Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gadget Geek Moment

So I’m not really a gadget geek and my idea of gadget is a camera that takes photos regardless of the quality, an mp3 player that plays my Madonna and Kylie and a cell-phone that takes calls and sends text messages. And then BlackBerry® came into my life and does all of the above things. In fact, BlackBerry® does it better. I can check my email, browse the net and update my Facebook and Twitter account on the go!

But now I’m thinking of an upgrade as the new BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 has finally arrived with enhanced device experience and it is actually the first smartphone with BlackBerry® keyboard and full 3.2 inch touch screen.

Let’s look at some of its enhanced features:

Maximized multimedia with up to 32GB upgrade of memory and storage via microSD card as well as media player which allows you to view full album art and track listings in portrait or landscape. And just pinch your fingers and the screen will zoom itself for clearer view.

5mp camera for a total cam-whore like me. There are also 11 extra photo modes added to the usual features and of course video recording when I go to events and fashion shows.

Intergrated social feeds which means that a single post can go straight to all my social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Time saving!

Faster and richer browsing as this new BlackBerry® Torch 9800 allows the users to manage multiple open websites with tabbed browsing and websites bookmarking ability.

And here’s the best part:

The 1st 100 customers to pre-register & purchase the new BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 today will get to enjoy the early bird promotion exclusively with Celcom Exec Postpaid plan.

- Jabra Bluetooth Headset worth RM125
- 8GB Micro SD Card worth RM68
- Energizer Portable worth RM58

There’ll also be a launch event for BlackBerry® Torch 9800 this 28 October 2010 (OMG! It's tomorrow!). Check out the amazing deals for the BlackBerry® Torch when you sign up with Celcom – at the event only! There’ll also be many other fun activities, prizes and giveaways on the day.

Click HERE to register now!

Celcom is Malaysia’s No.1 Blackberry provider which offers the fastest, widest and clearest mobile network. You can check out all about the BlackBerry® Torch with Celcom Postpaid plans HERE !

But if you are not too sure about what Celcom Exec Postpaid plan is all about, read on.

• Get connected with Celcom from as low as RM50 a month!
• The plan with automatic discount up to 30% every month!
• The more you use; the more you save. It's as simple as that.

• More reasons why you should choose Celcom Exec 50:

-15sen call rate to any number.-Automatic discounts every month.
-Talk more, save more. The more you use, the more discounts of up to 30% every month
-Low monthly commitment of only RM50.
-FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month with speeds of up to 384 Kbps
-Be part of the BEST with the fastest, widest, clearest mobile network in the country

Looks like someone is getting a new BlackBerry® Torch 9800 soon complete with the Celcom Exec Postpaid plan!

Am I a gadget geek now?!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sexed Up Glee

Photos from GQ

The casts of Glee (well three of them) are featured in this Terry Richardson shot cover story for the latest issue of GQ magazine.

Looks like Glee has gone wild!

I've read on Twitter about how some people are kinda sick of Glee by now but come on! I think they keep getting better with each episode. The song selection for the current season has been really awesome. And that Britney/Brittany episode was insane!

Here are my fave Glee songs for Season 2 so far:

1.Only Exception

2.One of Us

3.I'm a Slave 4 U

4.What I Did For Love

5.I Want to Hold You Hand

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Arabian Night

In my fave Zara tee, purple Topman jeans and rings from bazaar at The Curve

Haven't been updating since last week. I've been tired and haven't been taking care of myself that well. It's actually 4am now and I've just got up from what seemed like 10 hours of good night sleep. I even fell asleep at work twice yesterday and once when I was in the exam hall in the morning. I even overlooked two students who cheated during the exam.

A lot of things going on at work. I seriously don't have any interest in being a part of any back-stabbing and ass-kissing club. I'm just in my own exclusive club, with just myself as a member. The club that allows me to sit quietly in my cubicle and choose the type of people that I want to be friendly with. I go to class, downstairs like every 3 hours to smoke, short lunch break and writing (and researching for)my stories in between classes.

MiFA is just around the corner. I'm not sure whether the schedule is out yet. But I will definitely be there. I know it will clash with my work schedule. But I'll think of something. I have to be there. I really really have to.

A friend was at Thailand Fashion Week earlier today. I'm trying to get in touch with his designer friend for a possible feature story. But nothing is final yet. Just a possibility.

So these photos were taken last weekend when I was at this Middle-Eastern restaurant with the most ridiculous name, Ali Baba. I have to say that it was not really the best time to be under a hut as the heat has been unbearable. But there I was sitting on a magic carpet...

Oh I'll be at Topman KLCC opening later. See you there!

Song playing inside my head: Madonna's (feat.Massive Attack) I Want You

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Who? Me?

Natalia Vodianova Nippon Vogue August 2001
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


How falling out of love sounds like...
  1. Before It Breaks-Brandi Carlile
  2. What I Wouldn't Give-Holly Brook
  3. Where I Stood-Missy Higgins
  4. Lighthouse-The Hush Sounds
  5. Soulmate-Natasha Beddingfield
  6. City and Gravity-Sara Bareilles
  7. Just Hold Me-Maria Mena
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Chic That Pops

With Shikin wearing tee and bag from Topman, drop-crotch pants from Seed, high-tops from Vans, shades from M&S and accessories from Topman, Diva, H&M and one bought from one of the vendors.

After a tiny little bit of drama leading our way to TTDI Plaza, we finally arrived at Chic Pop. I was at the first one held at Zouk and I have to say that it was not really my thing. Well tell me how am I supposed to feel standing in front of a table full of ice-cream shaped earrings, lollypop badges and bow headbands?

Chic Pop is not really a guy thing.

Well unless you go with a bunch of girlfriends! Let them do the shopping and while you drop bitchy remarks about other people (including your own friends) here and there. Hahah!

But the most fun part for me at Chic Pop last Saturday was meeting all other fellow writers and readers. I met Rachel who used to write for Emmagem. She's with Seventeen magazine now and she brought along her friend another writer for Men's Health magazine. Joyce was there as well but I didn't say hi. She got a beer in one hand and cigarette in another. Chatted a little bit with Sue Ann of TiC too before leaving.

Oh! And there's this one vendor who sell accessories inspired by Rumi Neely of FashionToast. Her name is Sara and she has this fabulous accessory line called Zikkos. You really should check it out. I stopped by her booth and we gushed over our love for Rumi Neely and her accessories. She even checked out my rings and bracelets!

I think I had about six different rings stacked on my fingers that day.

Oh well...

Song playing inside my head: Cher's Strong Enough

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I'm Tellin You

Wearing tee from Zara, skinny jeans from Topman, bag from Seed and boots from Hush Puppies

Song playing inside my head: The Script's For The First Time
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Olay Regenerist and White Radiance Launch

Frumpy frumpy in my Forever 21 cardie, Seed work pants and bag, Gap tee and brown leather shoes

Belinda and Ning with the products

So I almost forgot about this event from two weeks ago. I read about it on Ning's Twitter and decided to go as it will make a great feature for Emmagem and it's always fun to meet Ning Baizura and Belinda Chee again.

I haven't been to that many events since the beginning of the fasting month. So this Olay launch was my first in like almost two months!

I took the train straight to KLCC from my office and I was already one hour late when I got there. But Olay people was kind enough to give me their last product samples and press kit.

Ning took the stage and sang her latest single, which according to my friends "was inspired by Lady Gaga". I'm not too sure about that but I love Ning's music. I just don't think Lady Gaga is the right direction for her. Her rendition of Christina Aguilera's Beautiful was much better with models walking off and on the stage each carrying a bottle of the product.

There was also product demonstration by Belinda earlier on, which I missed. But I was lucky enough to catch up with the two beautiful ladies right after the official launch just to say hi and snap a close up for Emmagem.

As for the products, they are very revolutionary and there was this lady who was the real life testimonial of the product. I'm not too sure how long did she use the products but her skin condition has definitely improved. Didn't even bother to interview her. She was in a circle of press from Malay women magazines.

So if you wanna look as youthful as Ning and as fair as Belinda, go and grab Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging line as well as Olay White Radiance Advance Fairness line.

That's all.

Song playing inside my head: KT Tunstall's Still A Weirdo
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Status Updates

The classic tweed jacket

Cropped tux and boots

My fave denim boots

I'm here at home and it's Sunday. Unbelievable. But I woke up too late to even bother about going out in the first place. Plus my story for Emmagem is waaaay behind schedule.

I pulled through and uploaded my review on Chanel Spring 2011 just a couple of hours ago. But there were a couple of men's looks that I had to leave behind as they were not really the focus of the collection. Poor Baptiste Giabiconi... So I put up the photos here for my fellow fashion fellas =) Read the full review HERE

I've just realized that I forgot to write about Olay event a couple of weeks ago. So I'll be doing that later. The feature was published on Emmagem but that version is more about pushing the product, the campaign and basically promotional stuff. Read it HERE

And yesterday I was at TongueInChic's Chic Pop. It was fun despite the crazy heat and I met a lot of other fellow writers and readers. Can't wait to share the experience!

So now please let me shower first. It looks like I'm ordering take-out again tonight...

Song playing inside my head: Duck Sauce's Barbara Streisand

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wearing tee from Cotton On, skinny jeans from Topshop, boots from Hush Puppies, a very old bag, rings from bazaar and watch from Casio

I always believe that I am strong and independent as a person. Well I’ve been through a lot in life and I’m not just trying to be melodramatic here. Come on now! I live alone and take care of myself, running around the city like a mad person every single day and deal with my own emotions without having to share everything with other people. It’s not easy. At all…

I always wanted to go to the city and become a writer. Now after less than one year, I am a writer. I may not be in full force yet and my friends are still sceptical about this whole “contributing for website thing” but I’m getting there . Prabal Gurung thanked me on his Twitter for my mini write up on his personal style last week and one of my article has a direct link from KateLovesMe. And I do receive emails from people who read both Fash-un-able and Emmagem. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you guys. I’m a stronger person because of you.

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Friday, October 1, 2010


Hunch 5 by Chong Ai Lei

Wearing Gap tee, Topman jeans, brown Reebok hightops and canvas backpack

Anak-anak Ikan

I found myself at a contemporary art exhibition last weekend on a slippery wet Saturday afternoon. I love painting, sculpture and just about everything that convey truth, raw emotions and vulnerability in the finest form of art. But I'm a writer and not a painter, so I get excited each time I get to see all these elaborate self expressions and organized thoughts beautifully presented for everyone to see. I'll always stop by the tiny little art exhibition that they sometimes have at the shopping malls regardless of whether the art on display is good or not.

I believe it takes a lot of courage for these artists to lay their soul bare when people are judgmental and most of the time too apprehensive about certain issues like pre-marital sex, homosexuality, feminism and culture clash.

And these are just some of the provocative thoughts largely on display for everyone to see at Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival at Matic Jln. Ampang.

Feast your eyes. And let’s not talk about my drab outfit that day.

More photos on my Facebook gallery. Check it out.

Song playing inside my head: Trey Songz's Can't Be Friends

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