on. Second outfit: green cardie, Cotton On tee, Topman jeans and belt, Zara denim bag and Bonia lace-up boots

My photographic skill really sucks

I have always had this one song playing at the back of my head and it goes

"Baby, I never seen someone with your body
You make me want get this party started
Hey baby, come in tell me what this all, baby, baby
Tell me what you what you waiting for"

I found out recently that the song is 'What You Waiting For' by Mizz Nina (of TTC fame) feat. Colby O Donis (of Lady Gaga's Just Dance).

And with the power of media, I found myself a couple of weeks later with a VIP enterance at the album launch party at Zouk KL last Saturday. I have to say that the entire event was quite fabulous (and superbly organized) with the fashion show (would love to feature the designs on Emmagem but still waiting for a press release from her people), cool gifts inside the goodie bag (Mizz Nina headphones), cute backup dancers and all. But the only problem is the lack of booze and cigarette smoke. Well maybe I was the only one=)

While Mizz Nina performed on stage, I overheard a guy who seems to be an insider commenting on how most of the songs from the albums are a little too 'generic' and 'can be bought easily off the shelves of the music stores'.

Well I think the right word here is 'radio-friendly' which is not a bad thing at all. And originality is overrated anyway. But give Mizz Nina a break. She got Colby O to sing with her. He might not be Usher yet but he does have a Top 15 single with 'What U Got' feat Akon.

I just hope that Mizz Nina can take her career further to the next level and then we can talk about Usher.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Just Wanna

Wearing tee from Cotton On with jeans, necklace, ring and bag from Topman. Boots from Hush Puppies

1. Finish all the books that have been collecting dust on my shelves so that I can start reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' by the time the movie is out at the cinema.

2. Go to all events that I have lined up from today. I don't know... Maybe I'll skipped tonight's party. I don't feel like drinking. The books are waiting remember?!

3. Stop buying all those crazy-ass cheap back-dated magazines. There are 5 stacks in my bedroom still untouched. Man!

4. Plan something for birthday. And that will be in 10 days. Maybe try to get leaner by then. Which is totally impossible. But still worth skipping a meal or two for.

5. Tell students to stop staring at my crotch and ass. I know my pants are tight... but please!

6. Get more sleep and think less of food when I'm at home. And NEVER order take-out from McDonald's. They always mess up my orders. My Happy Meals last week arrived without the Happy toys. I was quite sure I didn't order Unhappy Meals!

7. Stop 'emo-tweeting'. Damn it's like drugs and alcohol! You just can't stop!

Song playing inside my head: Finn and Rachel's Faithfully (Glee)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Nineties

Wearing shirt from Old Navy, belt, skinny jeans, bag and bracelets all from Topman, boots from Hush Puppies, bracelet from Forever 21 and Casio watch

I love Kings of Leon. Sometimes I try to dress like Caleb Followill in black skinny jeans and boots and checkered shirt. But hello! I'm not as thin and scruffy. But I guess there's no harm in trying ...

On another note, Kylie's album that I have been pushing since the day of its release, topped the UK album chart and knocked Eminem off the top spot! Yay! But I wonder what the hell are those people thinking buying Eminem's album

I kept on saying how listening to Eminem is such a pre-milennium thing to do. But currently I have been loading up my playlist with songs from the 90s. I don't know. I just feel like reliving back those times when RnB was still untouched by the autotune, TLC still had three members and Mariah Carey was still the Queen of Billboard Hot 100.

So, here are songs from the 90s (mostly late 90s) that have been draining the battery of my I-pod;

1. Creep- TLC
2. Almost Doesn't Count- Brandy
3. Been Around The World- Puff Daddy
4. Hard To Say I'm Sorry- Az Yet
5. Drinking In LA- Bran Van 3000
6. Breathe Again- Toni Braxton
7. Celebrity Skin- Hole
8. Meet Virginia- Train
9. The Mummer's- Dance Loreena McKennitt

Read more about the nineties HERE
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Basic Space

Wearing tee from Cotton On, old jeans cut into shorts, boatshoes from M&S, rings from Diva and Topman and denim bag from Zara

I've been working on changing the fonts, layout and few other stuff on this site since yesterday. From my office. Very unethical but what the hell..

I prefer things to be simple and almost bare to the minimum. Like the white, grey and basic typewriter-like fonts that I'm using right now. Very Calvin Klein.

But I've also seen all these cute illustrations used on other fashion blogs which I totally adore. I don't know how I will look like in illustration, but I just thought that it is such a cool idea.

Other than that, things have been a little bit slow this week. There's nothing much to look forward to this weekend. But I've been going out a lot for the past few days, although I have to say that sometimes I just want to be at home sleeping or read in my bed.

I will be a year older in less than 3 weeks. It's been 4 years since graduation and I've changed job more than 5 times; which is not something that any future employer will give me thumbs up for. But I guess the best part is I've been writing professionally (if you can call it that) for almost one year now. Although it's nothing like a stint at Vogue or GQ, I'm just happy to be able to share my thoughts and along the way try to shape the way people perceive and think about fashion especially all the men out there.

If people have really been reading my columns every week, they know that it's all about simplicity. And no Crocs, no leather jacket under the blazing hot sun, no fake LVs and always dress right for the occasion.

Ooh! I got a text! There's a party tonight at Passion.

Now what should I wear?!

Song playing inside my head: Drake's Over

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Louboutins for Men

Now all the boys can finally sing:

But it's the last time
I'm movin' on
I'm throwing on my Louboutins
I'm throwing on my Louboutins

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Service

Cardigan:Tommy Hilfiger, Tee:Cotton On, Jeans and belt:Topman, Denim bag:Zara Boat shoes: Mark & Spencers

Spent the weekends with friends. Hitting the malls again and spending waaaay too much on junks that I seriously can do without. C'mon! Who needs 5 of the same ashtrays and 15 bags?!

I'm not too sure which part of weekends should I be writing about. But I was quite happy with all the opportunities presented to me last week. There are a lot of possibilities especially regarding my career which I can’t wait to see taking shape into reality. I just wanna do something more. People have gone to Paris, invited to sit front row at Chanel and lose 50 pounds forgodsake! What have I done with my life?

Nothing much.

I remember how Oprah said once that life is all about offering something and giving your best service to others. I’ve tried that and of course failed miserably. I’m just not a service person. I do help but I don’t think I can make it my living purpose.

So I shop, sometimes with friends but lately I’ve been enjoying my own company. The reason is simple: clothes, shoes and all those other stuff won’t judge me and our relationship is the kind that is so simple. Just like how I can simply take off my shirt at the end of the day and let it sit in the laundry basket for two weeks without even thinking about it.

Now where the fuck is the fucking APC sweater that I wore yesterday?

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Song playing inside my head: Maroon 5's Misery
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleo/Mambo Jambo Summer Partaaay!

10dollars tee, Topman jeans, Chuck Taylors, bracelets from Cotton On, Sze and vintage, cap from Pull & Bear

Last Wednesday was all about Madonna, Bananarama, Paula Abdul. George Michael and TLC. I love music from the 80s and 90s although I will never get over the fact that I am as old (if not older) as most of the songs.

I was invited by Cleo magazine as they're one of the sponsors for the party. The theme was summer but it's just ridiculous to think about summer without flip-flops and bikini. What kinda summer are they having?! But we have to abide to the club's rule. So I settled with my beat up Chuck Taylors, piles of strings and beads accessories and my jeans that I rolled up several times as if I was heading to the beach.

Ooh!And I had my nautical stripes tee on. The RM10 one.

We left early right in between the Hula Girls shaking their asses to Lady Marmalade and Madonna's Holiday.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diesel Banned 'Get Stupid' Ads

Gimme a break! I've seen worse than these.
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