Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2011

Wearing Key Ng jacket, Padini vest, Topman skinny jeans, Uniqlo bag and Timberland boots

Urgh! Another old news here on Fash-un-able. Bear with me people. I'm a terrible blogger! Oh gosh! No wonder there are only 9 followers on my Facebook page.

Anyway I was invited to Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelor Bash at Mist Bangsar. It's always fun and a wee bit naughty at their event every year. I attended the military-themed bash last year at Zouk and I have to say that this year's party was nothing compared to that one.

The theme was 20s flapper (think a lot of feathers, boas, lace headbands, guys in bowler hats and pearls). But yours truly was in his usual uniform of jacket, tight jeans and boots. Boo! Well I'm not too big on theme and costumes. So who cares if there was nothing pre-war about my ensemble. Click for more

The host Julie Woon (along with Phat Phabes) was a lot of fun to watch. She laughed like a dude and was extremely hilarious. I was more looking forward to seeing her back on stage than a bunch of bachelors singing to Bruno Mars' hits that night.

But in the end, after a torturous evening of line dancing,marshmallow eating and styling competition, there could only be one Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor. The title went to Josiah Mizukami.

So my friend and I was like, "Do you think these Cleo readers will ever let a regular looking(but amazing)local guy win the title?"

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

AXE Tribunal Court

Lazy day outfit of DC Comic tee, cuffed Topman jeans, leather shoes and Uniqlo bag

So yours truly is not only about fashion events and high-end product launch. I was actually there at Mist Club Bangsar to celebrate Axe Tribunal Court a few weeks ago. Yes! Axe as in the body spray that will make ladies go gaga and write down their phone numbers on sandwich and window-pane. I'm sure you get the idea.

So this little celebration that they had was to celebrate Axe "Most Wanted". These people were selected contestants who supposedly guilty for so many reasons including "for being born a seductionist" and "for having body too hot to walk away from". Faint!

So the entire evening was all about them proving their guilt by letting girls dancing around them like a stripper poll, Q&A sessions and more dancing. Well I was a bit too tipsy to remember the details but I think this chubby guy named Sanjay was announced as the "guilty one" at the end.

Bumped into Dannie. He was part of the team. He came over to say hi and said " I didn't know you go to this kind of event!?" And I was like "I go to all kinds of event Dannie!".

I wanted to add "as long as they have free flow of alcohol!" but the words somehow didn't come out. So I kept drinking and cheering for the contestants.


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Topman Spring Summer 2011 at Suria KLCC

The third model was totally smiling for my camera right!?

Am such a bad blogger with still a bulk of outdated event entries that should have been published here weeks and weeks ago. So today let's do Topman SS 2011 show at Suria KLCC Fashion Week.

I was there as Fashion Fast Forward card holder as well as one of the bloggers invited to cover the event. I was supposed to go with a friend but he decided to take a rain check. He couldn't make it on time because of the weather. But I was there. Late and a little soaked but still managed to get a seat at the crowded event.

Back home in Dior tee, Topman jeans and Timberland boots

Evil-eye necklace and this open-palm thing that I don't what it's called and F21 necklace

So the collection this season centers around the idea of outdoor-wear inspired by nautical and distressed explorer elements. It's all about layering clashing patterns and fabrics. Love the knits, over-sized cape and rope belts. But not too sure about the belted high-waisted pants that I think might have looked better if worn slouchy like drop-crotch pants.
Photos from Topman FB page. Check out the high-waisted shorts

Was not too successful with my photographic skills that evening. Well I was alone and the models were walking waaay too fast. So most runways photos that I snapped are just bad. I didn't even take my own photo at the event although when asked about my outfit, I was proudly telling one of the press there that I was wearing a Dior tee.

I snapped my own photo at home instead. With underwear and dirty laundry in the background. And that's my friend is what Fash-un-able is all about!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mod House SS 2011

Wearing Uniqlo chambray jacket, Padini shirt, Topman belt and carrot cut jeans, Loewe boots and brown leather bag

I was at The Mod House SS 2011 presentation at Pavilion KL in conjunction with Grand Prix last month. Another entry long overdue I know. But what the hell! It's better late than never right?

If you're still clueless about The Mod House, it is actually a homegrown brand established back in 2007. MOD, appropriately enough is an abbreviation that stands for Malaysian Original Design. The brand is all about designing fashion for today's cosmopolitan women. Click to

The clothes are all very city-chic and suitable for women who love fashion but not too keen on going over the top and splurging their hard earned cash for items that they ended up wearing only once or twice throughout the season.

Looks seen on the runway of The Mod House were all very simple, wearable and flattering on most types of body. The dresses were cinched at the waist with belts and accessories were kept to minimal.

So why don't you head on to The Mod House stores near you and check out the collection for yourself.

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