Thursday, April 26, 2012

Topshop/Topman SS 2012 Preview & Zouk 8th Anno

With designers Zakwan and Fizi

The venue (Zebra Square) was jam-packed with people that we didn't even bother to get inside. So I was outside chit-chatting with all these cool young designers before we decided to go to Starhill Gallery for the opening of their Fashion Week. 

D'ya like my new Bershka tee? What about those polka-dot pants on Zakwan!? Oh and gotta love Fizi's shiny jackets. 

Brian and the gang, Thanks for the photo.

Lovely Irene who dragged me around the club introducing me to people. Love her for that!

I spent the rest of the night at Zouk's 8th Anniversary and got home around 5am. Yeah we party hard people!

Thanks April of Zouk for the tickets ;)

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The Orange Party

One of the hottest male models in town Isaac Ong

Ian of Timeout KL and Nurul of Prettylulu

Nurul in her own dress and I bought the Uniqlo shirts just a few minutes before the party

I can't deny the fact that it is much easier for me to get into places (ie: parties, clubs, events etc) now compared to a couple of years ago. Thanks to friends and important connections I've made along the way. But still there are certain places where my connections and flashing of name-card are just not good enough to get me in. Ha-ha!

Glenmorangie party at The Pool is one of them. I was there as my friend's plus one. There was a little bit of confusion with the invite that we got held up at the entrance for quite a while. Wish I could use the line "Don't you know who I am?!". Well come to think about it, they didn't really don't know who I am!

It was an awesome party. Everything was orange to celebrate the orange-flavored whisky. A lot of my friends were there including celebs and models like David Lian and Isaac Ong, designer Tengku Syahmi, Timeout KL's Ian Loh, Esquire's Best Dress Man runner-up Billy Tea and my partners in crime Aric and Nurul.

I went home that night and everything was orange till the next morning.

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AMAED Kraf Fashion Show for Hijabistas!

In my attempt to look decent for this fashion show, I decided to put on my APC sweater and ditch my usual open-chest tee, skinny jeans and boots combo. I was invited by my friend Nurul of BDA as she is working closely with Dian Pelangi, one of the participating designers that evening.

It was a complete 180 from all other fashion shows and parties that I have been attending for the past few months. The garments shown were all very colorful and I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into each and every one of them. I just think that some of the looks could have been taken down a few notches. All the layering, embellishments and sea of fabrics were a bit too overwhelming at times.

I would love to see our local designers come up with hijabista version of something similar to this Calvin Klein dress- clean lines, soft silhouette and fuss-free design.

Dianne Kruger in Calvin Klein (Image from HERE)

Pretty cool huh?

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Carve My Name

Got my name carved on Guinness glass for St.Patrick's Day at Changkat Bukit Bintang. I went there all by myself. No regret. Made a lot of new friends there. It was a fun night.

Fireworks and all.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Mod House SS 2012

The Mod House fashion show never disappoint. I went to their show at Pavilion Fashion Pit Stop last year. It was surprisingly good and I blogged about it HERE. So this year they invited me again to review their latest SS 2012 collection at the same venue.

The thing about The Mod House clothes is they are very wearable and simple yet very right on trend. It may sound very easy but a lot of labels and designers are struggling to achieve that.

Good job The Mod House!

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Portuguese Flavor: Nandos Cataplana

This is the launch of Nando's new signature dish Cataplana. I was lucky enough to be among the first person to try out this new Portuguese dish at Nando's Berjaya Times Square. I brought my friend Shikin along with me cos I know how much she loves food. Ha-ha!

If you haven't tried it, head on to the nearest Nando's resturant today!

Click for more photos!

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Fois Hair Show

Dior singing Tonight I'm Loving You

With my friend Parisz. Yeah, that's Paris with a Z!

Shayan and his leopard hair

I've seen sooo many hair shows. It's hard to believe all these amazing things they can do with hair. I've even seen motorcycle helmet created with human hair! Well among other things... I was at this Fois Hair Show supporting my friends Shayan and Shahin- both lending their hair for the show and Dior was singing during the intervals that night.

I wonder whatelse these talented hairstylists could do with hair. An aircraft perhaps? They've already done that?! Man they're so good!

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Thomas Sabo and All That Jazz

With Wilson and Steven

I attended Thomas Sabo launch of their SS 2012 Silver Sterling Collection at Tanzini, GTower earlier this year. The collection was inspired by the era of glamor and jazz, hence the band's selection of retro tunes throughout the event. My great friend Wilson was there along with Steven of Dailychilli.

Music and jewelries. Two things I can never live without.

This is not Thomas Sabo

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Every Single Night

Now that all the Fashion Weeks are over, I can finally take a breather and focus on more important things in life. Well ya know like, organizing my shoes, changing my bedsheet, doing my laundry and starting my day with healthy breakfast every morning. Yeah updating this blog is one of them too.

Considering the fact that I've been to sooooo many events and parties, I don't think I can afford to write lengthy entries about each and every one one of them. So you're gonna see more photos than words in the next at least 20 entries. Yikes! I'm doing the best that I can here:)

Btw, the photo above is the cover of Fiona Apple's new single "Every Single Night". "Paperbag" is like my favorite song ever! I listen to it every single day. Haven't done this for so long but here are tracks that I have on repeat throughout the month of April:

1. One More Chance- Madonna
2. Only The Horses- Scissors Sister
3. Love Spent- Madonna
4. Shine- Collective Soul
5. Towers- Bon Iver The rest here Read more!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful People at Mercedez- Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2012

Awesome time at STYLO. I made a lot of new friends and met up with a whole new group of people and they were fab to the u-lous!

The BDA gang right before the show

Clockwise: 1.With Emmeline Ng (Miss Malaysia 2005) 2. Two of the hottest male models in Malaysia- Carl and Peter 3. After the second night show at Tien Hou Temple 4.With Raj and Steph.

Clockwise: 1. Malaysia's naughtiest designer bunch! Haha! 2. With my editor and some new interesting people we met that night 3. With designer Key Ng

Click for more

With designer Jasmi Rejab and winner of Emerging Designer of The Year- Hanif. **Thanks Julia of Fabulous Soul for the photo

With Jenny and winner of Mercedez- Benz STYLO Model Search competition Tze Shian

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Mercedez- Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2012

I was at STYLO. It was a hell of a lot of fun. It was madness on a whole different level. Well at lest for me it was. I danced with Jimmy Choo, passed out inside my friend's car on our way home at least half of the time, walked the runway like a pro, party-rocked at a temple as well as 421 meter above ground at KL Tower and seriously I don't want to get into all the deets. These are some of the photos from Mercedez- Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2012 that I managed to capture with my beat-up camera.I hope you'll like them. They're not that bad really. I promise.

The opening night at KL Tower showcasing retro-themed designs from members of BDA (Bumiputera Designers Association) like Rizalman, Fairuz Ramdan, Fizi Woo and Wanpa.

This is one out of 11 edible designs for "Food for Art, Art for Food" from students of local universities and colleges. We were not too impressed. Come on! Bread Spartan?! Does it have to be that literal?

Hair by A Cut Above

Fabulous Rapunzel in Paris of The East inspiration by Carven Ong for Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif

My good friend Wilson in one of the beautiful creations from designer Key Ng. They were made out of Key Ng's ready-to-wear pieces buttoned and sewn together to create deconstructed, Vivienne Westwood-esque looks just perfect for the carnival/freak-show theme of the night. My editor and I couldn't stop buzzing about it! Congrats Key Ng!

Models at one of the tents at Carlberg Brewery

My friend Syahirah is one of the contestants for STYLO Model Search and seen here wearing a look made entirely from recycled materials like rubber bands and plastic bags. This dress won second place that night.

Design college students who participated in Emerging Designer of The Year competition. Mohamad Hanif won the title and a paid trip to Mexico! Further prove of how talented and fabulous people named "Hanif" are. Not too bad huh?

Definitely one of the most fun fashion weeks I've ever been to. Can't wait for what Dato' Nancy Yeoh has in store for us next year.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Puma Motorsport Fashion Runway

Puma Motorsport Fashion Runway was held in conjunction with the Grand Prix with the aim of uncovering the next best fashion talents in Malaysia and also giving greater exposure to Motorsport apparels in the fashion scene.

Three out of five groups were selected for the coveted titles. All the racing inspired pieces are simply fab. It's hard to believe that these students from Raffles and Lim Kok Wing managed to pull it off in just a few days with only RM500 to spend on materials at Puma Motorsport Red Cube!

Here are the winners that day:

1st Place: Selvage
2nd Place: Dulce
3rd Place: Candy Fury

Nicely done kids!

More photos after the jump

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