Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fash All Over Town

As promised here are some photos of events from last year. OMG! I have more to cover but for the time being this photo collages will do. No fancy Photoshop or iPhone's Photoshake. These images were created with the good ol Paint application on my computer.


1. With Lulu of Prettylulu at Andrew's Model Fall Party.
2. My open-neck tee, Key Ng cropped jacket and blue clutch.
3. With Irene and Roshini at Clive Magazine Anniversary Party. We were late and had to pay for our drinks! Urghh!
4. In Uniqlo at Esquire's announcement of Malaysia's Best Dressed Man at KLCC.

1. With stylish doctor Juliena at KLutched Benefit Event. Her dress is Lanvin.
2. Breakfast with Bernard Chandran (and Phin) after a short interview at his Area 27 store.
3. With Sam Coleman, the Editor of Esquire Malaysia and Intan of Bella ntv7
4. Opening of Mednspa with my dear friends Steffie and Parisz.
5. My look at MiFA Pre-launch Party: A whole lot of Topman and Key Ng

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Michael Kors Kuala Lumpur

Michael Kors and Thanuja

Michael Kors and Nadine

Michael Kors and Ning

I was so honored to be included on the guest list of Michael Kors Kuala Lumpur store opening. It's the first ever Michael Kors store in Malaysia. Everyone was there. Maya Karin, Ning Baizura, Nadine Ann Thomas, Thanuja Ananthan and all the beautiful people of Kuala Lumpur party scene. I was beyond excited to see Craig Fong. He's a very talented actor and I remember how difficult it was to find his critically acclaimed first movie Spinning Gasing on VCD way back then.

Qalisha, Maya Karin and Cahaya

Yours truly in Key Ng cropped jacket, Peacocks tee and neon clutch

It was also the first time that I got to know Ori and Carl.I was introduced to them by Xavier Mah. Ori is a fashion designer and Carl is a model and works for Fashion TV. Well y'all know this article was supposed to be written back in October last year. So fast forward to 2012, we are now good friends and bumped into each other at so many glamorous events all over the city all the time.

It was a great night. Michael Kors himself was there. The place was packed and the celebrities were all wearing Michael Kors. I was wearing my new Key Ng cropped jacket and I was so damn proud of it. I got it for cheap and I really love the cut.

Ori and Xavier

Ben, Carl and Xavier

With Craig Fong

The after-party was at Casbah. There was a whole different kind of madness going on there! Haha! I lost count of how many models that I asked to join me for photos. Oh my!

**If you haven't checked out the collection yourself, head on to Michael Kors boutique at Level 2 & 3 of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur today.

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Additional photo by Advertlets

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MiFA- Last Part

I can't believe I'm still stuck here uploading photos and talking about last year's MiFA. I really need to speed things up here. I saw other bloggers actually do real time update. Unlike yours truly who takes his own sweet little time and waits for a few months before finally updating on certain events and news. Well you can't blame me. I have a full-time job as well as up to five weekly articles to upload on other websites.

I think I'm going to do the following event updates in bulk. Like this magazine anniversary that I went to. That party blew and I don't think it deserves one whole entry here. There are millions of other things to talk about. Ya know like Milan Menswear Fashion Week. I wanted to write about it here but decided to upload on Emm-a-man instead. Follow the link HERE and leave a comment peeps!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MiFA Gala & Johny Walker Black Circuit Brazil

With Porchea and Sam

On the final day of MiFA I opted for this roomy tee from River Island. It's super comfy. I wore it under my Key Ng jacket. Well a whole day event in tropical country like Malaysia is definitely not easy. You get all sweaty and the girls have to powder their noses like every 30 minutes.

I sweat a lot. So whenever the heat started to become too unbearable, I took off my jacket and walked around in my oversized tee. Felt like I was at home in my living room!

With Stephanie Liah

It was the final night of MiFA Gala where all the awards were given to the designers. Tom Abang Saufi and Jovian Mandagie also showcased their latest collection along with a special performance by local songstress Ning Baizura.

Us with the Ananthan Sisters

But what happened later on that night? Johny Walker Black Circuit at KL Life! I was there with the rest of the gang! Had an insane amount of fun! Everybody was so damn wasted, myself included!

I saw a lot of crazy and scary status update the about that night on Facebook the next day. My experience was rather tame compared to them. Haha!

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MiFA Menswear Day

With Frank, Parisz, Steffie and David. David walked for Glam Lelaki show that evening.

L-R: David, Dior, yours truly, Frank, Parisz, Wilson, Steffie, Daren and Kenzo. Kenzo also walked for the evening show

All of us with Shaun Salim and his brother

Well I ended up going to MiFA wearing just a basic navy tee on the third day. I came straight from work and was all over the place with my bags and stuff. But it was Menswear Day and I was just happy to be there despite my less than glamorous choice of outfit.

The brothers and Stephanie Liah

With my fave model friends- David, Parisz, Kenzo and Steffie

Photos by: GML Photography, Stephanie Liah and Frank Scott Hew

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fash @ MiFa Bernard Chandran Gala

Steph's famous electronic ciggies

Wearing Key Ng jacket, Zara tee, Topman jeans, Peacocks boots and Henry Holland bracelets posing with Parisz

With Parisz and Ori

Vodka toast with Stephanie Liah

From our seat at the evening show

More Parisz and Ori

I rushed to Area27 right before noon for Bernard Chandran's t-shirt art installation at his Fahrenheit 88 store. Grabbed this jacket from Key Ng and went straight to Zebra Square for another day at MiFA. Bernard showed his collection at the gala that night.

Read more about Bernard Chandran's The Right T-shirt installation HERE and his SS2012 collection at MiFA HERE

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Backstage at MiFA with M.A.C

Wearing APC sweater, Topman jeans, H&M rings and M&S shades posing at M.A.C makeup room with Beno Lim.

On the second day of MiFA, M.A.C arranged for a backstage interview with their Senior Makeup Artist from Singapore- Beno Lim. I'm not really a makeup expert because I don't really wear(proper)makeup. I even fucked-up my foundation on the first day of MiFA, which is the reason why all photos taken that day was uploaded black and white. Whoops! Check it out HERE

God knows I was so unprepared for the interview. A phone call came from my editor telling me about the arrangement, waited for one of the makeup artists at the registration before she walked me upstairs to their make-up room.

Beno was such a friendly guy. I felt at ease despite me sitting right next to him with just a piece of paper I scribbled with some quick notes (ie: strong brow, red-lips etc) right before I stepped into the room. Beno has done a lot of major shows at Fashion Weeks all over the world which include Roberto Cavalli, John Richmond, Ann Demulemeester, Salvatore Ferragamo and Blumarine. We talked about current trends in makeup as well as M.A.C's latest products in store.

The models were all set and ready to go when I got there. So after a few quick questions, he thought it would be a good idea if I joined the rest of the team backstage.

And off to the backstage I go =)

Read my interview with Beno Lim HERE

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