Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fashion Event Fails

Sometimes I feel bad for abandoning this blog because this is where it all began for me. Now that I am a writer, I have lesser time for outfit posts and event updates. I also feel bad for turning this supposedly fashion blog into a travel diary with series of photos from my work trips. I have been writing for an in-flight magazine since late last year. It is a whole new territory but a great escape from the pretentious world of fashion. All the travelling is not so bad either. My last work trip was at least a couple of months ago. I can't believe I am actually itching to just book a flight ticket and fly off somewhere.

Since it is 4am in the morning, I just feel like sharing my thoughts over random things. If this is meant for a publication, I will have to rewrite at least five times to get it right.

For the past couple of months, I've attended quite a number of events. Since I was not on any travel assignment, I might as well show up at these events, add more stuff that I don't need from the goodie-bags to my collection (like a mini-gun lighter and charcoal soap) and have something interesting to upload to my Instagram account.

Some of these events (mostly fashion) are just fluff. One was held at one of the fanciest bar/restaurants in town, Marini's On 57 with James Bond theme none the less. Despite its promises  for greatness, I was cringing throughout, witnessing some of the most horrible looking garments known to humankind paraded down the runway on models that mostly look like people you bump into at Sogo and Masjid Jamek LRT station.

Some of my designer friends were in the show. Well they are my friends, so unlike the rest they are flawless.

And then there was another fashion event held at the rooftop Avenue K. It is a shopping mall but the event invite mentioned Malaysia's Book of Record and 'the longest runway'. I was curious so I dragged a friend to come with me. The said long runway was just a carpeted walkway that went up and one level down to the mall. I applaud the effort but it was not very well executed. The stage went blackout at least three times and there was no well-established local designer taking part.

We stayed for  half an hour and left after the emcee mentioned "finalists for modelling competition".

I guess I will still go these things out of curiosity and of course free drinks and freebies but I can't promise that I won't be bitching about it afterwards. It is not like travelling when you explore and see something new. Going to fashion events in Kuala Lumpur for me means seeing and being ignored by the same people, arriving an hour late thinking I might have missed the fashion show just to find out it hasn't even started and wondering why the hell did I pay RM15 for cab just to get there...

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Monday, June 1, 2015

10 Young Designers to Make Debut at KLFW RTW 2015

AirAsia has just announced the launch of the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search, a part of the airline’s continuous commitment to develop the talent of tomorrow. AirAsia is the Preferred Travel Partner for the upcoming KLFW RTW 2015 and in a strategic collaboration with the renowned KL Fashion Week team, this initiative aims to help create a platform for young aspiring talents in the fashion industry to kick start their journey and realise their dreams to be a part of the local and international fashion scene.

10 young designers will be able to showcase their creations on the prestigious runway stage of KL Fashion Week RTW 2015 and three best designers will be revealed at the end of the search and claim the title of ‘AirAsia Most Promising Designer 2015’, along with other prizes which include AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search trophy, return flights to Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong,up to 60,000 AirAsia BIG Points each, a chance to be part of other Fashion Weeks in the region and more. 

Fashion designers from around the region will also be flown in by AirAsia to be part of KLFW RTW2015, and this will also provide the 10 young designers with an opportunity to meet and learn from them.

In addition to Aireen Omar (CEO of AirAsia) and Andrew Tan (Founder of KLFW RTW), fashion industry heavyweights Khoon Hooi and Jovian Mandagie as well as Khairul Abidin Ishak (Editor of EH! Magazine) was announced as the judging panel for the very first AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2015. This designer search is open to any young aspiring fashion designers with or without formal fashion training, and no older than 28 years old in 2015. Interested designers can enter by completing the registration form which can be downloaded at and submit their sketches. Submission deadline will be before 5.00PM (GMT +8) on 12th June 2015. 

The Top 25 shortlisted applicants will be notified to present their design collection aptly themed ‘Asean’ to the panel of judges. The Top 10 which will be featured at the KLFW RTW 2015 runway will then be selected through this session. AirAsia has been involved in numerous talent and youth development initiatives by creating opportunities and providing the platform to achieve success, recognize their own strengths and potential. Most importantly, AirAsia has enabled many young talents to realize their dreams to compete at the highest levels such as Zulfahmi Khairuddin, MotoGP rider and international squash player Low Wee Wern.

Follow the development of the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2015 through AirAsia’s social media channels on Facebook (, Twitter ( and YouTube ( Read more!