Monday, February 27, 2012

TRUTH by Bremen Wong

My good friend/illustrator/milliner Bremen Wong had a presentation late last year which showcased his creations in which he collaborated with BCWA (Breast Cancer Wellfare Association.

This lady was still under chemotherapy and ran to the center right after the show for her treatment

I missed the talk at the beginning but was right on time to check out all the beautiful head-pieces. The models were mostly cancer patients at different stages of recovery which explained the eclectic mix of looks seen throughout the show. Some of them were losing hair, a little frail but very high-spirited.

It was quite a show.

This guy is not a patient but he represented obesity

AIMS Winner 2011 Kenzo

Bremen tried to get across the message of "Perfection in Imperfection" which he achieved beautifully.

Congratulations Bremen!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What to Wear to Party Tonight?

L to R: MiFA, Miss Tourism Malaysia, Opening of Desire Club, MiFA Melium Gala, MiFA Pre-Launch Party, Models Night At Quinte & Andrew's Model Fall Party

Kroenenberg Event, Johny Walker Black Circuit Party, MiFA GLAM Lelaki, MiFA Yoda and Opening of Michael Kors at Pavilion

I'm always aware of the fact that I will never be the most beautiful person in the room but the least I could do is make an effort. That's why I always take my own sweet time when prepping myself up for big parties and events. I can't remember how many times I've fucked up my foundation or wear clothes too thick I sweat like a pig for the entire night and have photos of sweat-patch on my armpits uploaded by photographers on Facebook. The good thing about all these mishaps is how I learned my lessons from them. Here are things that I've learned so far:

1. Whenever in doubt, I can always count on my black skinny jeans.

2. I sweat a lot so I prefer to wear clothes in colors that doesn't show traces of sweat.

3. I always snap photo of my face after applying foundation or BBCream to make sure that I don't look like a clown under the flashing bulbs. It happened before :(

4. I invest a lot in jackets. I do rotate my jackets by wearing different shirt underneath.

5. Accessorize like crazy! Everybody knows I make statements with my jewelry and shoes.

6. There's nothing wrong about planning your outfit from bottom up. I do it all the time. First I decide on the shoes, pants to go with it and finally the shirt, accessories and bag.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Aquarius by Raffles

With Kenji, Feroze, Irene and Steven

I was invited by the lovely Porchea to Aquarius: Raffles Graduation Fashion show at Blackbox Publika. I brought my usual 'team'- Steffie and Aric with me so that I wouldn't feel to self-conscious sitting there on the front row. Well it's always been that way. Sometimes I couldn't help but keep asking myself "What the hell am I doing here?" with people like Bon Zainal, Maya Karin or Siti Nurhaliza sitting a few seats away from me. Ha-ha!

Lady of the hour Porchea and my good friend Steffie

My shirt is INC, jeans are Topman and hair was a disaster

But there I was at Aquarius with seats with my name on it. The show carried the nautical theme and the RM20 proceed for each ticket sold will go to WWF Malaysia. The clothes were okay with a few questionable pieces in between. Well they're just students and they have a long journey ahead of them as designers. We let them off this time.

I was informed that there were altogether 26 designers working in 8 different groups. The 8 groups designed based on the selected theme of Rainbow Veins, Breath, NO FUTURE brand, Aurelia, CaCO3, The Aquarium, Melancholia and The Light of Hope.

I have to congratulate Porchea on the wonderful event. She was doing the planning and marketing side of it. I'm sure it was not easy to gather such a great crowd for the event.

You did good darlin'!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

KLutched Fab Bags for A Fab Cause

Geometric designs inspired by batik

Yuen modelling one of the cluthes

Datin Marina Mahathir and friends

It felt like I was in one of those dreams that I always had. Although the presence of shoes would've made it perfect, I was beyond excited to be surrounded by beautiful bags and clutches at KLutched and Women's Aid Organization (WAO) charity event. Thx Lynet for the invite! I met Datin Marina Mahathir in person. She's just so great! I remember the controversial BFM radio interview between her and OWC. Who could forget that!

Evening cluthes

Snakeskin Blackberry case

KLutched founder/designer Yiu Lin and Datin Marina Mahathir

More photos on Fash-un-able Facebook Page

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SODA Revamped!

These are photos from the launch of Soda Holiday Collection 2011/2012. I was invited personally by Mama G so I showed up despite the heavy rain to give my support. The venue kinda suck. It was right smack in the middle of Pavilion walkway. The whole idea and concept were awesome but they could have been better executed. Maybe they should hire more security guards or just close the entire place. Click for more photos

But I was surprised by this new collection because I've seen clothes from Soda in the past. What was shown on the runway that evening was totally different and looked rather "expensive". Kudos to fashion guru Gillian Hung and creative consultant Daniel Beltsos. They have totally revamped the label. I seriously wouldn't mind wearing those sweaters and acid wash jeans.

In fact, I want them now!

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