Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emmagem 5th Anniversary and Emm-a-man Launch

With Wilson wearing my own I.N.C military shirt, Zara tee, Topman skinny jeans, Hush Puppies boots and accessories from Cotton On

Emmagem celebrated its 5th anniversary last month. Okay I'm always late in updating stuff here. But I always get it done! You can count on me. Better late than never! Yeah that's my thing and nope... I'm not proud of it so just read on alright!?

I took a day off from my other job and woke up around 12pm to make it on time for the party. But staying true to my pattern (stylishly late) it took me hours to decide on an outfit because I thought every single thing from my closet made me look fat. I ended up wearing my slouchy Zara tee with an army shirt on top of it. Plus the usual skinny pants and black boots. Ooh! By the way I wrote about wearing button-down as jacket trend on Emm-a-man last week. Click HERE to read.

The party was to celebrate the 5th year of Emmagem as well as the launch of Emm-a-man our new website for the gentlemen. I'm so damn proud of Emm-a-man because my editor and I have been talking about the possibility for so long. It started off with just a weekly column that I contributed for every Wednesday on Emmagem and now it's finally here! A full-fledged website! Click for more!

The party was held at Millesime, Solaris Dutamas. It's a French-fusion restaurant at the corner of the building which made it almost impossible to find. I reached there around 3pm and said 'hi' to the website's new interns. We've been corresponding though emails but have never really met each other face to face. I liked them instantly. They were lovely.

Xavier Mah and Sua among other attendees that evening

With my editor Yet Mee and Steph the intern
Yours truly, Yet Mee and MayLee another intern

The launch started an hour later and by that time I was so nervous that none of friends responded to my invites to the party. But thank god Wilson called and said he would be there. But he was running late and had to go home first from another event.

Yeah Wilson made it. At 6pm! Ha-ha! Poor guy... He got lost and told me how he was in such a hurry he simply grabbed his outfit and didn't have time to properly do his hair. He looked fabulous nonetheless. After all, this is Wilson Tan one of the hottest male models in Malaysia right now.

As for the party, it was simple yet meaningful. Well at least to me it was. I've been with Emmagem for 2 years now and I've been all over the city attending fabulous events and making a lot of connections with some truly amazing people of the industry. I've complimented Matthew Williamson collection personally and Bernard Chandran once complimented the jacket that I had on. Isn't that crazy!? I'm just a small town boy!

So thanks a lot Emmagem for the opportunity and for believing in me. Cheers to many more years to come!

Song playing inside my head: Janet's Got Till It's Gone
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Get Your Sultry On

Wearing my fave Cotton On tee, Topman jeans, Uniqlo bag, Aldo high-tops and a whole lot of bracelets

I have a set of playlist on my iPod that I listen to whenever I'm alone at Starbucks or walking down the street on my own in the middle of the crowd. I named it "Sultry". I am not even close to that but I try...

It's good for my confidence. When I have my earphones on, it's just me and my own thoughts.

The world disappears...

1. I'll Remember- Madonna
2. Skin- Sade
3. Don't Hold Your Breath- Nicole Scherzinger
4. Lhuna- Coldplay and Kylie
5. Devotion- Hurts and Kylie
6. Crazy- Seal
8. The Time Is Now- Moloko
9. Gabriel- Lamb
10.Go On Girl- Ne yo
11. Ego- Beyonce
12. I Want You- Madonna
13. Sweetest Hangover- Diana Ross
14. Mad About You- Hooverphonic
15. One Line- PJ Harvey
16. Overpowered- Roisin Murphy
17. Poison- Nicole Scherzinger
18. The Power of Goodbye- Madonna
19. Pyro- Kings of Leon
20. Running Up That Hill- Placebo
21. Skin- Rihanna
22. Stars- Warpaint
23. Teardrop- Massive attack
24. Utopia- Goldfrapp

Here's my article on female empowerment songs on EMMAGEM
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Carrie Says...

Photo from HERE

‎"Oh please! There are depressed women all over New York doing the exact same thing as her and not calling it art. I mean, if you put a phone up on that platform, it's just a typical Friday night waiting for some guy to call." - Carrie

Song playing inside my head: Joss Stone's It's A Man's Man's World
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Left: Graphic tee, Cotton On military jacket, Topman jeans, DIVA vampire ring and brown leather bag. Right: Off to work in work staples-- Padini and Seed
Left: Another work outfit. Seed shirt and pants with Topman belt. Right: Uniqlo tee, Topman jeans, Chuck Taylors and Reebok back-pack

I think the world knows by now that I take photos of my outfit. Not because I'm vain but simply because I love my clothes. I pick them up and I style myself. So each outfit photo always feels like a serious achievement to me.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. I guess the fact that I am not seriously good-looking makes it okay. Imagine Chris Evans with a personal style blog. Now that's vain!

In Uniqlo tee, Topman black carrot-cut jeans, Cotton On friendship bracelets and brown leather bag

Song playing inside my head: KT Tunstall's Someday Soon
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lost Photos

So here are some photos I discovered while trying to clear up some space on my Blackberry. These are mostly taken for friends on BBM and Whatsapp but I love them so much that I couldn't bring myself to get rid of any of them. Now that I've posted all of them here, I can finally press DELETE.

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Each time I go back home, I'll rush into my bedroom and say 'hi' to my three best friends. I decided to leave them behind instead of taking them to KL with me because I want to have something to look forward to each time I go back home. It's good to know they will always be there waiting for me along with my Sex and The City box-set DVD that I'll watch late at night after my parents are asleep with snacks from their fridge.

Each one has a meaning. I know that the Evil-eye bounce back bad energy

A traditional Nyonya restaurant in Malacca from one of my very rare short trips away from the city earlier this year
My iPod deck playing Norah Jones. Never underestimate the power of her songs when the lights turned down low

I love it when it rains at night and you can see the light reflected on the streets and window panes

Song playing inside my head: Anggun's Only Love
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad

Ok I’m supposed to work on this Excel sheets that we were all assigned to do at work but I seriously don’t feel like it. It is still the weekend after all. If it’s not for the holy month of Ramadan, I will be sweating it out at the club right now. Yikes! It’s almost three! It’s time to hail a cab home now. Drunk. Urghh!

So I think I better work on another entry. This time it’s on A Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad screening at KLPac a few weeks back. It was the screening of her first ever feature film ‘Rabun’. That’s ‘Poor/Failing Eyesight’ for all of you my non Malay-speaking readers. It was free, I was free that evening and I haven’t actually seen the movie so I decided to go on my friend’s invitation.

I’ve seen at least more than half of the film that she’s ever produced. She was and still is my favourite local film-maker. It's a shame for such a pure talent to leave us too soon. I’m sure Yasmin has a lot more to offer. Without her, local movie-goers have to settle for a bunch of tacky college love stories and movies about local gangsters in cornrows and stick-on tattoos.

The screening was delayed because Yasmin’s sister; Orked left the DVD at home. So while waiting for her to drive back home to get the DVD, they showed I think almost all of the TV ads ever produced by Yasmin Ahmad throughout her career. Mostly for Independence Day and Aidilftri, they really brought back memories; both good and bad. Some of them even took us way back to the 90s when I was still just a primary school student and the only joy in my life came from watching TV after school.

The movie finally began and I sat there enjoying every second of it. I don’t always laugh when I watch movies because I’m such an icy cold creature or something like that, but I totally did that night. It was a lot of fun. When it ended just like any other movie screenings, a Q&A session followed. And just like any other Q&A sessions of movie screenings that I have ever attended, I didn’t even bother to ask questions. Instead, I was busy snapping photos of Mohsen. Yes the kid from one of her movies was there that evening. All grown up.

I royally fucked my memory stick and deleted photos taken at the screening. Only managed to recover the thumbnails :(
But I did gather some facts about Yasmin as told by her sister that evening:

  • Most of Yasmin’s movies are based on her family members and life when she was growing up in her hometown
  • ‘Rabun’ was made for her father who was sick at that time. When her father recovered, she decided to make more.
  • She wrote her own scripts but did a lot of tweaking during the shooting process that the movies turned out totally different from the original scripts.
  • Mohsen didn’t come and audition for the part. He was accompanying his cousin and was spotted by Yasmin herself.
  • Before Yasmin passed away, she was in the process of collaborating with film-makers from Japan for her next project. One of them happened to be the son of Yoko Ono and John Lennon (Sean Lennon perhaps?).
  • She managed to finish several movie scripts which fates are still unknown—whether any of them will see the light of day or not.
RIP Yasmin Ahmad.You are dearly missed.

Support and learn more about Yasmin Ahmad Children Fund under Mercy Malaysia at their website HERE

Song playing inside my head: Goldfrapp’s Believer
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Truly a Shopper

Hosts Hansen Lee and Belinda Chee
The three finalists

So I have a lot of event coverage way past their shelf dates. But I somehow feel obligated to write or at least mention them because these people have been kind enough to invite me and I really appreciate the opportunity to take part in all of these fabulous events and parties. Come on! I’m just a writer and blogger for this blog with only 16 followers on its Facebook page. I bet there are like millions other similar local blogs out there.

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Anyway, I was invited by my good friend famous local menswear designer Mr. Bon Zainal to Truly a Shopper event a few months back at Celsius Bar, Fahrenheit 88. It was the finale for an online shopping reality show for Tourism Malaysia website. The show was very successful. Viewers tuned in every week to check out the progress of each contestant on weekly challenges leading to the announcement of Malaysia’s ultimate shopaholic extraordinaire that day.

Bon Zainal and friends

Swing Chan the ultimate shopaholic
Snapped this when I got home from the event. Wearing Topman tee, Uniqlo denim jacket, Topman skinny jeans, Cotton On boots and F21 and Diva necklaces

The three finalists were Swing Chan, Ing Kai Teo and Iva Aguero. But in the end judges Gillian Hung and Benjamin Thoong decided that Swing Chan was the deserving winner of the competition. I kinda hoped that Iva Aguero won because she dressed very well compared to the other two finalists and I like her personality. Yeah, from a few seconds of the show snippets shown on the big screen.

Bon Zainal was one of the judges for the earlier rounds of the show. That evening he introduced me to Amir Luqman, another designer whom I’ve bumped into so many times at other events but never really officially introduced. He turned out to be quite nice and humble. There were also these two business partners with a very big mission for our city. We discussed some of the details but they requested me to remain tight-lipped about the plan until it finally takes shape and ready to be announced. All I can say right now is—I AM SO EXCITED!

And as for the show Truly a Shopper, there will be a second season coming up soon. For more details check out

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Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Apartment KLCC. I was in all black. Tee and bracelets from Cotton On, Necklace from F21

I celebrated my birthday recently. I'm older now! Big deal!

The initial plan was to have a proper birthday dinner with a bunch of friends. But I realized that I have like several different groups of friends who don't really know each other. I guess it wouldn't be that nice to get them to sit together and pretend to know each other just because it was my birthday. So I decided not to. I ended up celebrating my birthday for the entire week with all of them at different locations. Ha-ha!

Here are some of the photos. I've selected only a few because I looked mostly fat and tired in most of them.

With the two Nadias for dinner at Malones Pavilion. Again in black. Tee, bracelets and necklace from Cotton On
With Shikin. My tee is from Peacock London

At Thai-la Cap Square with Sue and Jue and my tee is from Uniqlo

I always have lengthy almost endless rambling about getting older each year. I decided not to this year. There have been ups and downs, my life is full of drama, I am still single bla bla bla... But we all went through all of these things and we just deal with it, grow up and learn from it.

So I guess cheers for still being here despite whatever shit thrown at me. I think my friends are fabulous. I'm stronger each day because of you guys. But I'm still the queen bee of the society alright!

Oh! My friend Erwan is not in any of the photos because he couldn't make it! But he called and he has a cute accent... so I forgive him ;)

Song playing inside my head: Nicole Scherzinger's Right There feat. 50 Cents
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