Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Blame Coco

In my room wearing cheap green cardie and tee, Topman jeans and Cotton On brown army boots

Had a great weekend last week. A friend came over and we just gossiped and shopped non stop for two days. Finally bought a great pair of brown boots that I have been hunting for since last year.

I cut my hair too...

And I realized that I haven't really been goin out that much. I miss goin to events, parties and stuff. I do get some invites but the timing wasn't right. With my dad still recovering from his heart surgery, it just didn't feel right for me to go out and get hammered.

So I've been at home watching A LOT of movies. I even managed to find movies that I missed from 8 or 10 years a go. Like Clint Eastwood's Mystique River which Sean Penn won Oscar for.

Hahah... Life is not that interesting lately which makes updating this blog becoming such a chore. Unless I'm Cesar who has a lot to talk about, like Fashion Week and stuff.

So I need to go out more when the time is right.

Like right now?

Song playing inside my head: I Blame Coco's Ceasar

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Friday, January 21, 2011

I See Red

Wearing striped tee, Topman skinny jeans, Timberland boots, Uniqlo bag and assorted rings from Diva etc

Thank God for public holiday yesterday! Was finally able to sleep and spend almost the whole day doing nothing. It's movie award season once again and I've been busy catching up with all the awards nominated movies like Black Swan, 127 Hours, Rabbit Hole, The Kids Are Alright and Easy A. My favorite so far has got to be Black Swan. Natalie Portman really deserves Best Actress at the Oscar next month and Social Network better not be the Best Picture or I will close my Facebook account forever. Or not... We'll see.

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So I went out after several hours of non-stop movies and heavy online chatting yesterday. The Chinese New Year decorations have taken over the place of all the Christmas trees, reindeers and Santa. Not a huge fan of red but among the street lights and the crowded street, I couldn't help but fall in love with the pretty lanterns and cherry blossoms.

Opening soon
They are actually black

Song playing inside my head: Fabolous' Into You (feat. Tamia)
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hold It Against Me

Wearing tee from Forever 21, skinny jeans from Topman, lace up boots from Bonia, oversized bag from Seed and the LV is my friend's

First day of returning back to work was quite difficult. I couldn’t sleep the night before and people kept asking about how my dad is doing. And I have this sore throat and I was still tired from the whole week of running around to many different places and I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that my rent was already 5 days overdue because my stupid housemate went back to Jakarta without leaving his part.


So it’s Thursday and I'm still sleep deprived. I woke up this morning and it was 11.30am. I have been late three days in a row, so decided to just call in sick instead.

I’m going back to my hometown tomorrow. I need to clear my head and not think about students’ exam, Prada heels or how to write a goddamn feature article on how women should dress after 35.

Btw, the photo was taken last weekend. I wore this fabulous tee with plunging neckline that drove my friends crazy. And I bought a new pair of pointy boots that is super sexy. Yeah I did shop a little bit too much last week! But I think I deserved it.

The only highlight of the week so far is Britney's new single single 'Hold It Against Me'. And in case you are wondering how to dress up after 35. Click HERE and HERE

Song playing inside my head: Britney’s Hold It Against Me
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Friday, January 7, 2011


Everyday feels like I'm in the set of Grey's Anatomy. I've been spending more time in hospital than I have ever had before. My dad underwent a heart surgery earlier this week. Everything seems to be okay. It still breaks my heart each time I step into the ward and see him just lying there because he used to be very healthy. Even healthier than the rest of us in the family.

A lot of things have been put on halt. Family always comes first. And it surprised me to discover this whole different side of me. Suddenly I am this person who carry all the responsibility; taking my mom out for lunch and dinner, doing laundry for them, talking to the doctor on each visit and a whole lot of other things that I've always let my two sisters did for me.

No outfit post. Just some random photos that I snapped throughout the week.

I'm off from work for the whole week. But I've been writing and blogging from the lobby of the hospital.

Song playing inside my head: Katy Perry's Firework
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ANTM Contestants: Where Are They Now?

I’ve been meaning to write this for so long. I just couldn’t find the time to do so. But this is important. Almost as important as the news of Carine Roitfeld leaving French Vogue.

Well not really... but I know how most of us love America’s Next Top Model. I have to admit that I kinda lost interest in the show for the past few seasons. But the show is now more interesting than ever with Andre Leon Talley in the panel, Italian Vogue feature for the winner and appearances by Karolina Kurkova and Patricia Field among others. So, good job Tyra on taking the show up to the next level.

But have you ever wondered what really happened to the past winners? Do they work at all or have any of them appeared in Vogue or Marie Claire? Or are they just fat now and living back at home with their family and illegitimate children?

You’re in for some big surprises because those from ANTM who have really made it big in modelling are not actually the winners. Some of them didn’t even come close to the coveted title.

I have all your questions answered here. Oh yeah! You’re welcome =)

Molly-Sue (Cycle 6) in Russian Vogue

Molly Sue again for Nippon Vogue

Anchal Joseph (Cycle 7) for French Vogue alongside Natalia Vodianova

Toccara Jones (Cycle 3) for Italian Vogue

Katarzyna (Cycle 10) on the runway of Issey Miyake and Australian Vogue

P/S: Tell me if you have seen any of these ANTM alums in any magazine, movie, runway or campaign.

Send me links.

Song playing inside my head: Hurts’ Wonderful Life
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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last year wearing Zara tee, Topman jeans, Timberland boots, Uniqlo bag

So 2011 is finally here. A decade has passed since I left high school. It's crazy how time just flies by. I'm a decade older now. But deep inside I still feel like a kid. I still believe that Santa Claus is real. What do you mean he's not?!

Anyway, I didn't really partake in the whole countdown, firework and New Year's kiss ritual last night. I went out with a friend but we were so annoyed by the crowd and the noise, we decided to head home early. I guess we were just no longer excited about it because we've been there so many times before. That and because I am working today (Saturday).

All my rings are from DIVA

Yeah, it's stupid! Who works on the 1st of January?! But here I am in my office trying to be a good employee. I decided not to call in sick because I did that last year. Hahah. But I heard we could leave early today after the new students registration. So fingers-crossed!

Btw, each time people ask me what is my resolution for 2011. I just tell them I want to become popular.

Ha ha...

Song playing inside my head: Mariah Carey's Auld Lang Syne
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