Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mercedez-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix Is Here!

The agreement signing ceremony. L-R: Timothy Chen, CEO, Asia Fashion Inc; Stuart Tomlinson, Visa’s Country Manager for Malaysia; Anita Azrina, GM Petronas Motorsports; Roland Folger, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz; Datuk Nancy Yeoh, President and CEO of STYLO International; Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia; Lai Voon Hon, Ireka Properties; Paolo Campillo, GM of Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral; Winnie Loo, Co-Founder A Cut Above; Elaine Too, Asean Brand Manager, Shu Uemura.

And this is all of us last year at STYLO

We had an insane amount of fun last year at STYLO. I made tons of new friends and a lot of crazy shit went down. Everything was really out of the box including all the fashion shows. Models on bicycle, opening night at one of the tallest building in KL, dresses made out of popcorn and seaweed, the circus night... I can go on and on about last year's event.

So for this year, Mercedez-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix will run from the 17th until the 23rd of March 2013. In fact, I have clothes scattered all over my room trying to decide what to wear for tonight's opening as I'm writing this entry.

Unlike previous years where the actual locations of the STYLO events remain a mystery till event day, STYLO 2013’s venue will instead be an open secret.  The Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral, ‘A Vision of W Hotels’ and the  Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ latest jewel in Malaysia will be the official venue and hotel of Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2013. It's near my office, so I am not complaining.

Expect the same kind of extravagant night after night of fashion with different themes of androgyny, Barbie & Ken as well as Les Miserables.

Now are you ready for STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2013? I AM! Well that is after I'm done going through the entire content of my closet and finally made up my mind on what to wear. See you tonight at the opening!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Betty Can Dance

Err.. The rings are not Dancing Betty, tho. This photo was taken from my Instagram with #ootd tag. So yeah...

I rushed out from my office in Publika to Cheras Leisure Mall for the opening of Dancing Betty first ever store here in KL. The launch was well over by the time I got there. My shitty camera didn't work so I didn't get to snap any photo of the store which really made me feel bad because that was the whole point of me being there in the first place.

But I decided to make up for it the next day by wearing a Dancing Betty hoodie and the orange tote (both complimentary) for brunch in KLCC the next day. The hoodie is like the closest thing to menswear that I could find at the store. Took me like one whole hour to find it because everything else was girly but of course, very affordable.

So head on to Dancing Betty store at Cheras Leisure Mall today for an explosion of fancy affordable fashion.

Cheras Leisure Mall
Lot L1-06, Level One,
Cheras Leisuremall,
Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar, Cheras.

Tel: 03 - 9130 0063

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Kroenenbourg L'Aperitif Fashion Grand Finale

Photo: Jaz Khai

These photos are from a couple of moons ago (or maybe more) at Luna Bar. It was the last Kroenenbourg L'Aperitif party for 2012 when they announced the winner for their design competition.

I was just excited to take my new Margiela x H&M necklace for a spin and of course my fave Blanc courtesy of Kroenenbourg with the company of good friends.

Oh and some random guy asked for my phone number that night. LOL. I guess it was the necklace... I'm sure it was.

And here's a video from the party. It's very lengthy and unnecessary but this is the only video that I could find from Youtube. Seems like they went on and on about Luna Bar instead of the event itself. And hell no! There's not even a glimpse of yours truly in the video.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Twin Towers @Live 2013

If you are one of those serial concert-goers, then I got something for you. Well not really free tickets but just an announcement about Twin Towers @Live 2013. There is a couple of free tickets but they are for me and maybe one very good friend. I haven't really decided on that. I don't mind going alone. I did that last year.

Anyway, Twin Towers @Live 2013 is set to be held during the weekend of 22 and 23 March 2013 at the base of the iconic PETRONAS Twin Towers. Last year, Kelis and Nicole Scherzinger were here rocking the stage of the same concert. This time around it's time for a little taste of American pop, Kpop and Nineties boyband to get us all in the spirit of F1.

Mizz Nina

Demi Lovato



So here's the full list of performers for Twin Towers @Live 2013:

22 Mar- Demi Lovato, U-Kiss, Atilia, K-Town Clan & DJ Face Da Fader
23 Mar- Backstreet Boys, IU, Mizz Nina, Caprice & DJ Tatsuro

FYI, PETRONAS Motorsports is also running a special merchandise promotion for FanZone tickets to watch TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2013. The package is only available at the PETRONAS Twin Towers Gift Shop located at the PETRONAS Twin Towers Skybridge Visitors Centre in KLCC.

Purchases of RM150 worth of selected merchandise entitle a buyer to 1 (one) FanZone ticket voucher; while purchases of RM300 or more entitles a buyer to 2 (two) Fanzone ticket vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed at the 2013 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix showcase at Suria KLCC from 16th March.

You can also look out for more Fanzone ticket giveaways for both days via radio, print and online channels this month.

Are you ready for Twin Towers @Live 2013?

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Playlist: Put It In A Box

So here comes March. I'm just glad that February has only 28 days this year... for whatever reason. It's not like I hate February. I just like the idea of working for at least a couple of days lesser than any other months and still receive a full paycheck. Yeah whatever... It's just a thought.

I ended something a couple of days before March. I set myself free. That's all I'm gonna say. I'm quite private about this kinda stuff unlike those who upload their divorce papers and baby sonograms to Facebook.

Why don't we all just enjoy this playlist. I am listening to it as I'm tapping on this dusty keyboard!

Let these songs do the talking.

1. Fuck and Run : Liz Phair
2. How Am I Different: Aimee Mann
3. I Rather Go Blind: Etta James
4. I Know It's Over: The Smiths
5. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: Wilco
6. How to Fight Loneliness: Wilco
7. Oh, Well Okay: Elliot Smith
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division

*Dido has a new album out; Girl Who Got Away. It's fab! Read more!