Monday, October 24, 2011

Passion for Fashion

Who else is going to Passion for Fashion tomorrow night?! Do I need to go shopping for new clothes? We'll see about that! Read more!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

YODA Takes Us Back to the Eighties

Still a bit hungover from heavy partying the night before, I woke up so late on Saturday. Picked up the phone and call my friends to see if there was anywhere good to go. I somehow ended up at an event by organized by YODA (Young Designers Arena) at Fahrenheit 88 that afternoon. The theme was "Back to the Eighties" and the only thing Eighties on me that day was the birth year written on my ID. Ha-ha!

Didn't expect a lot of friends to be there. Steven was there, Wilson--Mr.Model Man (Oops..Supermodel), Mr.Bon Zainal, Azmeer... everyone was there and I was introduced to Hotmama--Stephanie Liah and her BFF, Amyza. Had a really great time chatting with her and viewing the collections along with some snarky remarks. Most of them from yours truly of course. Ha-ha! CLICK FOR MORE

The models and group photos at the end of the event. I was wearing my F&F trompe l'oeil shirt, Topman cuffed-jeans, Bonia shoes and vintage clutch

But I have to give it up to all these young designers. It's not easy to come out with your own label these days. Well actually you can, if you have a lot of money and your dad is a Tan Sri who's willing to take care of everything. But for the rest of these aspiring designers, they have to really earn it and get as many people as possible to notice their talent.

YODA is a great platform for this youngsters and they have been doing a lot for them lately.

Check out more on the events and designers HERE

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Group photos are by Sam Kassim

Song playing inside my head: Jessie J's Who We Are
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Manhunt Malaysia 2011

And right after the eyewear launch, yours truly rushed to another event. But I think my mind was elsewhere for whatever reason that I went to the wrong venue. My friend Wilson was already at Zouk waiting for me for Uberman launch. But I mistakenly went to Marketplace instead for Manhunt Malaysia 2011. I found out later that Wils' initial plan was to go to Zouk first and only after that we would go to Marketplace.

Anyhoo... I was there throughout the competition. Not impressed at all... I'm sorry... But each time I saw cameras pointing toward my direction, I smiled and clapped like I really mean it. I texted Bon Zainal when the emcee announced that the evening wear was sponsored by the designer. It turned out that he was a few tables away from me with his friend--another menswear designer, Azmeer.

Ended up joining them at their table for the rest of the night. He even took me backstage to photograph all of the contestants and the winner that night-- Juan. He represented Malaysia for the final competition in Seoul, Korea. He was quite alright. Made it to the Top 16 but didn't win :(

Well as for the reason why I was not impressed by most(but not all especially David cuz I know him. Hehe!) of the contestants that night? Here's a photo of the Grand Prize winners at the final competition and the rest are our very own local boys giving us sexy at the competition.

I'll let you be the judge.

If you wanna know who actually won the whole thing-- click HERE

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Levi's and M by Missoni Eyewear Launch

Wearing H&M tee, Seed pants, Aldo hi-tops and Uniqlo bag

Okay this one is like from ages ago. But I've promised Jimmy Ong who invited me to the event that I will write an entry about it.

I was a bit late for the event. Thanks to the heavy traffic on Friday afternoon and a meeting earlier on that took ages to finish.

I reached Fahrenheit 88 after like an hour in the cab, collected my press kit, made my way through the crowd and snapped countless photos of the gorgeous eyewear from Levi's and M by Missoni. Well god knows I'm obsessed with Missoni and all of their zig-zag patterns and Italian craftsmanship. Managed to try on a few pairs which according to the guys at the booth were "unisex".

Oh gosh! Please don't even mention my outfit that day. I looked fat and haggard. I love the high-tops tho. They were Aldo. Wilson has the exact same pair and I told him to gimme a call each time he plans to wear them to any party or event. Ha-ha!

I can't shake this one thing that happened a few days ago out of my mind. I was shopping for groceries in KLCC. As I was struggling with my bags of stuff, I saw a skinny kid wearing the exact same tee as the one that I had on. It's was Topman with red stitching across the chest. I was so embarrassed, I took out my cell and pretended to answer a phone call.

Oh! So Levi's and M by Missoni eyewear. They are gorgeous! Levi's even designed a pair for men that comes with a set of headphones. As for Missoni, I want them all but it's such a shame they don't stock men's eyewear here in KL.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

For The Time Being

New boots from Peacocks

A playlist update is mandatory for now as I am too busy and of course lazy to write lengthy entries. I've been attending quite a number of events lately. Well I know people who get event invitations every day of the week, but I'm not a supermodel or TV producer so I'm lucky enough to get at least two or three per week.

So here are songs that I have been listening to on repeat in my room while trying to shake off my headache and hangover.

1. Mr Know It All- Kelly Clarkson
2. Otis- Kanye West and Jay-Z
3. Try A Little Tenderness- Otis Redding
4. Who We Are- Jessie J
5. Countdown- Beyonce
6. How Come You Never Go There- Feist
7. Headlines- Drake
8. Gonna Get Over You Sara Bareilles


Will update soon. But for now check out both and
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Models Night @ Aristo

Christian, Arico, Steffie and yours truly
Wils and Steffie work it out!
Christian and David at the pool table

Once done with HUGO launch all of us models, writers and agents decided to hit the club after a short break for roti canai at NZ. The plan was to go to another event at Time-Out but we were late and it was over. So we ended up at Aristo, Zouk for Models Night. Ten free-drinks tickets each, pool tables, some retro music and even more models inside the club. The rest of the night was all very blurry... Well at least to me it was! CLICK FOR MORE!

Arico was saying something
Wilson was telling me to lose weight!! Just kidding ;)
David was good

Song playing inside my head: Beyonce's Countdown

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HUGO Just Different

I was at HUGO Just Different launch a few weeks ago at Rootz, Lot 10. Had an insane amount of fun although the event was off for a slow start. Everyone was there including Miss Malaysia/World Thanuja Ananthan, actress Siti Saleha and singer Arabyrd. Josiah Mizukami and Julie Woon were the emcee of the night.

My editor was there for a very short while and I was half-drunk by the time she got there. Things started to really kick off when Wilson arrived during the 30-minute interval when all of us had to step out for them to change the backdrop to get ready for party that night.

I've never had HUGO BOSS fragrances in my collection because I'm more of a citrus and zesty Calvin Klein kinda guy but I love this new one. Specifically made for the night-- perfect for party monsters like you and me

For more on HUGO Just Different and the launch click HERE

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