Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jaspal Fashionista Search

Yours truly in a whole lot of Cotton On and Topman jeans side by side with Miss Ashleigh

Gorgeous Amber Chia

Wilson the sweetie pie and Ash

Another entry that supposed to be published ages ago. So here it is finally.

I was invited by my friend Ashleigh to Jaspal SS 2011 show at Mid Valley and she was one of the models for the Fashionista Search Competition. So I skipped STYLO that night to show some love for her.

I was late that evening (as always, like other divas do) and was rushing home from work to change. Got there around 7.45pm and thank god the show hasn't even started. Chatted with Ash quite a bit before she left to entertain other guests at the party. So I sat at a corner with my drinks and mini pop-tarts till the show finally began.
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It was a fun show and the garments were very wearable. Well nobody really expected couture that evening. Afterall, it was Jaspal, not Jasper Conran. Amber Chia kick-started the show looking gorgeous as ever! Can't believe she's just had a baby few months ago!

Top model, Wilson was there too. I asked Ash to take photo with him because I was just too shy to approach him at the beginning. But he was such a darling and down to earth! We even exchanged business cards. So now I have his phone number and we talk like everyday ya know.

Just kidding!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2011 Partie:2

After getting "waxed" in Topman tee and skinny jeans with Hush Puppies boots

With model Wilson in Hob Nobs tee, Seed skinny pants, Philosophy suspenders and Bonia boots

Trying to keep up here, so here’s part two. I can slap me on the face for publishing old news but you have to understand that I’m a one-man show and currently working two jobs. My laptop is slow and my brain can hardly focus on writing after 6pm.

So I attended another two STYLO events and one of them happened to be “Interview with the Vampire” Pre-opening party where it was all about men’s fashion inspired by all things Dracula, blood splatters and spider webs. Local designers Key Ng (my fave), William Liew and Bon Zainal created looks based on the theme of the night and sent them down the runway with most of the models donning black wigs and even darker expression on their faces.

The show was ok but I was not really jumping off my seat. The male “dancers” performance at the end of the show was a bigger hit. I got candle wax from the candle stand at the end of the runway landed straight on my shoulder and I didn’t even notice it until one of the STYLO girls started to point in my direction! Ha-ha! It was so damn embarrassing.

The final night was the “Moulin Rouge” Gala where awards were given to the winners of Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Award. Here is the list of winners for that night:

Designer of the Year: Faisol Abdullah (Jendela Batik)
Emerging Designer of the Year: Lorenzo Peh (SML Academy)
Model of the Year: Carla Soong
Industry Award: CY Cheong (Padini)
Supermodel Mentor: Cilla Foong
Best Showcase: Jovian Mandagie

There goes my Zara jacket

The invite said Moulin Rouge so I decided to wear a simple plain tee with suspenders, blue slacks and black boots. Well I thought I look like one of those street kids in old French movie or something. But as I stepped out of the car, I saw these other people in their suits and jackets. I panicked and changed from my almost see-through white tee into a black one that I brought along just in case. So nipples were saved for the night.

Oh! Who could forget the unveiling of the USD3.5 million purse by Robert Mouawad! The heart-shaped purse was handcrafted out of 18 carat gold, 4517 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink and 4356 colorless). I wonder how heavy it was.

London-based Korean designer Ara Jo also showcased her collection for AW 2011 on the runway that night and the fact that Lady Gaga has worn one of her designs was repeatedly mentioned throughout the night for at least 10 times. OK! Lady Gaga! We got your point!

Well STYLO was a lot of fun. I just wish that the venue was not that big of a “secret” which ended up making it almost impossible to reach. But I’m glad that it was not right smack in the middle of a shopping mall either. Ahem...

Read more about the event and less about me HERE and HERE

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Monday, April 18, 2011

STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2011 Partie:1

Yours truly in Tommy Hilfiger striped cardigan, Topman wide-neck, Topman skinny jeans, Lewre boots and Uniqlo bag. Gillian Hung in the background

I’ve been busy attending events and fashion shows for the past couple of weeks. It’s kinda strange how there were like 3 or 4 fashion weeks happening simultaneously in conjunction with the Grand Prix. I mean what do fast cars have to do with fashion?!

I was invited to STYLO Fashion Grand Prix which was actually the biggest of all. The invite was under Fash-un-able instead of Emmagem. That was quite something. I heard somebody said that “STYLO simply invite just about everyone to come to their event”. But what the hell, they took the trouble to email and call me on the phone. So I guess that supposed to mean something and I don’t think they do the same with all other hundreds of people who attended the event every single night throughout the week.

I went to only three shows because A) I have to work until 6pm everyday B) It was impossible to get to the coveted “Scarlett Theatre” without my friends driving me there. C)As much as I love the fact that the organizer decided to have different themes every night, putting together an outfit within just less than an hour before the event was tougher than getting to the event itself. Click to

I ended up going to BDA/YODA show, the “Interview with the Vampire” Grand Pre-Opening and the final night of “Moulin Rouge” Gala. The BDA/YODA show started an hour late. My friend and I haven’t eaten anything since morning so we got a little bit cranky and restless. We started to look around the place and stamp our imaginary “TRASHY” stickers on people who we felt, well... too trashy for the event.

The show was a usual mix of mediocre and utter disaster designs. I’ll have to say that there were some memorable moments like Rico Rinaldi and Amir Rafiqee. But overall it could have been better. I have written all about it HERE on Emmagem. And one of the designers actually left a comment and took the trouble to explain about one of his models who tripped on the stairs of the runway. And for the record, it has nothing to do with the bows on her shoes.

Gosh! Should’ve written about this weeks ago. So I’m going to turn this into a 2-part entry. Just stay tune for the next one.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Afternoon Rain/Cage

Still from Hujan Panas

Whenever there's no good fashion events to go to, my friend and I love to play film critics. I'm talking about the real full on merciless bitchy type film critics. Even bitchier than Ben Lyons.

Instead of going to fashion related events, we'll go to film screenings. Not all of them worth mentioning tho. Some of them felt like watching a camcorder turned on by accident. Not in Kim K and P.Hils kinda way. But I guess you know what I mean.

But two short films shown at The Actors Studio in collaboration with WAMM a few weeks back really surprised us. Us here refering to myself and my forever pain in the neck accomplice, Shikin.

The first one was Sangkar (Cage) by Sharifah Amani. This short film is the young actress' directorial debut and being supposedly mentored by the late Yasmin Ahmad, it has her signature written all over it. I'm not an expert but in terms of originality, there's not much of that going on here. I have to say that the storyline and the subject are quite interesting. But Amani couldn't take all the credits for it as it was based on a true story.

Read a full expert's review HERE

The second short film shown that evening was Hujan Panas (Afternoon Rain) by Nadiah Hamzah. I was very impressed by the talent of this NYU student. Hujan Panas reminded me of Sophia Coppola's Lost in Translation but not in a copycat-wannabe kinda way. Shot entirely in my hometown of New York, this short film gelled together a good storyline along with impeccable acting talent of the lead, Beto Kusyairi. Looking forward to more of Nadiah Hamzah's work in the future.

Read a full expert's review HERE

Rollin' Sixers in action

The young directors discussing their works

As for the screening event that evening, the air was cool and laid-back with opening performance by local band Rollin' Sixers who also debuted their music video right after their three-song set. The discussion at the end was a bit pointless tho' as most of the attendees were singing their praises to the directors instead of asking good questions and discussing the films.

Well I didn't ask any question at all. By the time they started the discussion, I was busy tweeting about the death of Elizabeth Taylor.

So much for film critic huh?

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Esquire MY Launch

In Zara jacket, H&M tee, Topman jeans and evil-eye necklace with Deborah Henry in Herve Leger

Serina C, Lina Teoh, Xandra Oii and Daphne Iking telling jokes on stage

I honestly didn't have any idea that we're going to have our own localized version of Esquire magazine until one of my friends tweeted about going to its launch party. So I googled Esquire MY and found the email address of the editor in chief Sam Coleman. I sent him an email right away (this was exactly just a day prior to the launch). I got his reply the next day in the morning along with few other emails from their PR Manager as well as the event manager. By 10am, I was cordially invited to what supposed to be the event of the year. Yay! Cheers Mr. Coleman!
With Winnie Loo of A Cut Above
The start-studded event took place at the Intermark Tower attended by local celebs including Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia World/Universe), Stephanie Chai, Serena C, Lina Teoh, Daphne Iking, Dom Lau (E!News Asia presenter, Hannef Esq and Asha Gill among others. I was all alone at first as my invite didn't say anything about bringing along a plus one. So up until the time my friend Ashleigh (met her through this blog)showed up, I was contemplating about leaving the party early. I sat with Steph and Deborah for the entire time and they were surprisingly welcoming and very friendly. Steph actually told me about the prank call that she made when Deborah was on air hosting ntv7's live TV show, Bella. She's hillarious!

So I went a little bit too far with the alcohol that night. But still managed to stay sober enough for the fashion show, Mizz Nina's performance and some failed comedy routine including one that involved Daphne, Xandria, Serena and Lina Teoh. Unfortunately, I didn't exchange my gift ticket and left behind my Esquire magazine cover photo =(

It was a great party and congratulations to Esquire magazine for finally making it to Malaysia, localized articles and all. Next step? Esky Club membership pleaseeee...

Grab your copy of Esquire MY from local newsstands near you. Song playing inside my head: Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers
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Monday, April 4, 2011

My One Night Only: Alexander Wang Nails

My stumpy fingers and ancient Blackberry

Haven't been updating here for quite sometimes. It's been kinda busy for the past few weeks. Stylo Fashion Week is currently taking place for the entire week until Sunday. I was there on Saturday and Sunday. And just like any other fashion events, it involved a lot of waiting and the test of patience. Patience for fashion anyone?

The only piece of A.Wang that I have for now

The Vampire-themed Pre-Opening Fashion Bash yesterday was insane. Not that I got wasted or anything but something happened. But I'm not going to do a full entry on the event yet. I'm just excited to show my nails which I painted specifically for the night.

Could someone please tell me whether vampires really have black nails? I was not too sure but I wanted to stick to the theme of black. So I painted half of my finger nails with Alexander Wang Shiseido Maquillage nail polish in purplish black.

It took me one whole hour to complete all five fingers. And I'm sure I spent the longest on the nails on my right hand. Gosh! Now I know why girls have messy nail polish all the time!

I have to say that mine was not too bad at all for a first timer.But as soon as I got home last night, nail polish was off and here I am back at my desk with fingernails even the homeless will cringe at...

More Stylo Fashion Week highlights coming your way soon people!

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