Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hermes J'mon carre

Wearing APC sweater, Uniqlo white tee underneath, Topman skinny jeans, Reebok hightops, Diva rings and vintage clutch

I was invited to attend a private party at Hermes Pavilion last Saturday, thanks to TiC. And it was not the usual kind of party with loud music and drink tickets but it was more of a laid back kind with champagne and sea of scarves.

Yeah exactly! All of us at the party got to play dress up with Hermes scarves, which according to my friend cost up to RM 2k!

Click below to see more photos...

The friendly staffs at Hermes first showed us a few different ways of tying and wearing the scarves before letting us tried our hands at it ourselves. We were given a few minutes to wear the scarves in the most creative way possible before prepping up for a mini photo shoot. The most creative use of scarves win a special goodie bag from Hermes. Yay!

Being one out of only three guys at the party, I knew for sure that my chances were pretty slim. So I decided to just have fun with the photoshoot. Hands on the hips, The Blue-Steel poses and all. Hahah!

And in between the draping and tying of scarves, I managed to catch up for a little bit with Sue Ann of TiC and gossip about the happenings in our tiny little fashion circle.

We had a really fun time at the party, mostly for the fact that we were surrounded by Hermes stuff and we got to go crazy with all these gorgeous scarves. Everybody was very friendly and helpful especially people from Hermes.

I just wished that I could take all the gorgeous scarves home with me and have them scattered all over my bedroom floor.

Click HERE for more info on Hermes J'mon carre

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Raise Your Hands Retail Addicts!

Half of what I wore yesterday: Cotton On tee, Topman jeans, Vans hi-tops, Casio watch, Diva rings and Forever 21 bag

I don't always buy stuff from women's department unless they could really pass as men's stuff. This Forever 21 bag really caught my eyes. So I bought it because it reminded me of Chanel Cocoon which I can't afford and the huge quilted trend this season.

And let's not forget the fact that I'm addicted to retail...

Read about the history of Chanel 2.55 HERE

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tweet tweet tweet

My tweet was featured on a website several months ago. And I forgot all about it until I wrote a feature for Emmagem's new weekly men's column (Emm-a-man; every Wednesday y'all!) last week.

Read it HERE and tell me what you guys think.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Photos from jakandjilblog
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trip-hop and Darkness

Yesterday wearing H&M tee, Heritage cardie, label-less skinny jeans, Hush Puppies boots and rings from Vincci and ChicPop bazaar

It turned out that I do have things to do and places to go to this weekend although my current Facebook status stated the opposite. I've just finished writing my Sunday feature for Emmagem. It's about the unveilling of Lanvin heart H&M collection a couple of days ago at Pierre. Divine, affordable clothes with equal amount of goth and girlie that only Alber Elbaz could achieve.

Read it HERE and don't forget to leave comments peeps!

I'm also supposed to update my playlist along with this entry, which I am doing right now. I've been into trip-hop lately for whatever reason that is still unknown even to myself. I guess I just fall in love with Lamb's Gabriel that supposedly used for Jonathan Liang show at MiFA two weeks ago. I've been on Last.fm looking for similar songs that I could listen to. So these are songs suggested by the website.

1. All I Need : Air
2. Honestly OK : Dido
3. Insomnia: Faithless
4. Limit to Your Love: Feist
5. Flunk: Play
6. Utopia: Goldfrapp
7. At The River: Groove Armada
8. Gorecki: Lamb
9. The Time Is Now: Moloko
10.The Sea: Morcheeba
11.Love Can Damage Your Health: Telepopmusik
12.Thievery Corporation: Lebanese Blonde
13:Lonely Soul: Unkle

And as can be seen from the photo, I've been wearing a lot of dark colors lately. Thanks to Andrew Mukamal. Gosh I love his style!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Model Behavior: Jay

I had a little chat with Malaysian model Jay at the Topman party two weeks ago. I just wanted to say hi but ended up switching to my interview mode as we get deeper into the conversation. She was very friendly and has this smile that you could never missed despite her being in her disguise outfit of dark color and geeky glasses.

I was a little bit behind with what's going on in Malaysian scene. So I had no idea that she got married in August last year. Jay also mentioned about how she has a full-time job now and modelling is only a part-time thing for her now.

Photo from HERE

I was quite shocked when she revealed the amount of money that models is being paid each time they walk on the runway. I have to tell you I was expecting at least twice the amount that she told me. Unless you walk two or three shows everyday and have another job in the sideline like Jay, it definitely is not easy being a model in Malaysia.

And we also talked about all these foreign models who earlier spoke in this weird language that I don't understand at the bar. It turned out that they are Brazillian and they speak Portugese. I have to agree with Jay when she said something about how it is much harder for people to relate to these European models especially when they show Fall/Winter collection like for Topshop/Topman earlier.

We need more local faces on Malaysian runways. Like how many female Indian models do we have aside from Jay? What about Malay and Chinese? It's funny how we have like millions of Chinese population here in our country but they have to bring in models from China for MiFW.

So I ended my little chat with Jay with a photo and exchanging of business cards. She said I took the best photo of her for the night. Oh she told me she reads Emmagem too!

Check out Jay's BLOG

Song playing inside my head: Goldfrapp's Utopia
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pipit 4th Anniversary + Wonderful Market 5

Wearing Calvin Klein tee, label-less skinny jeans, Bonia lace up boots and assorted rings from Diva

I was at this little art bazaar/market thing earlier today. It was all about independent art and young artists and designers expressing their raw talents to the masses. It was held at Annexe Gallery, Central Market which I think has done a lot for these blossoming young talents.

The event was organized by Pipit. Pipit is actually a worldwide art portal and community for independent artists and designer internationally. They are currently celebrating their 4th anniversary. I have never really heard of them until my friend sent me a link to their Facebook page and asked me to come with her to the bazaar.

Bags that could be disembbled and rolled for storage

It's kinda gross but this piece is actually hair sewn on canvas

It was a colorful event with vendors selling items from one of a kind bags and t-shirts to sculptures and limited edition art pieces. There was also an exhibition room, where arts from these budding young artists were being displayed. Edwin Sumun was there too to show his support. I said hi and congratulated him on hosting the MiFA last week.

Although I never claimed to be an art lover, I do appreciate all forms of art. The world knows I'm all about fashion. But hey, fashion is an art expression too! Some people might see it as fake and superficial, but they have no idea what it takes to design a dress or even a handbag.

Oh! By the way I learn this new word to describe art lover today . It's "aesthetes".

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Topman KLCC Launch

Wearing Uniqlo flannel jumper and bag, Cotton On tee, Topman jeans, Bonia lace up boots and Vincci rings

Oh gosh! I have just a few minutes to write this. I am already late for this little thing with a friend. I still don't even know what to wear!

So I was at the Topman/Topshop party at KLCC last Tuesday. I was personally invited by Dannie of Topman and he even let me bring a plus one. It was just so nice of him.

We were late that night (as always) and the show has already started when we finally got there. I headed straight to the bar because I was tired and needed a little bit of 'pick-me-up'. Ended up standing there for the rest of the Topshop show surrounded by all these Brazillian male models who had just finished walking for the Topman. Was a bit too shy to say hi because they were all conversing in their language. But I did ask them to pose for my camera.

I had a lot of fun and made a lot of new connection with all these stylist, models and bloggers. I met one of our local models there. I've bumped into her several times before but this was the first time that I finally decided to chit chat with her. Who is she? I'll write about her soon.

Oh! And just like any other Topshop/Topman events, it wouldn't be complete without cash vouchers and discounts. I got this awesome striped tee for just RM13. Maybe I should wear it later!

So head on to the new Topman/Topshop at KLCC for your dose of Brit fashion. Topshop Unique, Kate Moss last collection for Topshop, Topshop Makeup, Topman Ltd, Topman Design, Topman Lens, Priceless, Harris Tweed and Topman A.D 1605... these are all special collections and collobrations worth checking out for at the store.

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MiFW and MiFA

Jonathan Liang

I had quite a blast at MiFW. Although I was alone most of the time (wish I could bring my friends along), I made some new friends and kept telling myself that I was there because of my love for fashion. Friends or no friends, I attended every single day of the 5-day event. I did skip a few shows because I had to attend a friend's wedding and wait for the plumber to fix a leaking tap at my apartment.

But my editor was always there for the gala nights. So I had someone to gossip and cringe with when something horrible came out on the runway.

I have to say that some of these local designers really surprised me with their collections. The detalings on Razuan Radziwill collection, the razor-sharp cut of Jonathan Liang jackets, the undeniable talent of Bernard Chandran, the modernization of Jendela KL (formerly Jendela Batik) and the potential of young designers at BDA and IFTC graduates.

Kavita by Kavita Sidhu (and this moron who kept standing from his seat to take photos. I mean who does that at the fashion show!)

Petang Raya by Bernard Chandran


But there are some designers who are still trying find their identity. I saw Louis Vuitton cheongsams and bunny ears (seperately) on the runway, Chloe neckline from 2008, the bottom of Zoe Saldana's Givenchy dress at the Oscar and Margiella colorful tassel in one dress... Man, I could go on and on and on! Hahah =)

I'm glad the Gaga-inspiration has exited the runway (kinda). I'd die if I saw another Hunchback-shoulder jacket, blonde wig and leather legging. Well come to think of it, I actually would love to see meat dress on the runway. Not the Jeremy Scott type but the raw one that Lady Gaga wore to MTV VMA.

And I prefer not to talk about the organizer or anything related to that. I was just happy to be there. Although my pass read "BLOGGER" instead of "ONLINE MEDIA"(because Emmagem is not a personal blog), I strutted my stuff down the stairs in my best fashion week oufit, found my seat at the 3rd (sometimes 4th) row and enjoyed the show.

All for the love of fashion...

Read more about MiFW/MiFA at Emmagem HERE and HERE

P/S: I dedicate this entry to all my readers who have supported me throughout these years. Couldn't thank you enough.

Song playing inside my head: Lamb's Gabriel (Thanks to Jonathan Liang)

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bring On The Day

Right now wearing Hush Puppies boots and Topman jeans

Not really a great day. I woke up late so I skipped work and decided to go and pick up the cheque from this fashion house for some stories that I wrote for their magazine a few months back. So I got there and I told my cab driver to wait but he said he had to run. The lady at the reception was not friendly at all and she made me talk to their HR people and ask about the cheque just to find out later that she had it with her.

And it was almost impossible to get a cab home, I ended up here at this restaurant nearby (thank god for the internet connection) having my lunch.

Not really sure where to go after this. But I know for sure I'm not ready to go home yet.

And I have some photos from MiFW here. It was sooo damn hard to get even a single great shot of the runway. But here are some of the better ones.

One of those wow moments

One of those wtf moments

Jendela KL


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Monday, November 8, 2010

What I Wore to MiFW 2010

1.F21 cardie, Gap black tee, Topman dropcrotch jeans, Zara shoes 2. Key Ng jacket, Topman black tee, Topman skinny jeans, Hush Puppies boots

1.Seed plaid pants, Casio watch, rings from Vincci and street bazaar 2.Forever 21 cardie, Gap black tee and Vincci necklace

I was at the Malaysian International Fashion Week 2010 for five days last week. The first couple of days were pain in the ass because I had to run home after I finished work at the college at 6pm, change and try to make it to the 8pm shows.

And it didn't help that it took me sooo long to decide on an outfit. I ended up spending at least an hour trying on stuff before deciding on the first tee or pants that I put on.

My 5 days worth of outfit was really nothing to shout about. It's not like I was rocking Balenciaga or Thom Browne. They were all basically stuff that you have seen here before. The cardie, the skinny jeans, my signature stacked rings and jackets.

I'm going to write more about MiFW 2010. But it's already 6pm and I'm about to leave the office now. My new Rihanna's album download is almost complete too.

So stay tune. More MiFW 2010 to come.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In H&M tee, I.N.C military shirt and Diva Necklaces

Halloween was great! I danced the night away like a crazy bitch that I busted my neck and still can feel the pain up until now. I’m tilting my head to the left the whole time that I’m writing this. It’s less painful this way.

I actually got this invite from Euphoria MOS for their anniversary cum Halloween party. I was crazy excited to go because I was thinking of the usual VIP treatment that I always get when I go to event under press invitation. But I was sooo wrong because apparently hundreds of other people also received the same email invitation as I did.

We got a little bit lost on our way there and only arrived at the door around 11.55pm. There were like hundreds of people there and they didn’t even stand in a straight line. People were sweating under their crazy costumes, vampire make-ups were melting and those rude foreigners are shouting and picking up fights with the bouncers. It was a riot!

I seriously wanted to leave and find other parties that we could go to. But we came all the way and we got our devil horns, pumpkins and all. So we waited for like one hour there before they finally let us in. I ended up paying the cover charged because apparently the invites expired after midnight.

I know my friend won’t agree with me. I guess it was fun for me because I was drunk. Oh come on!
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Single Scoop

All dressed up and ready to go in Key Ng jacket, Topman tee underneath and skinny jeans

I’ve been feeling kinda restless lately. Been spending too much time at home. Sometimes even on weekends doing laundry, ordering takeouts and watching TV. It’s good in a way because I could get a lot of things done. Like I’ve just finished cleaning my ceiling fan and toilet sink.

OMG! Boriiiinng! Alright let’s cut to the chase.

So I finally picked myself up from my bed, put my best outfit on and dragged my restless ass to Temptations at 7atenine on Thursday night. It was a party for the launch of this ice-cream. And that was exactly what they served that night. They are all heavily liquored of course. I was all alone and I didn’t get any drink ticket because there was a little bit of confusion with my invitation. I walked in feeling all fabulous wearing my new Key Ng jacket so who cares about the stupid ticket right? The party was nothing to shout about really. The best part has to be the pole dancers, just because I’ve never seen thighs doing that amount of work before. I met a fellow blogger, Jarod and we shared our little space at the corner of the bar and it was really sweet of him to give me one of his drink tickets. I’ve already ordered beers so I exchanged the ticket for gelatos so that we both could share.

He’s an engineer at a private firm in PJ. We chatted a bit about the blogging scene and he asked me for some fashion advice after I told him that I work for Emmagem. So I mentioned to him about the 3S. Hahah! Oh! Joyce was there too but I didn’t say hi.

I left somewhere before 11pm. A little tipsy and I guess the same goes for the guy at the door whom I asked to snap my outfit photos. He snapped 2 times but both photos are bad! So I’m using the photo that I snapped in front of the mirror right before I leave and put my shoes on.

I have to say that I don’t like being alone and going to party alone is such a terrifying idea. But I’ve finally tried it and I kinda like it. It felt so good to be able to say “It’s just me” at the entrance of the party. I felt like I’ve made my point loud and clear, that I was alone and not at all afraid of it...

Song playing inside my head: Eel's The Look You Gave That Guy
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