Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elle Malaysia is Here but Unfortunately...

Meet the Editor-in-Chief of Elle Malaysia, Andrea Wong

Been telling all my friends about how excited I was about my job application with Elle Malaysia. I've always wanted to work for a printed publication. There's nothing wrong with all these online magazines and portal but seeing your work in print is a completely different kinda feeling. Well I obviously have no idea how it feels because I'm a writer of online publications.

Although I have had a few articles published in magazines, they are not under my name. Well, ya know things got shitty, I didn't get paid, my application got rejected but they published my work anyway blah blah blah... So after much convincing from my friends, I decided to try out for a position at the highly anticipated Elle magazine Malaysia.

Thanks to the nice people at Mongoose Publication, I was invited to the first 'unveiling' of the magazine's editor-in-chief. I waited my turn to talk to Andrea Wong (the editor) and told her how I've submitted my applications to all five different positions advertised. I jokingly told her that I would've applied for the janitor position if it was vacant and she laughed.

An email came a few weeks after that asking me to write a 'blog-style post' on MTV VMA 2013 for Elle magazine's website. I followed the instruction, got it done and emailed it to Elle a few days later because I needed time to make it sound witty and clever like Lena Dunham's tweets which I believe I proudly accomplished.

After a few weeks of silence, I decided to send another email and asked if I got the job. The HR guy replied me almost immediately with an email that starts with 'unfortunately' which officially put an end to my waiting.

I'm very disappointed and I feel like my MTV VMA piece wasn't really good enough. I even shared it with a couple of writer friends including one from Singapore who's really good that I sometimes needed a thesaurus in hand to understand her Facebook updates.

I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer to see my articles in print (with my name on it) and I'm still very hopeful and insanely positive that someday my time will come.

** ELLE Malaysia will launch its first issue in March 2014. Get all the latest updates from Instagram @ellemalaysia and Twitter @ELLEMalaysia as well as their Facebook page

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Juice Work

Last year's Juice Anniversary at Stage KL captured by All Is Amazing

I missed this year's anniversary of Juice magazine party because I had to be at work. Boo-hoo!

I seriously don't want to be a bitch about it because I know there are people out there dying to get into my position. It's just that sometimes I feel like I've sacrificed a lot for my job and it amounts to nothing except for the fact that it pays my bills.

But whatever... I can still go out and have fun. It's a bit trickier on weekdays but if it's really major, you can count on me I'll be there. Okay maybe like two hours late but I'll catch up.

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First Store Opening in Kuala Lumpur - H&M Malaysia 2012

H&M Lot10, Kuala Lumpur (Photo from HERE)

H&M recently opened its first store in Jakarta, Indonesia. So I was having a moment of flashback to the launch party of our very own H&M store in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang last year.

I didn't take any photo at the event. I went there all alone, as usual. I felt a little awkward (I always do) at the beginning up to the point when I finally found out that almost the entire population of KL city (the cool ones) were there.

It was quite a night. Shopping with champagne in one hand... I just can't complain.

So here's the video from the launch. Spot me at the end dancing with a bunch of old and new friends I've just met that night.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

How Do You Get Loud

If you were hungry for a little bit of action and believe in your undiscovered talent in rock music, you should totally be a part of Get Loud video competition.

The Get Loud video competition is an online "Battle of the Bands" where the Top 3 voted bands will be playing live at the Get Loud Tour Finale at Laundry Bar, The Curve. They stand the chance to win up to RM20,000 in prizes for the Top 3.

For more information about the 'How Do You Get Loud' competition and the Get Loud tour check out Converse Malaysia's facebook page

I will be there at the finale! See ya!

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Tried and Tested: Ore' HA Beauty Mask


Angie holding Ore' HA Beauty Mask. This supposed to be the before photo

Angie applying the mask like a professional beautician (minus the all-white uniform) onto my face

I was at Angie's a couple of weeks back. She's been raving to me about this new facial mask which comes together with a special drink. I just couldn't say no. It was Saturday and earlier on that day, we sat together in a meeting which went awry. So after all the stress and disappointment why not finish off the day with a little bit of pampering?

The product is Ore' HA Beauty Mask. The mask contain hyaluronic acid which according to Angie is very good for the skin and helps to slow down the process of aging as well as repairing all the damages from years of smoking, drinking and whatever unhealthy self-sabotaging activities that we have all partake in. I just said goodbye to my twenties in July. I guess I better add 'aging process' to my long list of worries because from now on it will be an unending battle, darlin'!

So there I was at Angie's cosy apartment. She asked one of her guy friends to come over and snap some photos for us. It was a slightly more serious operation than I thought it would be. With the photo shoot and filming of testimonial video after taking off the mask, I felt like I was in one of those TV infomercials.

Ore' Hyaluronic Acid Drink drink comes in a small sachet which was added to a glass of cold water and drank prior to the application of the mask. It taste a little funky but only in a way that beauty drink supposed to be.

Taa-daah! The after photo!

My beautician of the day applied the mask onto my face very gently. She rubbed all the access liquid all over my face and neck before asking me to sit still on her sofa for it to dry out. It was supposed to take about 45 minutes so I asked Angie if I could smoke and of course she said no. Ha-ha!

I'm not very sure what it was but some kinda weird nano-hybrid technology process must have taken place throughout that 45 minutes. After removing the mask, my skin feels rejuvenated and when I look in the mirror my face looked slightly fairer. Not as dull as before. I is very impressed!!!

Would I recommend Ore' to all of you out there? Yes, without a doubt. You can find out more about the product on HERE or check out my darlin Angie's blog HERE

I'm still quite nervous about my testimonial video which I'm sure needs very heavy editing. Angie said she will take care of that. I've done several video interviews in the past but those were done after a few glasses of champagne, if you know what I mean...

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