Monday, August 27, 2012

Ben Sherman Has Arrived in KL (Win RM100 Cash Voucher)

I was invited to the preview of Ben Sherman store in Bangsar Village II a few weeks back. Well it was on the first week of Ramadhan  my body was still trying to adjust to the changes of the routine without getting all fucked up. I ended up staying up late and sleeping till non for the entire month Ramadhan.

So thanks to my new daily routine, I was an hour late for the preview that day. I took a cab and ran like a mad person in my ankle boots trying to find the store when it was in fact located not too far away from the entrance of the ground floor. I got there just in time to snap some photos and collect my Ben Sherman's Limited Edition Moleskine. Oh and the press-kit of course.

I was very fascinated by all the different types of collar designs on Ben Sherman shirts. Well I'm more of a t-shirt kinda guy but looking at the impeccably tailored and carefully selected materials of the shirt, I couldn't help but want one for myself.

But too bad I already have way too many clothes as it is (that and the fact that I'm currently on a very strict budget). I finally decided to giveaway my Ben Sherman RM100 cash voucher to one of you out there instead of using it myself. Just leave a comment or drop me an email with your name and phone number by August 29th 2012.

You're welcome ;)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

This One Is Not About Me

Okay I get it! You're sick and tired of me. I did this, I wore that, I went there... This blog screams me, me, me! Well this is my blog but I know it would be nice to write about something else other than myself for a change .

So I just wanna share these photos I pick and choose from I have been an avid reader of the website for years now. I think it is probably one of the best menswear/fashion websites out there. I was even offered to write for them a few years back but due to my commitment as a full-time educator (ahem) and part-time writer for Emmagem, I had to pass.

Anyway, Fashionbeans has a new street-style section which I'm so obsessed with. Here are some of my faves:

The leopard print jacket is to die for! This is what I should be wearing in the morning when I have to run to 7 Eleven for my cigarette

Marc Jacobs and his oversized Birkin. And those pants! Love the subtle print but why the hell does he look so confused?

These are my staples: plain t-shirts (not tight), black skinny jeans (tight) and high-tops.

Fancy the boots. Just army boots. No crazy buckles or hardware. Basic stuff.

The jacket and the Birkin. I'm not really a huge fan of slip-ons tho'

I'm sooo green with envy right now! Can I have one of those Birkins pleaseeee?

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Clive Magazine- Ready Set Relaunch!

Yeah we drank mineral water for the entire night. L-R Pauline and friend, Steven, Julian and yours truly
Okay this is quite old but I was at Starbucks last week and I came across a free copy of Clive magazine. I flicked through and saw a feature on the relaunch of the men's magazine a couple of months back. I was there of course! It was held at Bakita, Changkat Bukit Bintang and I have to tell you the place was packed!!

It was just a few days after I shaved my head. Well not completely but enough to get my friends confused. I was almost incognito that night. My new tortoise-shell nerdy glasses  helped as well. No wonder I was ignored when I first walked into the event.

With Angeline. I'm wearing Dior tee, army bomber and my Vans glasses

Designer Tengku Syahmi is one of the guys seen here on the cover. 

As for Clive magazine, it is now available for free with new and improved content. I like this new Clive better than the old one. The old one was a bit too FHM slash Stuff magazine wannabe to me. I don't know maybe it was just me.

Cheers to the new Clive and don't forget to grab your copy every month. It's free all across Klang Valley!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

GT Queen: The Afterparty

I was never really a part of the GT Queen competition. Well mostly because I have been too occupied with other things and maybe the timing was a bit off. But I was there at the afterparty held at The Stage, Avenue K earlier in July.

When I got there, my friend Tina who is also the organizer was surrounded by photographers snapping away at the photo-op. Tina was in a red dress and her hair in an updo. I was like "Fuck!". I just realized that I was supposed to wear something red but instead I showed up almost head to toe in green. Well, my jacket was olive and and floral pants and zipper clutch were forest green. Oh what the hell! I decided to just join Tina and get my photo taken with her before I entered the club.

With Tina in her red dress and up-do


L-R Yours truly, Miss Singapore- Amanda Leong, Yusof of, Raj of and Miss Japan- Maiko Mori

It was a great party attended by so many familiar faces. The performances were not too bad either. My favorite part was winning the lucky draw. My laptop has been bugging me. It's been the breeding ground for all kinds of computer virus for so long. So Avira Antivirus was such a  perfect prize to win that night. My friend Brian won a Spiderman tee which is not too bad either but I doubt it that Spidey can kick my computer viruses' asses ;)

Song playing inside my head: The XX's Angels

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MODA Turns 20!

Photo from Naz Tajudin. L-R Anita, Marriam, Anke, Jenny, Joey, Christina, Wilson, yours truly and Steffie.

This is all of us at MODA 22nd Anniversary held at Pavilion a few weeks back. Christina was the muse for designer Leslie Variyan under his label Variante. Everyone was there, it felt like STYLO all over again!

I skipped the YODA (Young Designers Associates) showcase earlier in the afternoon and decided to meet my friend Steffie for a very late lunch instead. Raj was raving about how good Bernard Chandran looked with all his hair and newly buffed physique. I was hoping that he would show up at the MODA UNITY Showcase that night but unfortunately he didn't :( 


Well there was still plenty of eye-candy to look at that night, on and off the runway. 30 designers showcased their creations on the runway right smack in the middle of Pavilion. Alvin Tay started the show with a very promising collection of dramatic black sequins and rosettes. Carven Ong's flowy goddess dresses also caught my eyes. When I saw the hats on all the models, I instantly knew they were all by Bremen Wong. You want to bring on some drama to the runway? Put Bremen Wong hats on the models.

I lost interest halfway through the show after seeing collection of dresses with something that looked like menstrual blood patch on the crotch and another collection of bird of paradise on acid. So I decided to hit the cocktail bar and stayed there for the rest of the night for a little chit-chat with my sista-fren fashion stylist/designer Ori Chiew and Fashion TV's Joanna Chee.

The boys. So gossipy but I could barely hear them from behind me. L-R Afiq, Zakwan and Ashman.

It was one hella successful event. Only Mama G can pull this off- getting all these beautiful people together in one place, although some had to unfortunately stand for the entire show. Yours truly managed to get a seat. Not only one but two for my friend Steffie as well. And ya know what? I fought real hard for those seats! Lol!

So I would like to wish Happy Anniversary MODA and of course congratulations to the one and only Mama G!

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