Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welian and Dash at MiFA

Tweetpic while waiting for the show to begin at MiFA

Designer and my fave gurl Sasha Rowena also showcased her collection at at MiFA this year. She collaborated with Aida Adnan for the first time for their new clothing label Welian & Dash.

The looks are girly with bright colors like turquoise and yellow. They also come in separates which you can mix and match with other pieces. The best part is how affordable each garments are. How affordable is Welian & Dash? Check out or her Facebook page for more info. CLICK FOR MORE

MiFA Pre-Launch Party with Sasha and Bon

With Sasha and Marriam at Glam event

By the way, I spilled red-wine on the skirt of the first look pictured here. Sasha wore them to the MiFA Pre-Launch party few months back. I was tipsy, we were just talking and I guess my hand gestures were a bit too extreme that I hit the glasses of red wine on the table. Ha-ha! It spilled on Bon Zainal's velvet jacket too! Yikes!

Photos: Sasha Rowena, Marriam Yusof and yours truly

Song playing inside my head: Lana Del Ray's Video Games
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MiFA Glam Lelaki Pt.2

Regnum Lapideum by Silas Liew

Rawmeo by Benson Chen

Joe Chia

Here's Part 2 of my MiFa Glam Lelaki Gala entry. It was great to see my friends David, Wilson, Zack and Kenzo strutting their stuff down the runway like it was nobody's business. These guys are so professional! I tried to be the same by not screaming their names or distracting them.

I've actually witnessed this certain model's friends/relatives whom I think didn't understand that modelling IS actually a job. They were cheering so loud from where they were sitting and trying so desperately to get noticed. This is the kind of behavior that will make Anna Wintour furiously walk out of a fashion show!

These people have to understand that once the models are on the runway, they are committed on only one thing- to showcase the garments the best way possible while sticking to the overall theme of the show.


Hmmm.. Just sayin'...

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MiFA Glam Lelaki Pt.I

Key Ng

William Liew

I was in the front row for Glam Lelaki show as promised. So I managed to score a few good shots with my cheap camera. Enjoy!

Bon Zainal

Key Ng

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fash @ MiFa Autumn in KL Gala

With Porchea and Wilson

With Kee Hua Chee and friends

In Seed jacket, Gap tee, Topman jeans and brown envelope clutch

With Steph and Amy

Read more about MiFA Autumn in KL HERE

Photos from GML Photography, Stephanie Liah and yours truly.

Song playing inside my head: Lykke Li's I Follow River (David Sitek Mix)
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MiFA in photos

Bernard Chandran SS 2012


Better late than never. Here are some of the good photos I snapped from my seat at MiFA last month.


Bernard Chandran SS 2012

FK by Farah Khan

Song playing inside my head: Amy Winehouse's Tears Dry

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sigrid Agren Vogue China April 2010

I don’t know about you guys but I always find myself wanting something so bad. So bad that I want it to be mine right there and then upon the first time I lay my eyes on it. I feel like I could never live without it. When I finally have it right in front of me, I begin to realize that it is not exactly what I wanted and it is not as good as I thought it would be. Just like a song that you kill by hitting the repeat button or as a kid, a new toy that you started to dissemble after a few hours playing with it.

Maybe I don’t always know exactly what I want.

It’s my problem. I’ll fix it and I’ve already started by letting you go.

Song playing inside my head: Damien Rice’s Cannonball
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MiFW Playlist

Bernard Chandran Spring 2012

Although I'm done with one whole week of running around at MiFW (Malaysia International Fashion Week), I still do have some of the songs from the runway shows playing on repeat inside my head. I'm all for good remix and punching bass line on the runway.

So here are some of the songs heard on the fashion runway of MiFW and other designers around the world.

1. Get Off (Jack Beats remix)- Diplo & Blaqstarr
2. Fly Me Away- Goldfrapp
3. Leave House- Caribou
4. Come Undone(DJ Lex remix)- Duran Duran
5. Cupid Boy (Stereogamous Dub)- Kylie
6. $copie - Die Antwoord
7. Yes Sir I Can Boogie- Baccara
8. Hello - Martin Slolveig feat. Dragonette
9. Raise Your Weapon (Madeon remix) - deadmau5 Read more!

Bell & Ross & Envy

Deanna Yusoff

Bon Zainal and friend

I was so damn jealous of my friend's Bell&Ross wrist watch because he got it as a gift from a friend in Aussie. I was hinting to him like crazy about how I would love to receive my own as a gift for my birthday next year. Better start saving for it now.

My phone rang a couple of days after our conversation (and my sick attempt to get him to buy me one). It was my editor asking me to come with her to Bell & Ross party at Pavilion. What a coincidence huh?

The dancers

Yours truly in Key Ng With Betty

The theme was Roaring Twenties. It would have been much easier if I were a girl. Feathers, pearls, flapper dress.... perhaps a turban and I'm good to go. I knew I was not supposed to wear my skinny pants so I opted for a pair of loose, blue stripey pants that still have the price-tag attached. Ended up buying a shrunken jacket from Key Ng on my way to Pavilion because I hated the shirt that I had on. Thank god it was on sale and the shop assistant was so kind.

Ended up partying until late as Steven,Bon and the gang were there. I was dancing and acting goofy with actress/singer Betty Banafee. She really knows how to party! Well the watches were exquisite and so does the rare appearance of the stunning Deanna Yusoff singing La Vie En Rose on stage.

What a night!

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Song playing inside my head: Caribou's Sun
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hot, Hottie, Hot at The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia

With Steffie, Frank, Parisz and Arico

Jimmy Lee

I was invited by my dear friend/designer Bremen Wong to the final of New Icon's The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia. I have covered the event for Emm-a-man long time ago which you can read about HERE. Well of course the priority is Emm-a-man because I have to stick to deadlines. Fash-un-able is mine so there's no such thing because pretty similar to my own life, it's a bit all over the place sometimes. Ha-ha!

So I was there and I asked my friend Ivan, Steffie and Arico to tag along. As expected, it was a night of hot half-naked men showing us their talent, eloquence and of course a whole lot of wash-board abs. The entire event was mostly in Chinese, so I was left with just the visual. Not that I was complaining but my photographer seemed to have a lot more fun snapping away at his spot right in front of the main stage. Ha-ha!

My friend Jimmy Lee was one of the finalist and I was rooting for him that night. But gawd! He looked different in the ballot card that I voted for someone else that looked like him. Sorry Jimmy! Ha-ha!

Joanne Kam as one of the judges

Talent show

With Zack, Bremen, Zhen Hao and Lee Kah Fai

Arico and Steffie

I met Zack, last year's winner who's now building his modelling career while studying at one of the local private colleges. The Quarter Homme gang was also there and I was very glad to see them. Bremen talked to me about his plan for a show before the year ends. But mind you that this conversation took place months ago. The show which Bremen was planning for has taken place last Sunday and I was there. Will write a full entry on that one.

As for The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia, I heard the calendar is out but I'm not too sure because their FB update was in Chinese. Check it out HERE

Photos by: Ivan Lee

Song playing inside my head: Foster The People's Call It What You Want
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it's Passion for Fashion

With Wilson, Steffie and Arico

With Ashleigh

I was wearing Key Ng, Peacocks and a whole lot of Topman that night

Let's do Passion for fashion today. Better late than never!

It was a great night. A lot of celebs. Everyone was there. I was dancing and falling off the sofa for the entire night. The best part was I brought along my own photographer so that I could dance like a total bitch on the stripper-pole all night and still have photos of the event taken care of. Thanks to Ivan. Check out his Facebook page HERE

Got an FB message the day earlier from Josiah asking me where to get a white turtle neck because he was planning to wear one to the party. I asked him to check out Uniqlo and Calvin Klein, which he did. Voila! Who's that guy in white turtle neck at Passion for Fashion? Mr. Josiah Mizukami of course!

With Steffie

Leng Yein walking for Ori Chiew

Carl Graham

Oh! Who can forget the sizzling fashion show by Ori Chiew!? We're always on this constant argument about who's more fab, Ori or Hannef. Ha-ha! I think she's far more fab than I am but she always thinks the opposite.

Rootz was sooo crowded that night and the bar was literally on fire! I can't wait for next year's Passion for Fashion!

Photos by: Ivan Lee, Aerden Oo and Zust

Song playing inside my head : Martin Slolveig's Hello
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Li Life Inspired Anniversary

With Intan from Bella ntv7

Joanne and Angel

General Manager of Li TV Asia with the new regional faces of Li

I was invited to join my good friend Bon Zainal to Li Life Inspired 1st Anniversary at Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental KL. It was a fabulous affair as usual with the A-listers all dressed up to the nines.

The four new regional faces of Li was also revealed that evening. They are Jason Godfrey (Hong Kong), Hannah Al Rashid (Indonesia), Angelique Teoh (Singapore) and David Yee (Malaysia). These four gorgeous hosts will front the two-minute vignettes called LINK. LINK will feature the latest lifestyle trend across the Asian continent that centers around food, home, wellness, travel and of course style.

The event that evening was hosted by Joanne Rozzario and continued on till way past midnight. The music was great, the champagne was free-flow and the food was just delish.

Yummy stuff!

Bon Zainal and Sarah Lian

Bon in his own suit

Angel from Singapore was such a sweetheart and perhaps the most approachable among all four new faces of Li. She wore a red Dolce & Gabbana dress that evening but a bit reluctant to tell me more about her zipper clutch. I wonder why... Ha-ha! A little background check shows that Angel has been a very prominent face in Singaporean television. She even produce her own radio show in between juggling her TV and private function emceeing jobs.

The bar setting that evening

Angel and Bobby

I decided to go for the nautical look with my striped tee underneath my navy-blue jacket. Bon Zainal approved. Ooh! The zebra clutch was such a huge hit too! Intan told me that she loves it. But just like Angel, I'm not going to tell anyone about my clutch. Ha-ha!

Song playing inside my head: Third-eye Blind's How It's Gonna Be?
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